I'm looking to start a small business...?

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Now I have the product, and is already generating (very small ) income . I know that with proper planning and a small investment (5 - 10k MAX) within six months could easily get a high gain.

So far I have been using the benefits of this (again, very, very small) to re- invest in the product , refine it, make it more commercial , so I have a full time job , so I'm currently using my reserve funds. At this rate , the product may take 1-2 years minimum to reach their full potential, and I would like to see this idea die. Also - at present, since the gains are small, have done nothing , and in addition , the formation of an LLC, etc

My question is about the legitimacy of this as a business: My credit is very poor ( I lost my job years ago and lost everything and my credit has not recovered yet), if I started a real business (LLC probably) that allows me to obtain a small loan in the name of the company?

I really am not very knowledgeable on this, so any help is appreciated. For more information , leave me your e -mail and could email with more details, etc.

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