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Transferring financial aid from online school to community college?0Analise2012-08-08 19:56:02
Currently I am enrolled in Axia College and although I enjoyed my time there starting line class I've recently been finding is not beneficial to my learning style . Actually I have to sit in class to learn the DNA of a teacher who can get help on the spot. My question is, since he had to leave the first 2 classes where I have a balance at Axia College. Am I able to transfer schools with this balance and that affects my financial aid or loans as I'm still going to be attending a school just a community college now?
How can I manage my Financial Aid Grants and Loans when going to school online and at the community college.?0Eclipse rockfish Ping â„¡ â„¡ 2012-08-13 00:28:03
Because most online universities want to manage their grants and loans, and if anything is left over, you just take those funds and put them to the next class. Nothing is left. The point I'm trying to reach , if there is a 100 , 200 , 300 level class that I need and the community college offered , I'd rather take it to the university community is becuse waaaayyyy cheaper. Who did this?
Transferring financial aid from an online college?0READ ME (jahnay)2012-09-15 12:32:03
I am currently attending an online school that is soon to lose its accreditation . No one told me this before I signed up and did my research . I have most of my studies paid for subsidized and not subsidized by the government , but also has an effective agreement with the school until March 2008 for just under $ 300.00 per month . My question is , what is the best way to go about transferring financial aid and credits from one institution to another line ? My plan to ensure that the following is reputable . If anyone has had a similar experience or know of a website that may be of help to me , please let me know .
Transferring from a University to a Community College?0JOCOBI2012-09-09 22:18:03
I will attend USF right now , but I lost financial aid eligibility . I have been informed by the flap . aid office here that taking a semester off to use 5/6 months of my grace period before repayment of the Federal Reserve. loans , if I moved to Hillsborough Community College and enrolled half time ( min . should postpone repayment, everything is out of pocket now ) , would it be able to build my credit / GPA requirements to take the help re- established ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, what is the basic procedure in addition to the acceptance and issuance of transcripts ? Would you be able to attend this semester next spring if I can apply now?
I don't have a high school diploma yet (need 3 credits) can I go to community college or earn credits online..0Nashea2012-11-04 06:00:59
In order to be accepted by community college in the fall? So yeah... I am older and should be graduating about now, but am in 11th grade- going to be a senior next year. I only need 3 credits to graduate (we earn 7 each year), but since I go to private school they don't want to fast track my education (I wanted to take extra classes this year and graduate early.) Well, can I take courses through an accredited online company or even catch up in a community college and earn my high school diploma there? Trust me it is time for me to move out, and leave my house. I have a job and a car, and with a few student loans I will be fine financially. I would like to graduate as soon as possible, and I am having trouble finding out what my options are, since of in order to be accecourse my counselor wont help me. I may advance to a 4 year college in the future, but for now I want to stick to a two year anyways, since I want to be a vet technician.
I don't have a high school diploma yet (need 3 credits) can I go to community college or earn credits online..0kailee2012-09-26 15:16:04
In order to be accepted by the community college in the fall ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So yeah ... I am older and must graduate about now , but I'm in the 11th grade will be senior next year . I only need 3 credits to graduate (which won seven each year ) , but since I 'm going to the private school that does not want to accelerate my education ( I wanted to take additional classes and graduate early this year . ) Well, I can take courses through of an accredited online company or even catch up on a community college and earn my high school diploma there? Trust me , it's time for me to go , and leave my house . I have a job and a car , and with a few student loans I'll be fine financially . I'd like to graduate as soon as possible , and I'm having trouble finding what are my options , since to my counselor accecourse wont help. I can go on to a 4-year university in the future , but for now I want to stick to a two years anyway , and I want to be a veterinary technician .
Question about transferring to another school (college)?1Alecia2012-09-09 15:24:02
I decided to take online classes to get my associates degree for network management . So I've been taking my classes online for about 6 months , and this class is kicking my ass . I'm failing, and I do not enjoy it at all. I think I want to pursue something that I'm better prepared . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How hard would it be to go from teaching online and go to a school that specializes in radio broadcasting ? Will I be penalized for quitting early? Would I be able to transfer the loan to the school that I would do better ?
Question on Transferring from one college to another? Financial Aid/Tuition Fees?0loyd2012-11-06 01:20:00
So my question is : Can you transfer from one college to another if you didn't pay back your student loans from when you were there? I'm currently a freshman in college and I really want to transfer out. Also, would I be eligible for financial aid when I transfer? Thanks in advance
Financial Aid at a community college, help?0Sibel2012-08-11 11:39:02
I just applied to the school. I had to pay $ 32.50 for health services , student services and a transportation fee for the public bus that I will never use because I'm taking my classes online. There is no way to waive the cost of transport and I can not fight it unfortunately. I buy books because I put in two weeks. In order to get our refund (if any ) have to sign up for a debit card and Sallie Mae for my school schedule I will not get it until mid-April. Is it possible to still receive a refund that way I can get a refund of my books and other school expenses ? Here is the last part of my award letter from the school. I have no documents to submit to it. Note that this is not a final award letter . You must submit all required documents ( s ) to determine your financial aid FINAL eligibility. Please visit Web Advisor and click Required Documents in Financial Reporting Help menu for a list of document ( s ) that you must submit to complete your financial aid file . Note : Not all courses are approved for financial assistance. a list of courses that are not approved to receive grants or loans of funds is available on any desk SFS. BUDGET $ 17,694 $ 0 EFC NEED $ 17,694 Total Fall Spring Award BOG Fee Waiver -B $ 1,080.00 $ 540.00 $ 540.00 Total prize $ 1,080.00 $ 540.00 $ 540.00
Where can i get a loan for community college that doesnt require repayment until i am done w/ school?1Dominic2012-11-04 00:17:02
Community College and online courses are not working?1hawkstar2012-09-22 16:35:02
I live in a very stressful enviorment , my mom and dad are always putting pressure on me, they want me to do full-time community college while working full -time work , are also very aggressive and always angry with me , but iam just trying to help. theres a lot of alcoholism in my family , and Iam really feeling the weight of it. I want to go to school , but I can not afford it, Iam not even sure I have the time for it , and no one will accept me , I have a 3.5 GPA and was on three national honor societies , and was an Eagle Scout . I was thinking of getting a 4-year college and take out a loan to get out of here and just concentrate on my studies , it would not be possible here , in the field of community living with my parents any suggestions ?
Broke and want a career or go back to community college or move on to 4 yr school ?0short_lil_glam_gurl 2012-09-28 20:07:04
So now I have an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and completed a semester to a BS in four years school.Life got in the way I'm planning on returning to school after four years of being at home , take care of me are . Well I still have a couple schools of thousands of dollars ... and I can not take any loans.So I work first or work while I go to school ... back to a community college or transfer to a four-year school ?

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