How do i clean out my inquiries on my credit report fast..? related questions

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How do i clean out my inquiries on my credit report fast..?1⿴ 亼 said _X Ba 2012-09-03 02:00:04
i recently apply for a car loan , bad car needed a dealer and I apply to about 17 lenders in me lies month.bascially borrow soon .. I will not be accepted . my credit is not so bad .. Can someone please help me on how I can remove all the questions that are holding me back from getting a car loan fast ...
Inquiries on Credit report?0pari2012-10-14 22:43:50
I did not know before that even if I have no credit history / credit score , research ( when lenders / creditors take a credit check on you ) may appear in the report . People say this could damage future approvals for loans / credit cards ... How long the investigations remain there ? I'm trying to build credit .. so this " guessing penalty " sucks , because I try to be approved , but do not want to hurt my report. Currently I have a secured credit card .. but that's my only line of credit I have for now , as I refused personal loans and unsecured credit cards , because I have no credit history and I am a college student again. I have not tried to apply for department store cards .. but .. Why bother ? I 'll probably get denied anyway (though I pay in full each month ... ) So I just stick with a credit line for now , because research in suck my report if I refused ? Thank you = )
How many credit report inquiries is too many - and could I qualify for a car loan?0TAG2012-11-04 19:05:03
Hi all ! I am fairly new to credit and I'm just looking for some opinions , suggestions and / or advice . More than 3 months when you apply for credit they said I had too many recent research on my own! When I looked at my " annualcreditreport " I had 21 inquiries in the last two years . Look, when I turned 18 I applying for credit. No one would let me no , so I kept applying places until I got one. After 10 months, had decided to go for another . It took several more tries, but I have another ! I then was trying to get a small loan ( 2k ) for my first car , applied in several places and ended up doing buy- here , pay here . Then a couple of months later tried to claim a credit for furniture and received this response . And again when he applied for a new credit card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How long should I wait before applying for credit again? It's been 3 months now . As these requests , I have been doing three times more at work ( now at $ 22k/yr ) , have received student loans ( $ 4000 ) and have been keeping very good credit history with my two credit cards , bank account (3 years ) and cell phone bill . I'm looking to get a loan for a new car , do you think this could be possible? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will I be probably denied? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry for the multiple questions , but they are all related . Too many inquiries can not make me get car loan ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not try to claim a credit if I will deny. Automated services seem to look deeply and just take a quick look at your report.
What is the best way to clean up your credit report. I have a mortgage, my car is almost paid for, ...?2Dylan2012-09-23 10:43:03
a credit card , a student loan , and some minor debts Dew . I'm divorced and my crdit took a major hit . What is the highest score you can get ?
How can I clean up my credit fast?0reefa2012-10-15 12:13:27
I join the Air Force, and as a security check to check my credit. First I have to make weight , so I have about 2 months to at least begin to make an effort to start paying on my debts . My problem is that after paying all my current "survival " only bills I have about $ 25 left at the end of the month ! I have god awful credit and no co -signers of a loan . Any suggestions ?
For how long the dearleships can run inquiries for auto loan? Bought a car and still receiving inquiries!Di?2Nickie2012-11-06 06:20:03
My son needs a car, after 2 visit places I decided to purchase the vehicle at another dealership , got an interest free loan for car under a co -signer , and the deal very well and without problems! I still question the first dealeship ! (One month later). I called one of the 2 dealers and spoke with the representative and chief executive officer , and demanded an explanation , I remembered from our last conversation ( an ealier month), we agreed that since the agreement was to be completed and they were trying to give a very high interest loan to my son without a guarantee . That clearly and specifically declined to follow up on the original application for auto loan and refused to do business with them . In this call of complaint , I reiterated to the financing of the Manger and CEO , his company is failing due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act . Until today there is no response from the dealer or finance manager . Query 30 total dealerships
How can I make honest money fast? (Without having to strip or clean toilets!)?0Jus2012-09-25 06:53:04
Hey there! I'm a poor college student . I'm looking to start repaying my loans previous university before the accumulation of a lot. I juggle school , retail , and childcare . Therefore, I do enough to get by , but it's actually a little later this month a bit much ! I like good honest financial advice . I want to know about savings , investments , ways to increase your credit score , etc. .. I'm really trying to get my act together financially before finishing making 120,000 a year and still be in massive debt ( like my parents ! ) ! Anyway , thanks bunches !
Why are their so many questions for fast loans, or free credit report lately?1joslynn2012-08-17 21:01:03
Requested in all sections. Did not know you can not get a free credit report online it's all a scam. Ditto for payday loans , just another scam.
Help get rid of the people with the fast loan & free credit report, are you reporting them?0gnarls2012-09-04 11:28:03
Are you doing your part and report them ?
Credit inquiries for car and personal loan?4yusra2012-10-25 07:26:03
Is it true that by seeking information from various lenders in good rates for a car loan or a personal loan will not lower your score and you will not have much research ?
How long does it take for the inquiries on my credit to disappear?1miesha2012-10-19 06:49:02
I have 16 questions about my credit card to try to get a car loan . Does it take 6 months or 12 months?
Does a credit bureau have to investigate unauthorized inquiries?0ernest2012-08-12 18:36:37
I recently pulled my credit reports and found some of the questions I did not authorize in my report. They were shopping and credit cards so they were affecting my credit score. I wrote to the credit burea is the same as I had a couple of years ago, when I saw that my student loan had a late payment when its never late , at that time the office has investigated and fixed. This time to research, TransUnion has investigated them and remove all unauthorized liked that . However, Experian and Equifax sent me back letters saying they did not investigate unquiries and could communicate with the bussiness that put the research to see about removing them , but my consent is not always necessary to have a inqury . I tried contacting the company is directly , but two did not respond and only one said there was a completed application online and when I wrote that never applied online , I received no responce . Any advice on were to go from here ?

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