Will I win this court case?

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Asked at 2012-09-01 05:19:09
A few years ago , I met a girl through my then boyfriend who lives in England and I live in Scotland . We started talking online and on the phone , and she had met my boyfriend a few times , and I had known . After talking for 4 months or so , began to borrow amounts of money from me for college books , driving lessons , etc. , and did not want to stress her parents asking them " This proved to be a lie " . At that time , I was very naive and lent her money , usually by sending my card or give her money when I was visiting . Since then , he has denied any of this takes place , saying she never borrowed everything and then switch to say I returned . I have bank statements showing money that is taken out while I was in Scotland MSN conversations, where she asks me for money, and texts which threaten me by asking for it back . I was looking for some simple legal advice , because I'd like to take her to court , but I know if I have any chance of winning . I know it was stupid to give the card number and pin , but at the time , I was very depressed and not thinking clearly . However, it was always clear to her that it was a loan to repay . Also, does anyone know how much it cost to raise a court case , and how to go about it because the laws differ between Scotland and England ?
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Gather evidence as much as possible , all this , if you can. Then the court will not know how much it will cost to bring the case in court , but with the right amount of evidence that you can win . Sometimes with very little evidence that the court dismiss the case , so as all of you will then perhaps a high probability of winning.
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