Is There Any Real Auto Lenders Who Will Loan Money With Very Bad Credit And A Low Credit Score? related questions

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Is There Any Real Auto Lenders Who Will Loan Money With Very Bad Credit And A Low Credit Score?4Mary Anna2012-10-20 06:15:03
I'm looking for Auto leader who is not fraud and that will give me a loan despite my bad credit . It can be a subprime loan with high rates of many online sites say they will give you a loan , but they keep their fraud information and then apologize, even when they say that for people with bad credit or high credit risk . I need a company to look at the credit history when I had my good credit got bad credit one year ago now its hurts and I have to find a car loan .
Is there any real money lenders for bad credit who are flexible?0Annabeth2012-08-14 12:18:03
needs a loan of $ 5,000 , I'm starting culinary school and the need for relocation cash please let me know any ideas
Auto loan and bad credit, Anyone know of online Auto Financing lenders which Offer Bad credit Auto Loan?0Britanny2012-09-24 19:30:03
Auto loan and bad credit , anyone know of online lenders that offer auto financing bad credit auto loans ?
I need a real loan with bad credit is there any valid lenders out there?1mai nguyen2012-10-10 05:54:02
I understand that there will be higher interest rates on a loan of this type . But our plan is to make monthly payments and return next fiscal year have almost paid off loan . Please , we are honest working people who really need a break right now. We have a car loan now paid on time . Actually , it has nothing to offer as collateral , only our word . The loan amount you need is $ 8500.
Real-Private-Poor credit lenders?1kimn2012-11-02 08:05:03
Does anyone know where I can get an unsecured loan of 8000.00 over a period of three years with a low credit score ? However, they have a verifiable job with a salary of 50k. Private lender must be available to talk. Tired of fakes and email addresses of scammers.
ARE there any real online lenders out there that give loans to people with poor credit?0Niomi2012-10-13 23:28:05
Jeff Norerts ? Does anyone have anything on it ? I cheated again and again but I wont need an immediate loan my life depends on it . If anyone can help me please. If any of you , scammers write about it I will do my vandetta hunt and kill all personnel , leeches peices of shit !
Do lenders look at your credit score or the amount of time you've had credit?0Kyne2012-10-12 04:17:10
Hello , MedlinePlus I've had a secured credit card with my credit union bank since June 2010 and a regular credit card for two months . Both have $ 500 limits . I just checked my credit score and report and says I have a credit score of 721 . Later this year, probably around November I think about trying to get a car . By then my credit score has increased and I have almost a year and a half credit history . Is this enough to get a loan for a car for around $ 30,000 ? Also I just got a pricey cell phone plan with Verizon and was told to pay on time will help build my credit score even faster , is this true ?
Bad credit auto lenders?1DestinyLashea2012-09-16 16:21:03
Does anyone know of a lender that I can apply directly to specialize in bad credit car loans ? Apart from Financial Drive?
According to website my credit score is real low 519. I have 4 credit cards that are unpaid?0SHRUTI2012-10-10 08:01:48
charge off " s written off and transferred to external collection agencies . 1 of which will emerge all three credit bureaus reports in August 2012 , the other not for a couple of years . Also I have a bankruptcy (which falls December 2012) , and a civil suit , which is a collection agency that is 3 years. I have really wanted to get a newer vehicle and so we went up to the car last year and was told that could be funded at a rate of 18% to around U.S. $ 1,250.00 down on a . 10K car my question is : Should I wait until December of this year , when my bankruptcy and Article 1 falls to see if you can get a best offer or buy now and help restore better credit before bankruptcy falls so it seems better in the future ? Oh by the way I have 3 fantastic bank loans ( but surely reported ) all are paying on time. these are my best credit lines . too have some medical bills that are unpaid are in there too . know all of them fall in two years or less .
What are some reputable "bed credit" auto lenders?2fishycakes2012-10-07 05:04:03
I am looking for a lender to apply with few cars that specialize in loans for people with less than perfect credit , predatory lenders asking themselves are't 24.99 percent for a car loan . Also , I'm looking for actual lenders . Many people act as lenders , but then send their information to a lot of other people ... and every other little cars sales man in your county is called after that. any ideas? my credit is " fair "
I need a list of lenders that will loan a home mortgage to someone with a credit score between 545 and 550?0pie2012-10-19 14:05:04
I make 48k a year. The circumstances that led to bad credit is a payment in 60 days last car happened two months ago . The car has been paid. Credit cards are near the top , but always pay on time . Please only respond with a list of possible lenders thankyou .

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