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Scam Or Not ? Private Loan Offering...?2Dane2012-09-14 22:53:06
I've been offered a loan of Mr. Damon Gatewood Stevern LOAN FIRM ( damon.gatewood @ ) with obviously some upfront fees . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am concerned of course , but on the other hand, this contact has been referred by one of the members of a forum of Yahoo ... MedlinePlus Here is the text : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Loan terms and repayment schedule : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The repayment of the loan is based on a monthly basis , consisting of the principal of the loan and the interest rate set . Like his writing, the duration of the loan period is 6 months. So find the interest rate and payment schedule below: MedlinePlus * Loan Amount : ---------------------------------
Does this seem like a scam or not. this guy is offering me a loan at 2% interest rate.?8Columba2012-09-27 23:57:03
Thank you for your inquiry and loan yes , I am a private money lender and approve a license from the government , I can help and give me a loan interest rate of 2% that really want to help you because I do not want to fall victim of Internet scams cored and this is the reason I give loans to an interest rate of 2% not for profit so that it can be affordable and achieve overall happiness . We like to know that we can help keep his dream going and stable . MedlinePlus We have received your mail and understood the contents of your information , but first it is necessary to approve the loan before we can proceed with the loan offer.I want please fill out the form and return urgently . MedlinePlus Therefore you should send a scanned copy of your ID or a pastor before the loan will be secured and approved . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus FINANCE HARVEY ' S FIRM INC monitored MedlinePlus MedlinePlus LOAN APPLICATION FORM MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Beneficiary Name: ............................
I have bad credit someone from yahoo answers is offering me a secured loan is this a scam!!?8osai2012-11-02 23:20:01
I found this person here on yahoo answers , are in the UK. They say I can offer a guaranteed loan for $ 4,000 . But they are asking for a deposit of $ 200 before sending payment. To me it sounds like a scam MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there a place that can make a loan with bad credit thanks !
Does any body know if this company is scam they are offering loans?0Margie...(HappyNewYearEveryone)2012-08-20 05:20:28
They are an American company that provides loans to borrowers in the UK. You get 4 options to get your loan ( 1) to obtain a guarantee (2) To insure your car on the loan (3) To pay 3 months advance payment to build a payment history (4) Pay
OMG! is anyone offering private student loans anymore???0Kym\'Bria2012-10-26 19:59:59
I need a private loan as soon as possible as yesterday my companies have gone under with the economy anyone has any reputable companies out there ? ? ? ? ?
Private Lenders = Scam Artists!?4DUH!!!!2012-09-15 08:41:04
It's a shame when you feel so desperate that after being rejected by banks, credit unions, lending institutions legit you really think you have a glimmer of hope with these so-called private lenders . I recently treated with GA Financial Trust and disposed of $ 500 and you'd think would have learned by now ...... ok , I did. When I see blogs and publications by people such as Chris Peters, Oliver Jenkins , Richard Walters , Phil Moor , Lomax Milton all saying the same thing: " you have been approved for a loan of" I 'm like 'What? - I traded emails with all these people that you know what? They have much in common: Yahoo accounts email, numerous errors in your email, an application for insurance and / or transfer and / or duty security so the loan can be insured / guaranteed , blah , blah. Sounds too good to be true ? Because it is ! It is unfortunate that there are people who are fed misleading people and taking their money. It happened to me once, not going to happen to me again. Lesson learned .
Who is offering the best loan?8Carter2012-10-07 13:16:01
I do not really know anything about these things , but I'm looking at getting a
Offering car for a loan ?0opg2012-10-08 13:41:46
If you want a loan of about 10k or more , I'm offering a car that's worthy of 3500-4000 . This value is calculated by the offers I'm getting when I posted an ad on the car . What I wanted to do is offer my car for free to the person who can lend me 10k or more for a few months and I will pay them back . This is abour 40% interest rate that the person will receive will I get 10k of them . Should I?
Is there any bank out there offering a comination loan?0pollito2012-08-08 20:28:43
Currently I have an existing student loan , plus about $ 20k for a personal line of credit that I'm paying interest on . Still I have a full certification program to finish at my university and the only type of loan you can find to cover this type of situation is a combination of student loans. The problem is that I have no idea who is offering . I searched for hours online and getting nowhere . So basically my question is this . Does anyone know of a company that offers a student loan for the combination of around $ 65,000 ?
Dad offering a loan for our down payment... what to do with it, or whether to even accept it?0Ashtev2012-10-04 00:07:47
My husband and I recently pre -approved for a mortgage , and the lender imagined with $ 0 down payment because we qualified for the USDA / FHA ( ? ) Support ( my husband knows the details ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , my father has offered to pay us $ 10,000 to spend on a down payment. It would help , but I've used online mortgage calculators , and maybe I'm doing something wrong , but it seems that $ 10k to just make a difference (it is a loan, not a gift from my dad , so consider him I'm paying $ 100/mo for a while here ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All you have saved right now is $ 1,000 to be used as a good faith deposit when making an offer , so $ 10k would be a great help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The lender said that for every $ 1,000 left , will probably take less than $ 10 a month on your mortgage payment . It 's even worth taking my dad on the offer , if we have to pay the mortgage , and my dad $ 100 a month ( for 8 1/2 years) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Just wanted to know what are the advantages to put down a sum of money instead of going with a 100 % financing as originally planned. Would it help us get approved for a better interest rate or something? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also plan to take him up on it so we can eliminate all credit card debt , that way our only "debt" is paid $ 100/mo and not throw money at interest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would be the best option , in your opinion?
Which bank is offering cheap car loan in India?0shatha2012-09-09 15:20:02
Which bank offers loans cheap car in India ?
Why was i refused personal loan from banks offering best APR ?0Kelly!2012-11-02 00:30:03
I am a permanent resident for two years in the UK continuously full employment ( current 7 months) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have at least

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