Im trying to get a loan on a car but i already have to cars on loans and my credit sucks? related questions

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Im trying to get a loan on a car but i already have to cars on loans and my credit sucks?5jeffery2012-11-02 13:30:04
my credit is bad and I have two cars on a loan , but my son wants to buy a car and have enough to make the payments, but I have no credit
I need a loan fast, My credit really sucks!?3Ronalda2012-09-07 05:34:02
I have to buy gifts for my wife and my son . I need money fast .
Need laptop,credit sucks,cant get a loan,is there anything i can do?6Mattie Boren2012-11-03 17:16:02
my credit sucks because of a divorce .. im trying to get my life together so I'm going to school , most of it is done online , but I need a laptop , because I live in a diffrent state of my children and I have to have something to take with me when I go visit my children out of state , as the school requires a lot of time online and group projects so I can not go a few days without talking to school or going to leave my class .. but for the life of me I can not find anyone to Laon me some money for a computer , is there anything I can do or something that can help me ?
Need to pay off a very high interest loan. My credit sucks. Help.?4Monique2012-10-24 11:38:02
Call cash loan at 42 % . I was desperate , but I'm looking to lower interest rate , but no one will give me a chance because of my bad credit . I'm sure there are sources out there that look at the person and not just the credit score . Bad things happen to good people.
Can anyone tell me how to get about a $5,000 loan? My credit sucks, but I haven't had any bad reports lately.1sara ann2012-11-04 10:34:02
I live in Texas and I just opened a small tanning salon. I have not found anyone to give me a small business loan and I am so frustrated , any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .
I have debt, but not from credit cars or loans.?16 math2012-11-02 19:02:03
I paid a couple of phone companies . I've written over a bank and closed my account , this happened twice. And I once went to detox and not paying the bill for that. How do I find all collectors who need money from me . ? I can consolidate all these things and just make a monthly payment , do not want a loan ... I do not think you can even get a loan . I just want to pay all this back and regain some my credit. I do not know how. I do not know any of the collectors . I just want my credit is not so terrible.
Credit cars/student loans/ help needed?0Alexia2012-10-06 20:10:17
Ok , so I have many car loan with high credit limits . i always pay my balance within and 3-6 months . and I have many outside government student loans and private . deferred . Problem is my score dropped to 676. Why leave ? some of the banks like National City closed , so I got the new car credit is that a reason why? nothing has changed except the bank name and expiration date . and my loans are delayed until next year . Also my credit cards are a great credit to the fact my credit card comapanies bothered me to accept your card higher credit limit and I always pass by without me applying new ones and never take them. I have like 5 cards and 2 im additional support for sub 7 total
I didn't graduate HS, I have bad credit, about to have a kid, no job and no car. My life sucks what can i do?1Mica2012-09-06 00:23:07
I made some really bad decisions in my life. Before someone comes to my bag here, please understand my situation, even before you judge. Help me and give me some ideas. I'm not a bad person. I'm actually very smart .. so I'd like to think so. I graduated HS, but had some pretty cool marketing sales job in the past that I paid well. Then I bought a bunch of greedy nice cars that ruined my credit and now I'm stuck w / no car. My license was suspended and I have to pay $ 600 to reintegrate do not even have. I'm about to have a baby in a few months and I do not even I have a job to support my little or a car to get around if my child gets sick. No job will hire me because of my speeding and credit. All the jobs I've applied that are hiring literally take three buses to get to that will have about two hours to get to work. All jobs around my area did not hire me. The way I make money is to buy things on Craigslist ball under them as much as I can get around the issue about 5-10% more than you bought it. It has its upside, but provides some good side money, but not enough. I can not even get a car at this time due to my credit. My car was repo only 4 months. And the bank after me for the difference, which also has loans of securities that are after me, and checks that are more than $ 4,000 that is not resolved (I did something stupid call to write my own checks to me itself). My family is giving me a hard time. My mom is a little support, but is bipolar seriouslly. At the moment she is trying to keep one at home and the next moment she is trying to help me. I can play the lottery every day or every other day, but the most I've earned in a year so far is only $ 70, but I really am losing it spent more on lottery scatchers in a year and actually win. I always find ways to make money. Pyramid marketing I tried, I tried google ad sense, doing free websites, niche marketing. Pay per click, etc etc. There are also a lot of scams out there that need money to make money, but rather take your money and then fled. I also tried credit repair places, but requires a very high payment, but 80 percent of them are scams. I really dont know what to do and I'm very tired. My life is pretty screwed. I see all my other friend prosper and have a good life while I'm stuck. Whenever I have to live a lie and always lie primarily in what I do, so I'm not ashamed. I do not want to give up so easily, but I have nothing left. Any suggestions?
, does any body know a place that does car loans for older cars for people with bad credit?1Cherbrena2012-10-22 22:46:53
, Does any body know a place that makes car loans for older cars to people with bad credit ?
My parents used my name for a car. The car was repossessed, they didn't pay for months. My credit sucks now..?3walidK2012-08-23 00:11:24
... and I 'm trying to get an apartment . Also I have student loans. What should I do ? Is there anything I can say to the company or try to get it away from my report?
Im looking at buying vintage cars for wedding cars?1Larry King2012-10-24 06:53:02
Can anyone tell me I can get a business loan or car loan ?
Can you take out a loan for braces? Or are loans just for cars and houses?0Help immediately!!!!!2012-10-13 18:37:06
Can you take out a loan for braces? Or are they only loans for cars and homes ?

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