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Could Someone Help With My Needed Laptop Purchase?1yt2012-09-17 12:26:04
Hello, MedlinePlus This is probably silly to do, but now I'm kind of despair. I have no choice but to do this, even if it's just to help me vent and relieve my mental tensions. Anyway, here goes: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When Hurricane Katrina, I was visiting friends in Milwaukee, WI. My house was in Louisiana, but i was thinking of moving to Milwaukee. I had changed my mind though, and was about to return home to Louisiana, where the hurricane and levee problem emerged. As I stayed in Milwaukee and saw the news, my house was being destroyed. No actual hurricane, but by a tornado caused severe hurricane. They demolished my house, and basically left me homeless. I ended up being forced to stay with my friends here in Milwaukee, WI until I could figure out what he had to do. The tornado had destroyed everything I had, my computer, my TV, my clothes and furniture! It destroyed everything! I started hearing about the dishonesty and mismanagement of emergency money from FEMA, and even decided not to get involved with that. I ended up finally getting a good job in Milwaukee, and all had taken a turn for the better for me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, I was laid off a year and a half after being hired in the workplace, as the company was moving its forces plants to Mexico and southern states, where labor is cheaper. I have for quite some time unemployment extensions, and I've worked here and there, but have not found anything at all full-time or permanent. Whenever I feel like a job to hire temporary course will be just that, it seems that either the company lied about it, or work decreases suddenly, and I fired again and again and again. Now, with unemployment offices end extensions, mine has run its course. I had to sell my equipment and almost everything of value just to stay afloat. It feels like a lot of bad luck for me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, I decided to start school. I got a scholarship to pay for part of it, and am looking to get a student loan. But before you can start it as I go to school to get my degree Tech Computer Hardware, I was told that one of the things I need for the class is a laptop, preferably a laptop touchscreen tablet, and I'll be doing graphics and other studies that sticks to my type of degree. I'm already very knowledgeable computer repair, and have done a fair amount of it to people and to myself. But to make big money, I need the title. My donation and loan if I get barely covers my books and tuition. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's embarrassing for me to post this and do this, but I have no choice. The compouter, a desk, I'm using now is a loan, and that person is collecting tomorrow. What I'm in dire need of and humbly ask is whether there is anyone out there that could help me get a new laptop, preferably a laptop computer touchscreen Tablet? Believe me, I would not even post this if it was desperate and have run out of options. I have watched day and night online ways to get a free laptop, but neither offers are scams, or are these competitions Win a computer without that expired or that someone has the opportunity once in a billion or more to win. When I sit sometimes and think of my Katrina destroyed the house, and all my precious materials that were destroyed along with it, and my teams, makes me do anything but break to mourn without stopping! It's just impossible to believe sometimes, as it's just a nightmare dream. But then I realize that the nightmare had come true. I really need your help! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please, if anyone out there with a heart big enough and has lost everything in advance, and can relate to my situatrion, and could possibly help me and help me get the Tablet laptop I need for school, Please reply here. I am not a slacker by any means. I'm just a hard worker that has affected several bouts of bad luck! Even hate me so much to ask for this around here, but I have no choice but to ask, here and other websites. I just want to meet my goal of having a Grade Hardware Tech and wonderful job with a good company that goes along with it. Please apply if you can help do this for me! Thank you very much for even reading this! Have a great day! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Honestly, with all humility, MedlinePlus Brian
Canadian Bad Credit Loan Needed to Purchase RV?1Michelle A 2012-09-02 03:46:04
I live in Canada. I have been discharged from bankruptcy for a year and have re-established credit for a year. Despite being rejected by banks. Need a loan of about $ 65,000 to buy an RV to live, RV dealer of my choice makes the car loan companies out of the question . Is there anywhere I can get a loan to buy a CANADIAN RV? I have a good job!
What are the legal things needed to purchase a Secondhand car from a car dealer?4bre bre2012-11-03 19:29:02
What documents are needed? And do I have to buy insurance before driving the car away from the dealer ? I 'm over 18 years old and live in Malaysia Malaysia.I also do not need a loan , I am paying cash , so what are the legal issues involved ?
Help needed finding a low interest rate for a home purchase loan.?2Jona2012-09-08 03:28:03
I'm looking for suggestions for a good place to request prior approval for a home purchase loan . We want to make sure we have the best interest rate , but do not want to have multiple credit checks on our credit. We have excellent credit , so this will not be a problem. I just want to make sure you get the best deal for a fixed rate mortgage to 30 years with low closing costs . We found the home you want to bid on . We just have our approval before we can make that offer. I do not want to loan tree , because they put several credit checks on your credit card and I have looked at comparisons of interest online and are very limited . I know it is somewhere out there that we can find a lower interest rate . All help will be greatly appreciated .
In 2007 I tried to purchase a car and was told that my credit wasn't good and that I needed a cosigner, I aske?2Shyanne2012-10-15 23:56:03
d my girlfriend and she agreed . When the loan went we found out that the dealer just put me on the regestration and insurance , but not in the title . So I know she wants the car to his name and I'm trying to get a loan so you can ourchase the car , but I can not get a loan because my credit is still bad . I've also been doing all payment and taxes and insurance . What I can do?
Financing a laptop for college?1jama2012-10-10 12:27:02
I'll be starting college soon have no immediate funds for a laptop , I have 18 years with no prior credit was not eligible for student loans because my credit guarantee . I have my first full year of college financially secure , now all I see is missing is a laptop . Best Buy has a current promotion of your credit cards , interest free for any purchase over $ 249 if paid in full within 18 months. The minimum payment is $ 10 . I can make over the minimum payments during the school year , and then during the summer I would be able to pay the remaining balance $ 700 or so . The way I see it, I would build up my credit (if they ever needed for an emergency ) during college , and have access to my own computer . Is this an irresponsible decision ? My source of income would be mainly what my family sends me every month (which would be at least $ 20 a month ) , and my only other side is my phone, which is attended . I really wanted to build my credit in college , and this seems like a decent way they should, especially considering that interest is 0. I wish to make a financial irresponsible decision so early in my life , so I'm trying to get feedback on this as much as I can . MedlinePlus Thank you.
Will my Stafford Loan pay for a Laptop???2Carson2012-09-29 22:20:04
Does anyone have a Stafford Loan and know if we will cover a laptop is a very necessary because I'm doing my classes online !
Where can I buy replacement fans for my hp laptop?0Burnel2012-09-03 05:05:05
I own an HP Pavilion laptop computer Model Number : dv6 - 2043us Product Number : MedlinePlus VM285UA # ABA ' which is a little over a year old and has been quieter and overheating so bad that your car goes down. So after asking here before what was wrong and someone said fans or something did not work and had to be replaced . Is there any chance that you can buy the parts and fix this myself ? and if so, where I can find the parts ( online if possible ) ? MedlinePlus Or it could be something else wrong with my computer? If it's the fans and I can not fix it by myself then how to get it fixed in a shop ? MedlinePlus Please help me in my future career and my social life depends on my computer that is able to work . But I am poor as a church mouse , so I do not have much extra money and probably have to get a friend to lend me something to get it fixed , so I need an economical solution . MedlinePlus Thanks for any help and all thx X 10000000000
Is there any help I can get to cover a laptop for school?0Bongani Creswel Pasile2012-09-07 13:53:02
I am currently in school on campus and online courses .. I took out student loans to cover what grants do not cover . My laptop crashed and now I have no other way to work for my online class . It is time consuming , so I can not do at work. Will my student loans cover a new laptop or is there any help I can get for this?
Can you tell if this is a desktop or laptop computer?5santiago2012-10-23 06:22:02
Well I 'm attending OHVA ( online home school ) and they send you a borrowed computer . Can anyone say whether laptop or desktop . This is the only information that they say on their website : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Computers provided by the Ohio Virtual Academy follow these specifications: MedlinePlus Speed ​​: 1.8 GHz or higher MedlinePlus RAM : 512 MB ​​( minimum) MedlinePlus Disk space: 20 GB or more MedlinePlus CD- ROM or DVD MedlinePlus Monitor: 15-inch flat screen MedlinePlus Audio : 16-bit sound card MedlinePlus Modem : 56 kbps ( minimum) MedlinePlus Microphone and speakers MedlinePlus Operating system : Windows XP SP2 MedlinePlus Microsoft ? Internet Explorer version 6.0 MedlinePlus Adobe ? Reader ? MedlinePlus Macromedia Flash ? MedlinePlus Shockwave ? MedlinePlus QuickTime ? MedlinePlus McAfee ? MedlinePlus Virus Protection MedlinePlus Can anyone say?
Virge of Purchasing a Laptop?4Josefina2012-11-06 00:09:02
Well, I really need to get a laptop . I am currently attending college and would have to get a loan to buy my laptop because I 'm one of those poor students. Anyway , I want to be happy with my purchase . I've never had a laptop in the past , so I have to choose something that best suits me. I am currently in a very important business and decided to start working on " project" a line , etc. I want my laptop to handle the most demanding graphics / software So my real question is , since I'm a little skeptical about the MAC , is there anyone out there who also was skeptical about getting a mac book but now actually own one have become more loyal to MAC MedlinePlus ? What are the best laptops out there , both MAC and PC MedlinePlus . What r u dear friends using MedlinePlus My main use is to work on my business projects when away from my MedlinePlus dsktop Want something that 'll handle easily MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3dmax MedlinePlus photoshop MedlinePlus Illustrator MedlinePlus SchoolProjects And New pcgames next . MedlinePlus So I try to just buy a Mac or PC Laptop . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance = )
Looking for a way to finance a laptop with bad credit?4mine mine2012-11-05 11:44:11
I am a student and I recently checked my credit report and I have only one account derogatory on my report that I have attended . But they have a lot of students are DEFFERED loans.They . Also I have a car that I cosigned for and paid on time every month . But every time I try and get a credit card from a department store that was rejected because of loans . I really need a laptop for school and I can not figure out how to get one . Can anybody help .

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