How can I buy a home? What if I have bad credit and unpaid student loans? WHERE DO I START???? related questions

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How can I buy a home? What if I have bad credit and unpaid student loans? WHERE DO I START????5e.c2012-10-25 22:51:03
How I can buy a house ? What if I have bad credit and outstanding loans for students ? WHERE TO START ? ? ? ?
How long after I start paying off my student loans can I get a home improvement store credit card?0Vannessa2012-10-26 03:40:05
I graduated from college in May and am working on starting my own business . I tried to get a card from Home Depot , and despite having a very good credit (789) , do not have enough history . I am currently in the process of paying my student loans on time each month . Does anyone know that maybe I could get enough payment history of those time to get approved for a credit card deposit home ? I know that federal loans are the best credit you can have.
Will they imprison me? I have a unpaid student loans, have no job and they are sending me bills?0karen smalss2012-11-01 21:45:34
The send me bills every month. I do not deny this debt. I just don't have the money or a job at this time. Been looking and applied here and there. What's the worst that could happen to me in this situation. Is bankruptcy an option for me? I owe less than 10,000.00 Dollars.
Will my unpaid and increasing student loans have an effect on me buying a car?2macaw2012-10-10 08:21:03
I have a few student loans off and really has no credit , but I have thought of buying a car in a couple of weeks . Forgot your outstanding loans and credit not important to have an effect on me buying a new car ?
Can I still apply for federal student loans if I have lots of unpaid debts?0Curry cat 2012-11-04 01:35:13
I will need to file bankruptcy but also going back to school soon. How will having unpaid debts affect my application for federal student loans?
Can I get a stated income loan with a rating of 710 w/ 10% down and $6000 in student loans still unpaid?6marisa2012-10-23 10:41:03
What do I have to take care before trying to get prequalified ? What will I do? Should I try to pay the first student loan ? Credit cards are paid , no car loan , nothing more . This is my first house . Have you stayed at this apartment . for 7 years . Will you ask for references , if so how many? I am self-employed. Thanks so much! Gap did not even give me a Gap card because of student loans that seems ridiculous given my credit history . Rating will probably be in the 720 or 725 by the time you apply for the loan in three months or less (hopefully ) . And how I can choose the lender ?
Do unpaid auto loans disappear from credit reports?1life-line2012-09-18 19:23:02
About 10 years ago , my ex moved to Texas and his half sister used some of your personal information to buy a car in Michigan . We really messed up when we went to buy a car of ours! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I thought it would be a case open / closed . She did not even use his name or address for fraud . .. But instead of serving as proof that he did , misinformation only marked as an alias . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He has spent the past nine years avoiding anything and everything related to credit . He knows that it will only look bad when they get their report and see several bad items , including a vehicle loan without paying . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my question - It has been almost 11 years since the car went on his credit report . Should be gone already ? Or is it something as big as buying a car, stay forever ? I'd like to push to make me run a credit check and help clear any false information . But first I want an idea of what I am against .
Do credit card companies or loan/banks get ur car for unpaid debts /loans?0David2012-10-15 22:45:03
do credit card companies or loan / banks get ur car debts / credits ? Unfortunately I lost my job two years ago . Now I'm working but paid very little about a third of what he earned so I can not yet afford. I can only pay utility bills .
College student wanting to start a credit card to start building credit, what would be the best?1Zaria Peterson2012-09-26 10:27:04
Okay, so I'm just a spoiled brat who wants a credit card because I can use it to splurge and do what you want with purchases. It is actually much more than that. I would start building credit and use it to buy things and pay it off immediately (I would not buy anything unless I knew I already had the money and knew he was going to get the money ... as for university courses instance) slowly so that in a few years I will have the credit to get out (I live with my mom) or buy a decent car in the future. I have a friend who has a credit card (to be honest she is deeply protected by hovering parents) and got his only start in order to build your credit for later what seemed like a very elegant. I know that credit card companies can be bad, but if used in moderation and with brains, I think I can turn it into something beneficial. MedlinePlus I do not know a lot about credit cards, but my mom does not share some things interest me, etc. And she is not in the best situation with the payment card, but my boyfriend's parents (basically family "took me in") are very good models for displaying positive money management and credit cards, etc. I feel like I could help a lot if I use my brain. MedlinePlus I also know that paying student loans accumulate too much credit, but I really think this could be an advantage, and if you need money immediately to pay for something (for example, my current situation: I have no money to pay for classes, but there is a class that has a special rate or $ 305 and so I completely forgot and only have money for credits and not the rate, so I can pay my heritage calling for the money, but it takes a more than a week to complete registration ends in a few days ... so if I had a credit card could pay that fee occasionally legacy application and then pay in a week), so this basically sums why I think it would be a good idea to have a credit card. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The question is, what is the card I buy? I am looking at interest rates, which would make sense for a student who works part time ... MedlinePlus Also, to use the credit card I can do a big purchase right away or should I build my credit limit to build and when to pay for small things until you can pay for the big things (eg textbooks, classes)? MedlinePlus Right now I'm watching "Discover for Students" and interest rates vary between having good credit and who does not (but I do not think no credit) ... T here if any good card (cards even aim or sears etc) that you think would be a good choice for someone like me.
Leaving uk unpaid debts behind n going back home3Garz2012-10-26 15:28:46
" I have been studying in the UK for the past four years , I have accumulated a debt amounting to almost
Can an unpaid unsecured loan result in having your home taken.?0molly072012-10-13 11:01:38
my neighbors held a
Can an unsecured loan if unpaid result in your home being taken?4di-di2012-10-11 19:08:02
my neighbors held a

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