Where is a good, solid finance company that deals with low credit scores for a business loan.?

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Asked at 2012-08-08 18:39:43
We are eager to start a trucking business bigwig . We need about 55k . The loan will be fully secured by securities of the equipment. We do not own real estate and credit accounts in the range of 625. The banks are saying no, because no local scores . I'm finding the web sites that claim to match only one lender, but to his credit more just pulls and telemarketing phone calls. I do not want to loan clubs . Does anyone know of a finance company rather than going to help us ?
Answer1JeneaAnswered at 2012-08-12 00:54:38
If local banks reject, is unlikely to find an online lender . There are many lending scams that prey on people with credit problems.
Answer2Ja'MarcusAnswered at 2012-08-12 17:36:03
Unless you have assets to back the loan , you will not get one.

To put it bluntly , just because you want the money does not mean that anyone should give you. You have bad credit because did not properly resolve their debt (which I'm sure there are extenuating circumstances in his case ... there always are) and now you think someone else is going to throw good money after bad ?

Try to dealership financing . Once again , your credit will be a big problem though.
Answer3LizetteAnswered at 2012-08-13 07:48:37
You have to look in the "value " of equipment as a share value . Usually large trucks have no value at auction compared to the purchase price. Truck is a high risk work unless low-margin computer books for 2-3 times what you owe on the market today only large-scale commercial lender would touch. The best option is to ask people who are planning to hire where the bank and the lender is not going to be more familiar with your market.
Answer4kdshakjahAnswered at 2012-08-24 18:24:02
Try to find investors willing to contribute to your business plan . There is no way that people will pay money , but there may be a way for people to give you money in exchange for the rights to his business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you have a solid business plan and customer base , you may be able to find investors . There you go that route rather than the route of loan. You will be more successful achievement of that road .
Answer5mm.Answered at 2012-08-25 15:02:02
There is no such thing as a legitimate bad credit lender that will give a loan of 55k . The good news is that a FICO score of 625 is low , but not horrible . Taking two years to work on your credit and save money . MedlinePlus Do not be fooled by despair by online loan scammers . Stay away from any company that is committed to qualify for a loan if the money is sent . ,
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