How do you stop a bank from harassing you?

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I'll try to keep this simple . MedlinePlus In 2008 my wife became seriously ill with depression . MedlinePlus He was hospitalized for a month . House needs care for two months . MedlinePlus She could not work . I had to take in paying their bills . MedlinePlus As time went through our savings got behind on the mortgage payment . MedlinePlus Hired MedlinePlus company to help me get lower loans from Bank of America . After 8 months Bank of America refused to deal with the company that hired them. MedlinePlus BofA told me by phone that only take care of me . MedlinePlus It costs me nothing . Company returned deposit. MedlinePlus About 6 months after BofA said they could not qualify for any help because my payment was less MedlinePlus 31% of my gross salary . By the time we sent letters BofA informing us that if we did not make back payments over additionsal costs were going to forclose on us. About 30 days later we sent a letter informing the drop dead date before forclosed us. MedlinePlus He asked for help to give a payment program MedlinePlus BofA said NO . They sell some assets to make the payments and late charges of $ 7,000.00 MedlinePlus It was a day with the mortgage for the last 5 months
I keep getting letters from BofA warning that my house may enter foreclosure. Have you talked to BofA representative and asked why I'm getting these letters , as I am aware . He asked them to stop sending letters because it bothers my wife and force her to go into a deep depression . They said they would. Since then , I get letters from BofA on a weekly basis . So much so that today I got one addressed to me and one for my wife . MedlinePlus Is there a way to stop the harassment .

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