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Trading in a car that's not paid off yet?2JayJay2012-10-22 19:43:02
I have a focus 08 that I've only had for 5 months, bought used . the issue is that I 'm making payments on the loan for the car , but I want to change it to something cheaper in the used car dealer himself . Is this possible ? Will I lose money ?
Trading in a car that's not paid off yet?3Nyasha2012-10-20 01:58:02
I have a focus 08 that I've only had for 5 months, bought used . the issue is that I 'm making payments on the loan for the car , but I want to change it to something cheaper in the used car dealer himself . Is this possible ? Will I lose money ?
Trading in a car upside down on a loan + a paid off car for a brand new car?2Soraya2012-08-26 00:42:03
I have been in the car market for a while and have finally decided on a Kia Forte Koup 2010 - now my question is , my mother suggested to me today to take your car and use it for my business - where you can get away with his taking out a loan much smaller. I was going to change my 2002 Mitsubishi Galant and hope to get about $ 2k on it for a down payment - if you can even get that far, as is being done up there in mileage and has about $ 1200 of the work immediate mechanical needs to be done to him ( but shh , I'm telling distributors that ... now if they find themselves, that's another story !) . Now , my mother has offered to take his Toyota Camry 2008 with a KBB value of $ 18k and get rid of her as she has fallen into financial difficulties and did not want a car or a car payment to worry about. Here is where it gets tricky - my mom owes $ 22,600 in his car, which is more than the exchange value . Does this make sense to "kill two birds with one stone ' and removed from his car and put me in a new car, or the fact that it is upside down in a loan to hurt me ? May just take the negative equity and subtract it from what they give to trade at the Avalon and apply to the purchase price of my new Koup 2010? My mother believes that it is a lose-lose situation for her and she does not care at all - just wants desperately to get out of your car and your car payments , and saw this as an opportunity to do both , in addition to helping in my time of desperate need for a new car. Will you help me, even though , or I hurt?
Trading in a PAID for car for something less expensive and pocketing the difference?1Eleane2012-09-09 16:40:03
Amazing when you search the internet throughout the world the way you always come to all these people trying to trade upsidedown car as all the greatest hits on Google , Yahoo , MSN , is hard to believe that no one has my situation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a 2007 RAV4 V6 with only 11K on the ODO in great shape , which is the trade in KBB and Edmunds for about $ 17K . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To reitterate , because it seems that no one has the same situation , is paid , paid , is mine , let's be clear here , I owe nothing on it , the title says I and mine alone , okay ? I'm not like these peanuts with their new upsidedown car loans , buy my cars with cash. Got it? Alright! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's a boring car and do not drive so want to trade for something quite used as an Audi A6 , which is not used Audi dealers everywhere around me with what I'm looking for about $ 10K . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The question , regardless of the used car in question , dealers are taking a car worth more than what is in your destination and pay the difference ? Even if you are eating some of the cost ( I do not care , really ) if I do not get full trade in value. Has anyone done this? Will they even let you operate in a car they have to give money , you can only hope to recover once they sell the car for a profit / markup ( the RAV4 've seen sell for $ 19K , could make $ 2 K to $ 3K in it . ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone know the answer ?
The car Im trading mine in for is priced much, much less than the loan being paid. What happens in this case?0avm2012-09-17 10:45:03
I can not pay my car payments and have decided to move my car and refinance for a car that is cheaper . The car I want is a steal - much cheaper and much less than the amount to be paid by the dealer . What about the rest of the loan money ? I'm supposed to match dollar for dollar with the unpaid loan amount ? Does the material price new car? I've never done this before and do not want surprises . Also, any good advice to make the most of my trade in would be appreciated.
Can I use algo trading for options trading22022-06-29 04:47:38
Is the Amount paid on a loan equal to the interest paid plus principal paid?0deeq2012-11-04 15:57:13
I'm working on a project and have to figure out a loan amortization schedule on excel. I have to find the amount paid, interest paid, and principal paid, and the beginning and ending balances for each payment. Is the amount paid equal to interest and principal?
Trading in my car?0Myro2012-10-16 19:04:03
I hate my car. I
Trading a car in for another...???0shaquana2012-09-01 02:18:02
I own a 2007 car worth $ 20K . I owe $ 19K . What if you wanted to change it for a cheaper car ? What happens to the loan ?
Trading in my car.?0Ande2012-09-11 23:11:08
This is kind of a long story. I have 17 years and I'm paying for a car in the name of my father . He has credit shit. So im making $ 400 a month car payments for a maximum 97. And that is through self actuall place , not a loan through a bank , the lot is self funded by us . Is there any way I can trade this car in a cheaper monthly payment ? I mean ill still pay the balance , i just need to get this 400 a month at least 200 or something .. im pretty sure I can not do anything until im 18 , but I still want to know if something is possible , because I know I 'm doing is building credit not mine my father ..
When Buying/Trading for a new/used car?1alimamy2012-09-16 22:50:04
Ok , I'm thinking of buying a new or used car in the following spring , when my taxes back in. I have only a couple of questions ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, to sell or trade in my car, which is better in general ? Sell ​​it then take the money to buy a new or used car, or just trade in value of the car when you buy it ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Second, what should be the main focus of things to fix , what to look for dealers who sell cars ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Third, buy a new car when I heard something that you have to have full coverage on a new car . Well this is the first car you ever bought , and the other was given to me. What are the procedures better and worse / to account ? Car loans ? Does this apply to all of a used car and a new car ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any website that will help , please post . Thank you.
Leasing and trading in my car, help please?1Eunice2012-10-06 10:15:04
I have a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover . it is fully paid and has a value of 34k. my question is whether or not it is possible for me to create a financing plan or downgrade perhaps for a Range Rover 2005 or 2004, and then make payments on it. So in essence , if I were to sell or trade in my car , get 31 - 34k for it ( its worth it ) , and then establish a lease where I can pay monthly for a vehicle . why would I do this is because I am about to graduate from medical school , but I'm currently doing money as I am so busy with school . I have about 5-7 thousand of credit card debt and would like to get this under control . If I could finance a vehicle , give me resources and then I would pay off the vehicle in a lease of five years ( although it is likely to pay in 2 or 3 after start making a salary ) . Also I have bad credit and I got student loans. I can not really get more loans so this is my last option . My girlfriend has a decent credit and could cosign the lease. Any idea if this is possible ?

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