Does the government have Bipolar Bailout disorder? What is the best treatment? related questions

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Does the government have Bipolar Bailout disorder? What is the best treatment?3Bell2012-10-01 05:29:02
As the flow of benefits cornucopia of Washington , Uncle Sam is suffering from Bipolar Disorder rescue. Like a Push taxpayer-funded -Pull You me , that goes both ways , while the huge resource consumption on the road to nowhere . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus today
Do you think I have bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety?0Niko2012-08-28 12:27:16
Or was he simply making stupid decisions? Let me know if this sounds like you went through a manic phase. He was 19. He worked full-time work at a concert in caregiver. I began the doctor because he could not concentrate. I thought I had ADD. The doctor said I have to go find the projection of a psychiatrist before I prescribe medications. Then we got into a dicussion about depression and anxiety, and said he was depressed / anxious and he prescribed me celexa. The next day I felt so good .. so hyper and I thought I had started working. Changed things right .. I convinced the guy that took me to borrow money to buy a car, and I was going to break up with my boyfriend. I wanted to get my life straightened up! (Although it was not so bad) I had a renewed confidence. Then I started to exercise and diet .. almost starving for more skinny. I negelecting work. I met a guy online and within a month, I wanted to move into random guy called me and told me to look after quitting, leaving my car loan without paying, and leaving without caregiver. Then I just went crazy, was having sex with at least four different types, having a ton of drugs, I thougt it was hot. Or **** I was staying wit one of my sex, I could not sleep, so I took Ambian, 5 minutes later I decided I was going to leave and ended up crashing my car because I was high .. I do not know and I just remember racing thoughts. Then randomly broke with the guy on the internet, went to my parents' house, and called my ex to tell him that I am I want to be with him again. This occurred within 3 monthes. Then I became very depressed / anxous .. gained my weight back .. then got a job and be dealt with depressed somedays, some normal, and sometimes the feeling of happiness that I will "change my life again", but before that happens, I get depressed again. I'll go see a couseler in a mental health office .. I say all this or do u think it was just being young and stupd
Help! I have Bipolar Disorder and a shopping problem.?1Interpretation of cups.2012-10-19 04:44:03
I am a 22 year old woman with bipolar disorder . When I'm in one of my moods , I shop online or go shopping and buy things I do not need or use later. Well , my question is how I can help ? So I think I owe that equals $ 30,000 in debt now . I'm on medication and still go out and buy no matter what. I pay my bills on time and actually have a good credit score . What are some ways I can pay my debt down without having to get more loans , how should I budget money , and how do I stop this habit of shopping. Please help !
Where does government bailout money come from?2Ti2012-10-21 22:23:04
U.S. + has 12 trillion national debt . Every American should average $ 10,000 + credit card debt not to mention his mortgege , mortgage loans , student loans , auto loans , .... U.S. to $ 2 trillion Chinese as Treasuries. U.S. has lost much of its manufacturing capacity to foreign nations . Both the government and its people have spent all the money he never had his first. However, we have been listening to the rescue bills everywhere for the past two months . Could someone help me understand that the government bailout money comes from printing more money, and paper?
Where did our MONEY go? I know!!! Do you believe the government bailout will benefit you.?0joanalyn2012-09-26 16:36:02
$ 700 million seems a little high when I see them not rescue the small bussiness owners who are the backbone of this country ... MedlinePlus Being myself a do not see that it helps business and community ... my MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where did the money go? Do not .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 56 billion to stimulate the economy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh Boy ! That worked well ! I'm rich ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The war in Iraq cost $ 341.4 million per day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or to summarize that, $ 4,681 per household . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 630 billion - plus spending bill funding the Pentagon . So we can imagine another country to attack without reason . " The War Machine " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 25 billion in federal loans to automakers . For vehicles entering shit for mileage , the cost for even more at the pump. Cars very safe too! Road accidents claimed a total of 42,815 lives in 2002 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 23 billion to help the victims of floods in the Midwest and the Gulf Coast hurricanes . Can you say " Haliburton " ? 10
Do I qualify for small business bailout from the government?0Nancy L2012-09-25 10:11:02
I own a small utility. It is a DBA. I am the only employee at present . Do I qualify for government help to get things up and running? How much will I get? What are the interest rates ? You do not get the loan in advance or will not see what you are spending the money ?
Will there ever be government bailout/help for student loan debt?0GODSCHILD2012-09-28 04:49:02
I'm drowning in debt with over 90k in student loans . 20k is capitalized interest, more than 20,000 are private student loans , the rest is federal . I tried nad that bankruptcy was not an option . I can not consolidate my private loans . Will ther be any hope for people like me in the future ? I bearly surviviing here .
Is our Government going to attach an ARM or Balloon repayment plan to this BAILOUT.?0brooks2012-08-12 19:10:37
Since these financial corporations made ​​money out of Americans who use these same tactics they also accept the same terms ? Do they approve a loan for us in the same situation or that foreclose ?
Is our Government Going to attach an ARM or Balloon Repayment plan with this bailout?0Harold Taylor2012-10-12 15:45:22
Since these financial corporations made ​​money with these tactics also accepted the same terms . There is no warranty so approve your loan. Do you approve ours in the same case . NO
Will our Government attach an Arm or Balloon repayment plan to this Bailout?0Kammy L.2012-09-28 18:49:02
Since these financial corporations made ​​money using these tactics also agree with your terms ? Would you lend money to us in the same situation or they would foreclose >
Why doesn't government create loan program instead of bailout?0Nikia Walker2012-09-10 01:05:02
Instead of a massive bailout , a better solution would be that the government would get into the business of loans and use part of the $ 700 billion for loans to small businesses , families or individuals . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Instead of borrowing trash out of the hands of poorly managed companies regulated as AIG , Freddie , Fannie or , why not let them die , and announce that the government is going to start writing loans to creditworthy entities . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'd rather see that instead of the taxpayer bail out private companies . This is not what " called " democracy and free enterprise is all about. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These companies took the risk and benefit . We stuck with the bill and garbage .
Why couldnt the government give each taxpaying household a bailout instead of banks and other large companies?1 복수명사 2012-09-20 00:59:02
Why could not the government give each family a taxpayer bailout and just make it a requirement to pay its debts as credit cards or putting your mortgage? Imagine how much money could give each household taxpayers who earn less than that ... $ 150,000 or any particular number. And the government made ​​it mandatory to spend every cent of it , no matter if you had a debt or not. Wouldnt it allows banks to pay a large amount of bad loans ? Let's say there are 115 million households in the U.S. . according to the U.S. Census Bureau , 2006; income statistics for 2005 , 5% of households had an income of $ 167,000 and up. So if you take the other 95 % and spread the bailout of $ 700 billion , each household will receive about $ 6700. I know it does not seem like much, but to pay that debt everyhousehold far , it appears that at least some banks get loans paid or at least give them enough breathing room to operate . $ 6700 would pay the rest of my wife's car , pay off all my credit card debt , and I could pay a few house payments ahead . I know people that some people have a debt much more than just $ 6700. But why should we reward those who have not made ​​their money responsibly . And even if you have no debt , if you had to spend the money , what would you do ? You could go buy appliances you may need, or get a new roof ... Everyone can find a way to spend it , which in turn would stimulate the economy , right? Thanks for reading

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