Do I have a case in taking my exboyfriend to court regaurding a car, and our son?

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Phil Rewa
Asked at 2012-09-01 18:57:03
First: MedlinePlus Back in '03 my dad's SUV and I have a child together. When he tried to get his father to co-sign, I said no, so then I said, and we got it! When we parted, he ran and hid suv and I could have no access to it. I wanted to see how I had the baby, but I could not do anything about it. At that time his mother wanted me to sign my name on the title if they were to "sell". All three of our names were on that title. Well, he still has it, and is on my credit report as if it were a stage Repo. The funny thing is that it says that the owners are just me and her father. What about him???! I think it sucks that there is a car out ther who is legally half mine and is ruining my credit, but I can not do anything about it because not even tlak about it or tell me any information! I've seen pictures on your myspace so I know they have it. I thought to get its name from a lease that had to refinance, and since his name is not listed as an owner .. must have had to refinance, but all parties must sign .. NEVER DID! Is that why you wanted me to sign my name in the title, maybe .. forging my signature?! I also called the place I got the loan and have no record of me at all! So I'm assumning fell behind, and sold our loan to a collector. If I take him to court, I think I have a chance to get my name since hes basically buttocks in our contract. Indicating that its both ours and holding him is not fair! But I want to know about all that other garbage that does not make sense! Like I said, I'd take it, and honestly I think I can go there now, and take it up .. its mine .. but if I can not have anything to do with it .. my name out! It would be one thing if he was making payments which obviously would not care, but hes not and is ruining his dad and my credit, and makes me think that his father is taking the fall for him .. but how the hell did it get out of the loan when it never was involved?! ** And do not forget, you can not get the title while there is a loan, so how do you get it, it was a false sign? MedlinePlus *** WEIRD SECOND: MedlinePlus When he and I were together, he got a credit card for 10k. I was an authorized user. That's it. I thought I could not take responsibility for seeing how I was not the main card holder, but I think it can, seeing as its on my credit report? I called the bank and not have anything with my name on it ... have information about it, but not me. Well, then how the hell it showed in my credit then?! Anyway, the first 3 years of life children, he claimed on taxes (that will lead me to my next question I want to go to court for fuel and very bright) says his Court every two years can claim. Seeing how the credit card was 10k and that was on my credit card, I felt good, very good! I'll take half .. so let him claim our 3 year old was more than my share (5k) to pay the credit card. But he never did! The song that I present to the court in the hope that they will take that into account? I mean .. Very guilt chose not to blow their money and not pay the debt and reclaim the money I'm leaving for three years, with the hope that it will clear the credit card! I could not make the payments myself because I had no information, nor give him .. and around the bank was itself had reached its name as debt, but could not tell me why, or how, or anything, but I had nothing attached to me at all! MedlinePlus THIRD: MedlinePlus Seeing how he claimed our son during the first three years that tell last year and this year planned to be caught again and what is right. Next year would be his, and so on .. But received a call today saying that SSN has already been used! Just to add to the list, it threw me around! I was like omg! If I take him to court you can easily get your tax returns and claiming to see our 3 years in a row! And let me just get caught! Even if that does go .... theres still the fact that the injunction is another breech each year .. hes there to claim three years in a row! And the only reason I let the whole thing slide was paying him a credit card instead of .. please help .. ANY feedback will help us!
Answer1JoyAnswered at 2012-09-13 13:30:03
If the lender is not aware that you are on the loan , how do you inform the credit bureaus ?
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