Can I become a Crime Scene Technician with a Bachelor's Degree?

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Hi . I'm a senior in college who is unfortunately going to have to spend another year so now is my last year part 1, part 2 and then after June 2011. This is because I added 35 quarter units ( the total number of units I have to finish is 88) to my specialty , adding an option or an accent . My right is important current BA Chemistry and I have decided to switch from that to Chem BS with Option in Forensic Science . I have read online and seen on TV that even people from the technical schools , which only gains an Associates may be part of the field . My question is , is my soon - to-be changed quite important for me to enter the field and work as forensic technology CS ? This work is also more entry level there .... well, maybe besides crime scene photographers . I also read that the minimum wage is $ 20/hr . For me , the pay is not an issue. I have only enough to house and feed myself , pay off student loans , personal expenses , some $ for animal shelter in grants and utility bills . Therefore , fine. Of course , somewhat higher is more likely haha appreciated. I know that if I just stick to BA in chemistry , not limited jobs would be in store for me and that does not include becoming a technician CS . Therefore, to make the important specific , which goes directly to what I'm trying to reach. Do you get what I mean ?

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