Suggestions for people in bad financial situations.?

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Please no rude comments, asking for tips. My husband returned from Iraq in March and came off active duty orders in July. Used to make pretty decent money in his civilian job, but now I get 40 hours each week. Now we are struggling to pay bills and buy food we realize we did not plan enough for this transition, but I really do not think it would suffer such a loss of income. We have 2 children and finally found a place cheap enough to send my son to daycare there ..... I can not afford to put my daughter on her because she is only 17 months and they are asking $ 175 a week for children this young. I'm looking for a job, but has no real knowledge, I go to school (online classes) and have my school bills of your student loan and all our house hold bills and rental car bills. I have no babysitter for my daughter, but I am looking for a job anyway. I finally told my husband to just get a night job, and if you are not home in time for my hours and I'm fired only have to find another.It 's all I can do. He is looking for a new job and a second job and I wish it did not have to work hard and is so tired already. We are both stressed all the time. I have panic disorder and major depression and am on medication that we can not afford either. I feel so helpless and can not image the pain and unhappiness of my husband probably feels. He does everything possible to make everything possible for us. He even sold some of his knives that were given as gifts during his stay in Iraq .... these were objects of sentimental value and I know it was difficult for him to do. Our pride finally broke down and decided to apply for food stamps, but it takes 30 days to be approved.And that are bled. We are behind on bills, I fear that we will lose everything we've been working so hard. My husband is still a drilling reservist, who has been trying to return to his unit orders, but said the economy is not really as you can afford. Does anyone know of anything the military or the government can do to help?

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