Is it possible to beat the repo man?

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Asked at 2012-09-01 20:40:05
I have not made a payment since July 2009. The "bank" has gone to court and issued a writ of possession. They havent appeared in my house yet. I hear they're coming with the police and the repo rate. My plan to hide in the house and not answer my door. The longer they plowing / gain time, more time free trial going. I figure if they get the faster vehicle, I will demand much earlier and start garnish my wages. It seems to be to my advantage to string this out as long as possible. What if you never recover the vehicle? (It's in Mexico) MedlinePlus Why would I return the vehicle? so they can auction for pennies on the dollar, then sue me for the balance? ohhhhhh, and garnish my wages. forget that, I will participate this idiot and give it back in blocks, lol MedlinePlus "Also, if the creditor does not receive the vehicle after going through the court ordered Replevin, then the creditor may include the term 'P & L cancel" or "Subscriber can not find' with its periodic reports negative account reports in credit, which is much worse than having a repo or repo and a judgment on their reports. "I have planned to go Chapter 7 BK and wipe everything out MedlinePlus Can you beat the repo man? I would have to say yes. I beat the repo man as a "backyard dog" in the past two years, lol. Although I sue and get a judgment for the balance of the loan, plus the cost of passes, never to retrieve the vehicle and I will declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy and end his trial. I think it's funny as hell to see "The Bank" continues to change company passes. They have burned through three different companies in the past two years. I think it's fun to confuse their "skip tracing" software, by registering my credit cards to a relatives house 2,000 miles away. Moreover, Turing in public services for a friend who attends college out of state also confuses. The more time you lose me, is another day that someone else more deserving gets your car, because the repo rate is spinning its wheels with me. I can not wait until it is presented to the police. I'm going out, being really, really mad, I tell you that the car "is not here" so "lost". I will also pass the repo rate in the presence of the officer, and becomes, is deemed a "disturbing the peace", which is a big no no in the repo world. The police can only arrest if the vehicle is here
Answer1BreaAnswered at 2012-09-05 21:08:05
Um , is this good MedlinePlus ? I mean , one day you may want a credit card or a loan to buy another car or a house , and to lend him money - . nobody MedlinePlus Oh, and I wonder if Mr. Repo Man reads Yahoo Answers ? Lucky Mexico is a big place !
Answer2jake pAnswered at 2012-09-15 08:57:08
No it's not , you can hit the chest . Go ahead and brag . I also saw the episode where the repo man Louis and Matt was traveling caravan of Canada after 27 years . Fraud has no limitations as well , when you least expect a pat on the back by a police officer, it will be great .
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