Second Forclosure on same home?

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Samuel Brogdon
Asked at 2012-09-01 06:54:02
My house was in forclosure 7 months . He gave me a payment plan for 4 months. All payments are made on time and the amount requested . Received letter today wanting 29,000 to redo loan. If they will not forclose again. I was doing 2, ooo a month's pay and has already paid 11,000 in six months . Now they will not help. They say that investors will not let you help them, because it is more than 15,000 in interest. Should I move and give up. They will not work with me after all this first agreement . Very annoying after I got two jobs to pay what he owed . I went thorugh a divorce and wanted to keep my house for me and my 2 children . I'm so confused about what happened .
Answer13RD GRADER AUNT BarbaraAnswered at 2012-09-05 19:11:03
Sometimes mortgage companies sell their loans to other mortgage companies . I think they put in a plan of four months with an option to sell the loan . When another company is involved , the company has file a notice of foreclosure on your home. You may want to know which company is controlling your loan and try to reach an agreement with them , and if that does not work , try to sell the house to an investor .
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