Is there a legal way to purchase a home under someone else's name? related questions

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Is there a legal way to purchase a home under someone else's name?2hOrNy deViL 2012-09-07 00:23:03
My credit is " good" but not enough to secure a mortgage loan . My brother has offered to buy a house for me under his name , but he does not want to live in that house. This would be considered a mortgage fraud , even if he puts my name on the title ? He thought of buying property as an investment property , but has revenue implications . I'm looking to put a 20% . Thank you.
What "Power of Attorney" or other legal documents will I need to have someone purchase a home in my absence?1voulez_vous_coucher_avec_moi 2012-09-18 21:15:03
I am currently deployed in Iraq and I am looking to buy a house . I found a few online that interests me and I would have a family act as my attorney-in- fact to purchase a home if I find one I 'd buy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have obtained a certificate of pre - approval for a mortgage from USAA . Guess I will be able to handle everything through USAA through the mail and notaries, I have access to here at the base . Is there some special power , the lawyer who is acting on my behalf will be necessary when dealing with the bank ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Regarding the purchase of the house , I have a power of attorney prepared real estate . I'm waiting to be specific to the actual property you want to buy before I have completed and sent . If my attorney-in- fact need any other power of attorney before actually deciding on a particular house ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What about hiring an inspector ? Can anyone do this for home or requiring my signature too? What about the attorney to review the paperwork ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This will be my first home purchase , I have read a little about the process , but I'm still unclear on some of the details . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
Paying off someone elses car loan?1Samatha2012-10-04 21:44:02
so lets face it ... I have ugly credit I found some to be deployed to Iraq and wants to have someone take over payments ... What are the ways of Soing this, so do not mess around and do not respect legal and ... 1 . Why do we need a contract that states that once the vehicle is paid will transfer title to my name ... 2.The registration would still be in your name So how do you get insurance on the car? ? This method of owning a car is new to me so can someone write it for me
Is this legal and enforceable? (Purchase and Sale question)?1kare2012-09-24 14:32:24
Say a person finds a good deal on a house for an investment . The house is available for $ 195,000 , but easily draft for $ 250,000. The house has all new appliances, some electrical repair work and some cosmetics . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The buyer does not want to get a loan for equipment or repairs and would prefer to have everything included in the mortgage . We know that a holding tank that is an option , but that would slow the process of buying much . ( The seller is getting restless and wants to close NOW) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The buyer also sees an opportunity to get cash out a little longer to pay off some debts and make the liquidity situation improved. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The buyer provides the seller of the sale price with the condition that the purchase price and sale has been modified to allow the buyer receives cash of $ 30,000 from the seller after closing. Seller agrees to deduct tax on capital gains from the $ 30,000 and a check to the buyer for the rest after closing. This agreement is written and signed , apart from buying and selling . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this legal ? Is it mandatory ? Does the seller risking legal issues or the buyer is the only risk anything in this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For the sake of argument , let's say there is no risk that the seller ran with the money . I just want to know about the legal ramifications and affect .
What are the legal things needed to purchase a Secondhand car from a car dealer?4bre bre2012-11-03 19:29:02
What documents are needed? And do I have to buy insurance before driving the car away from the dealer ? I 'm over 18 years old and live in Malaysia Malaysia.I also do not need a loan , I am paying cash , so what are the legal issues involved ?
Legal advice: helping friend w/2 year loan for real estate purchase until she can finance it herself.?0hazy2012-11-03 02:57:58
Ex girlfriend is now a friend. She recently got a good job with a large firm and wants to buy a small house instead of renting. She was laid off for nine months, so qualifying is tough. Can we purchase as tenants in common and still draw up a legal contract that protects my principal interest in a $50K loan from my home equity account to her savings account without future "divorce type" proceedings/ramifications over the next 24 months?
Home buyer is asking for 12.5% cash back from home seller without disclosing on HUD? Is it Legal?1Ted2012-10-01 09:19:02
I am selling a house for say 175K . A home investor approached me and said he was going to buy my house for 200K , but I'll have 25K cashback him without revealing that the HUD . He was my property appraised for 200K and is able to get a loan of 200K . As a seller it's okay for me to go to this agreement without further implications ? Do Leagal ? I'm not doing any fraud and I'm not selling the property at a higher price than the appraisal. Thanks for your answers
If I purchase a home in all cash would I get a mortgage or home equity loan?4thariq2012-09-21 13:00:04
I'm thinking of buying an investment property with 100 % cash. I can buy the property at 60% of market value . Then plan to take out a loan for 60% of market value . Would you consider a mortgage or a home equity loan ? A mortgage is now about 300 basis points below the equity loan . I have the hope that would be considered a mortgage in the first place because it would not be a position of second lien . thanks
If I purchase a new home and default on the home loan?1Merli2012-09-01 00:15:03
If I buy a new house and pay 80 % of the money out of my pocket and take home loan by 20 % and the non-payment of the mortgage loan , you still have an interest in keeping the mortgage current ?
Can I purchase a second home if I'm underwater on my first home?3Lei (read ゝ ┌ 2012-09-22 12:51:03
We have 2 goals we want to achieve: 1) buy a second home outside of our current city and 2) mortgate refinance our first ( of 6.5 % from 30 years to the current solution ( 4.75 -ish 15- year fixed ) I can . kill two birds with one stone ? I can even kill a bird with one stone? Here is the situatioin : We own a duplex. We live on one side and rent the other out. Tenants pay half our mortgate , essentially. The housing market has to fall, here. My house is worth about $ 207K compared to the $ 365K that was evaluated for 3 years. I owe about $ 270 for the loan. The refinancing of the traditional way is impossible. No lender wants to give us a shot at the index value of credits that we assume. IWe'd like to go out on our side and put it on rent as well. We leave this town and buy another house at around $ 270K -$ 320K . Our combined income is about $ 156K per year. My thought is, if possible, take about $ 50K -70K cash in this second mortgage and use it to put money in the first mortgage so can reduce the LTV to try to refinance as to a lower interest rate in 15 years. Do you think this is possible , probable and sensible? Thanks in advance for the answers!
I am looking to purchase a home...?0Wiola2012-09-25 13:49:03
Here is my situation ... Please advise on what I should be doing with my current income : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live at home, only paying $ 50 a month for cell phone / cable with my parents . MedlinePlus Current I have a take home pay every two weeks for about $ 1200-1350 ( according to the Old Testament ) MedlinePlus This gives me a monthly income of ((1200 * 26) / 12) = $ 2600 ( appx ) MedlinePlus My monthly expenses include : MedlinePlus Gov't Student Loan - 146 (6.10 % interest, 10 years left ) MedlinePlus Private student loan - 75 (3.10 % interest, 20 years left ) MedlinePlus Personal Loans - 195 (10.74 % , 4 years left ) MedlinePlus Car Insurance - 70 MedlinePlus Cell / Cable - 50 MedlinePlus Petrol - 125 MedlinePlus New York First Home Savings Plan - 188 ( this is a program which is stored for 10 months, and a grant of $ 7,500 is yours to use for a down payment , closing costs , etc. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what I 'm wondering is .... assuming I have about $ 1750/month for saving down payment, pay down debt , and regular course costs , how should I allocate my funds ? What is the best way to maximize the size of both my and my mortgage payment , still use my 745 FICO score ? If you need any clarification , please only send. I will be more than happy to add more details . Thank you.
Should we purchase a home or car first?5Deidra2012-08-29 11:33:04
Surprisingly we are expecting our first child together towards the end of the year. Today we live in a one bedroom apartment and own two cars that are 7 and 8 years old. My husband says we have to buy a car better for me. If so , I had the impression that then could not buy a house in the same year due to obtaining a new loan for the car. So I'm just trying to figure out which is easier ... Then mortgage , car loan or vice versa. If the first car loan how long after that you can qualify for a new home?

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