What interest rate should I be paying for a small business loan? My credit is A+. I am currently paying 9.5% related questions

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What interest rate should I be paying for a small business loan? My credit is A+. I am currently paying 9.5%0Charu2012-08-06 08:44:02
What interest rate should be paying a small business loan ? My credit is A +. I am currently paying 9.5%
What is my interest rate if I am paying $170/month interest on $23k debt?2chen yeng2012-09-10 06:25:02
this is for my credit card debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it make sense to get a consolidation loan ? What is your APR ?
STUDENT LOAN!!!! HOW MUCH INTEREST ARE YOU PAYING???? I AM PAYING 0HumanBodyIdiot2012-10-15 22:59:26
I graduated in 2008 , I found a job that I like but is the pay . 12k **** About a year ( before taxes !) Well at least I 'm working . So I still can not afford a car ... I can not afford insurance .... I can get out yet ..... I I'm frustrated , but I 'm patient and I hope to gain experience for a well paid job in the near future . Anyway , so I get home tonight and I meet my student loan burden I
Whats the lowest interest rate on a small business loan one could get with excellent credit?0Emmanuel2012-10-08 01:01:14
If you have a credit score of 750 , and has 10,000 collateral to leave , what is the lowest interest rate , you can get a small business loan for $ 50,000 five years ?
Car Loan Question: Paying off loan early by paying payment first day it's due NOT on due date (less interest)?5albert2012-11-03 22:23:02
I just got a car loan . Call it $ 10,000 for the 60th by 6 % . My first payment is due on the 15th of December. I paid the first payment on November 25 ... and therefore worth paying the 10 days of interest . Much less than what he said I would pay . Most of the payments went to the capital . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Because this is a simple interest loan , I wonder if I can do this every month ? ? I can pay my payment is due on 15 January and 16 December worth paying interest only 1 day (causing even more of the principal that apply) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or to make the payment of the first month in 25 did the interest start reassessing the 26th even though it is not due until January 15? I had a simple interest car loan 10 years ago when I made the payments due on day 1 of the month on the second day of the previous month would always have less than $ 2 applied to the principal and therefore repay the loan in much less time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this possible ? I'm trying to release several months .
Am i better off refinancing my auto loan or taking a lower interest rate loan and paying the car off with that2Alberto salome2012-09-11 20:57:04
we have a used car and financed through the dealership and the interest rate is very high. Should I refinance or take a loan from my bank with a lower interest rate and pay my vehicle and just pay the bank .
I'm currently paying back my student loan, do i still get charged interest even when I'm paying it back?1jonni2012-08-13 09:50:03
I have about 3000 pounds for a student loan , do not pay me after I was earning above the threshold of 8 months and received a statement of interest they charge me £ 10 each month. Then I started to pay back each month and the same amount that comes out every month as well. However I still be charged interest on this? And besides , in my line loan account , it says you still owe more than my p60 says it has paid. Could be because I have not updated as my p60 in hand and do not, so they have to wait until the end of each fiscal year refesh balance so its inaccurate . Any help would be great , the company SLC, an establishment in the UK very common, in case you were wondering .
I have a small business loan from a friend, when paying him back what account does the payment go under?1moccasin2012-11-03 02:02:02
The loan of $ 400 in merchandise launch . I am returning and do not know if it's just basic accounts payable , or if I should be somewhere else , because I have the goods yet and want to show it as an asset . I cost of goods sold , but the goods are still in the hand ... please help !
What is the difference between paying a credit card versus paying a loan?2vagina_game 2012-11-04 04:31:02
I was using their online calculator to see how long it takes to pay I't my car and gave me two different answers to a credit card and the other for the loan . What is the difference ?
What will improve my credit score faster- Paying off an auto loan or paying down credit cards?0leroy2012-10-19 10:22:08
I get my credit score up a bit more , but I'm not sure what would be more beneficial . Pay my Full auto loan ? Or pay some of my credit cards with high limits ? What is the best option to improve my credit score ? Besides, if I pay some of my credit cards fell my limits ?
Hdfc floating home laon refinance-HDFC Scheme to depress the Interest rate by paying processing fee twice?0TAYO2012-10-27 08:16:23
we have taken the loan to HDFC 22lacs three years ago. MedlinePlus Hdfc PLR ( Prime Lending Rate ) is 13.75% . My current applicable floating rate is 13.75% - 3.75% = 10 % ( and before that was 13.75-3.25 ie 10 .5 % ) and reduced i iit upon payment of processing fee half percent MedlinePlus . . now again being given a choice of additional processing fee of one and a half percent of the principal amount then my interest will be reduced to 13.75 % - . 5% = 8.75 % increase fleet only MedlinePlus Please indicate whether one should go for this deal again MedlinePlus Should not average fare paid disocunt percent earlier proceesing charges at this time . MedlinePlus SKG MedlinePlus .
What interest rate should I assume for a small business loan?1Mr. Seuss2012-10-01 07:28:02
I am aware that banks establish a rate based on customer activity and other factors . But overall , what rate should be used for calculating a bank loan for a new business project ? MedlinePlus It is the prime rate agree?

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