What should i do about my "boss"?

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Hi all,
MedlinePlus Ive been working at this job for a little less than a year, my boss and my husband and I have become good friends and met occasionally for visits. MedlinePlus I loved working here until recently. MedlinePlus About six months when I've worked here my boss approached me and asked if I would make a loan to the business on behalf of him, because he can not make loans anywhere due to being kidnapped. I made a loan to him from 9000 to the company to enable per share at the end of the day put the tires on your car with that money. I did not know until recently, when I found a sheet with the date and the amount. we agreed that he would pay my salary as Time'm still working for him over his monthly amount for the loan. then asked me if I would like to have a contract for a cell phone to his wife and at the same verbal contract applied in that direction. MedlinePlus During the first two months the payment was made, but then stopped. he said he had no money and pay double next month, but he did not. MedlinePlus I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let it slide until last week. (I also paid in full) MedlinePlus his wife came into the store to launch an attack there was no money in the store and that I should call my customers to pay immediately. Firstly there is the head and the "boss" was not even in the store. The agreement was that because he did not give me my full salary when i customer comes to pay what I can take that money to the outstanding amount of my salary. MedlinePlus 5 minutes later, a customer came to pay and his wife to the cashier and left, went across the road into a shop and bought clothes and sweets for the children, but has no money to pay me ... MedlinePlus I run the shop because all the books and see how the money goes in and out. usually will not say anything about his wife having money, but because it's my money I think I have more than enough right to say something, so I did and I had a huge drop in my head, where I actually said no im the boss And I have to say about it. And I told him if my money so I have confused more than enough to say. MedlinePlus So now it is your talking to me and not even look at me when we're in the same room. MedlinePlus I am very upset and hurt that I go beyond what my job actually is and out of my way to a friend. MedlinePlus I do not know what to do because I'm so scared that I dismissed without reason or his wife comes in here and starts yelling and screaming about this story. Not because I'm scared of it, but what I could do. im so angry right now I could do something I regret. MedlinePlus So what I can do? MedlinePlus Please help!
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First , you need to make an appointment with an attorney for your legal rights , , , , period. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Somehow, you have become a bench with her ​​boss for a personal loan and a cell phone now . Looks like this guy has no credit and looks to you to solve their problems . Chances are that his wife can not have the slightest idea that you've borrowed money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since you do record books, it is necessary to make an accurate record of all loans , payments , etc. Since it is a verbal agreement , it is necessary to validate the books that actually lent the money owed ​​. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Based on how this guy is running his business , is a matter of time before he goes bankrupt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unfortunately , his personal life and business life have merged and been "tarnished " their thinking . Although this loan is in your name only , your husband must help or support you , as indeed could affect your relationship and your financial future . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chances are that you will lose your job because of this because your business loan or goes bankrupt . And unfortunately , most likely will not get your money back from him . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Make an appointment with a lawyer to see if there are legal options . Many will give you a free consultation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus good luck , as you will need .
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