I'm 25, have almost $50,000 worth of debt. What can I do to clean up my credit so I can buy a house? related questions

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I'm 25, have almost $50,000 worth of debt. What can I do to clean up my credit so I can buy a house?1Jiya2012-09-04 10:40:06
I have good credit , never made a late payment and always atleast make my minimum payments , and more . I recently consolidated some credit card debt and the debt of my fiance with a private loan of $ 30,000 we paid together. So I have about $ 20,000 worth of debt consolidated student loan , car loan and some credit cards shopping related household items ( tv , furniture , etc ) that are purchased with 0 % financing or low . All my debt and most of my boyfriend is in my name because his credit was too bad for any loan , etc. So , if everything is in my name , we have no problem making payments every month as there are 2 of paying us . But as we work on getting your credit in line with what one day will be a co -signer of a house , what can we do to get my credit up seeings how I have most of my credit tied for the two of us? I've closed all zero balance credit cards that had opened , but what else I can do? ? Thanks for any advice anyone may have :)
Did Obama really suggest that most credit debt and car loans be wiped clean?3Huck2012-09-07 19:10:03
I heard a rumor said something like ... What are the consequences of such an act? In the short term and long term?
How do I go about consolidating 10,000$ worth of credit card debt without using a debt management company?6cobra2012-10-12 12:00:02
Me and my fiance who soon find themselves in a lot of credit card debt . Between the two of us we always pay our bills on time , but now it is starting to become a problem that is becoming overwhelming . I want to get a loan to pay all that in 4-5 years , but will not work with a company of debt solutions if it will hurt our credit.
Are my efforts to clean up my debt on the right track?0somej2012-09-10 01:20:03
I have copies of my credit report from all three agencies and I realized that my student loan accounts are listed in the sections of negative and positive. I have consolidated my student loans and were in a payment schedule for the dates specified for negative accounts for 2001 and the dates in the accounts are good from 2002 to present. Both ads are the same account holder, is there any way to get negative information removed since I am in good condition and pay on time? Will this change when I have consolidated my loans to another agency? Also I have a landline closed account is charged off as bad credit in 2004. It will not be retired until 2011. I am willing to confess and to pay the debt in exchange for elimination. What I can do about it? He also paid a collection agency for a debt which was agreed to establish a report from the credit bureau. I see that this debt is still listed as collection account, but paid. I initiated all communication with this collection agency even though the debt originated in 1999, was still on my credit report and I established an agreement with them. Finally they paid off, but is still listed as a collection account negative in my report. What I can do about removing the account from my report. My debt problems began in 1999 when I got sick and could not work. I was not able to return to work until 2001. I worked odd jobs, end, and the bills continued. I contacted the necessary authorities and told them about my problems and I closed the accounts that I did not need and could not pay, but that was not enough. I live within my means and was not able to pay your bills on time. I have a better income and I have children, so I want to buy a house. I do not know what else to do to improve my credit, which are constantly rejected for credit due to insufficent credit history, and receive high interest rates. How long should I wait to see the improvements. I pay my bills on time and the only negative information on my credit are what appears above. The student loan that is being paid as agreed, the old debt-laden phone closed and as bad credit, charge account that I paid. I found debt counseling solution on the web after closing old accounts, good credit and discovered that doing that was a mistake. I want to do well, but do not know what that is. Any advice please?
My ex has alot of debt in my name as well as his car.What should I do to get a clean break from that bastard!!3Sharar2012-10-27 07:26:58
I just turned 21 and am in so much drama . My ex continued to cheat on me , even after taking it twice . So its 3 strikes you're out . MedlinePlus 1) It has a 40,000 auto loan in my name, I am the parent and he is the guarantor . I do not want to risk it being spiteful and pay the car loan , or simply dropping payments behind.He know my credit score means a lot to me and I paid my credit card bills and student loans on time each month for him to screw up.I credit score is currently 730 and want to increase as time passes on.Please give me some tips to get the car to my name soon. MedlinePlus 2) He owes $ 5,500 in credit card bills . He added as authorized user.Please want to know what I should do to make sure I get paid . MedlinePlus 3) Is it childish of me to take the samsung 32 " HDTV and home entertainment system because ill be damned if his new girlfriend and he will make a fool of me ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus please do not criticize me I 'm young and naive .
Can i buy a house if i have 5000down plus g.i.home loan certi.Worth 100,000 but i also have bad credit though?1Darlene2012-08-30 01:50:12
$ 100,000 is an endorsement by the government in case daffault in the one I got that from the service
Realtors in las Vegas NVCan I buy a house with no ss# house is worth 60000 I have 35000?1Alina2012-10-27 02:39:02
Ok I have no ss #, but I have more than half of what the house is worth I can ? I live in Las Vegas NV crazy houses are so cheap I will be able to get a loan with tin ? or should I buy a home that is around 35,000 in cash 'm tired of renting 've been renting for 15 years at $ 800 a month can make payments of 2500 a month for a house and pay a $ 100,000 house in perhaps less 2.5-year loan just need a stable working mom has had more than 10 years and have been working six months MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know it will be mean responses but please be polite hate not only needs someone with experience in these things
We are "upside down" on our house; we owe more than the house is worth. We want a $30,000.00 personal loan and?0che2012-11-05 14:54:36
realize the interest rate will be high. we have 0 equity in our house. we can easily make the payment, though. do we go through a bank or use an on-line personal loan company like unsecuredloans.com or something similar?
9000 worth CREDIT CARD DEBT....HELP!!!!?2Happyy4uu2012-10-26 15:44:46
MedlinePlus What should I do , consolidate , take out a loan to pay for it or just talk to them , I have been avoiding for 2 months. I am a student of financial MedlinePlus wrestler to do very bad decision MedlinePlus How I can make it go ... plz tell me what is best
I have 20-25K worth of unsecured credit card debt now what?6yy2012-09-24 17:35:02
I have 20 - 25K worth of debt unsecured credit card . I have not made ​​a payment in two years , but recently have been summoned to court by one of them . Currently make about 40K per year, but with the child support payment of $ 700 per month rent $ 580 , auto insurance of $ 150, $ 100 student loan , this does not even take into account purchases or costs of gasoline. I
9000 worth CREDIT CARD DEBT....HELP!!!!?3Tsakani2012-09-26 12:44:05
What should I do , consolidate , take out a loan to pay for it or just talk to them , I have been avoiding for 2 months. I am a student wrestler very bad financial decisions
Worth it to Consolidate Credit Card Debt?0Alisa2012-09-27 23:28:02
Is it worth getting a debt consolidation loan to cover my visa?

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