Macy's Dept store - short term and long term loans? related questions

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Macy's Dept store - short term and long term loans?0Neee2012-08-31 05:22:04
In analyzing the short -term and long-term loans for Macy - what reasons should be looking at and why MedlinePlus ? Profitability ratios MedlinePlus Liquidity ratio MedlinePlus Solvency ratio MedlinePlus Market related MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank u
Accounting question -what are short term and long term loans?0mavi2012-08-06 22:26:02
when looking at Macy and how I can reach a conclusion with the solvency and liquidity ratio ?
When we need long term loans?when we need medium term loans?when we need short term loans?2Julia2012-08-08 08:31:45
When we need long-term loans ? When we need medium-term loans? When we need short term loans ?
Why short term loans are cheaper than long term loans?1magpie2012-10-11 16:22:02
Why are short term loans are cheaper than long-term loans ?
Does anyone offer a long-term loan based on a car title, like 2 years, rather than short-term payday things?0deeded2012-09-23 07:00:03
Does anyone offer a long-term loan from a car title and two years , rather than the short term things payday ?
Will the Fed buying back long term debt and selling short term securities save the economy?3eric c.2012-08-24 14:40:03
Will this stimulate the economy and job growth and if you think so please explain how it will work in light of the fact that loans are at record lows of See the link in the editing
Help with accounting homework (long term vs short term liabilities)?0Seger, Megan R2012-08-19 23:45:03
PepsiCo , Inc. , manufactures a range of products that are part of our daily lives . Its businesses include Pepsi , Frito -Lay , Tropicana , Quaker and Gatorade . The company's annual revenues over $ 22 billion . A recent annual report of PepsiCo contains the following information : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Later this year, $ 3.6 billion of short-term borrowings were classified as long -term , reflecting PepsiCo's intent and ability to refinance these loans in the long term, either through debt issues rollover1 long term or short term existing debts . The large amount of short-term loans classified as long- term, compared with the previous fiscal year , when those amounts were not reclassified , primarily reflect large Paper2 emissions trading in the current year , but also the result of an analysis detailed expected quantities refinance MedlinePlus over one year . MedlinePlus notes MedlinePlus 1. Rollover : . Reaching an agreement with a lender to extend the maturity (the latter the principal redemption date ) of an existing loan MedlinePlus 2. Commercial paper (from Investopedia ) : An unsecured, short- term debt instruments issued by a company , typically for financing accounts receivable , inventories and meeting short-term obligations . Maturities of commercial paper rarely go longer than 270 days. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As an analyst , a comment on the classification of the company's short-term borrowings and long -term liabilities. What conditions must exist to allow a company to do this type of classification ?
Long term auto loan vs short term (refinancing)?0hafidz2012-09-27 10:40:06
Well, I have 20 years of age and credit history is not much. I have good credit , but not enough credit history that at first I qualified for my 60 months 8.99 APR to my car loan . Now I've waited and built up my credit I am looking to refinance to a better April. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my question is when I refinance to a lower APR must borrow short or long term. If I get a short term , obviously , I'll have April 1 bit better , but if I get a loan for longer and pay more ( for example , if the payment is 200/mo 500/mo I pay to the real car ) Compared with short notice when my monthly payment would be like 300-400 $ and I would pay that much for the car. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would help me pay my car faster? The short term or long term, with more twards the car ?
Which is better short term loan or long term and prepay that?1Channin2012-09-10 21:59:02
What is best loan short or long term and to pay in advance ?
We have long term problems but only short term solutions?2I Luved u B4, I Luv U Still, I Always Ha 2012-10-06 02:57:03
From recent history : wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , no one hears about the exit strategy ? TARP / GM / AIG bailout ( TARP has mostly been repaid ) , but does anyone hear about what the terms of the loan were ? You or I would not be able to get a loan / mortgage without payment . Stimulus - Unemployment remains high , GDP was revised downward . Cash for Clunkers - short-term peak in car sales . Home buyer credit - short term peak in home sales . Health Care - taxes and increase premium costs now to pay for it later. No real plan for Social Security - Medicare - . Medicaid ( long-term problems ) MedlinePlus I'd like to see a real plan complete either party would look like a business plan to ensure long-term economic well-being of this nation .
How long does a loan for a short term last for?0chloe x2012-09-01 04:18:02
For a business ?
What are long term and short time liablities?0NeedsHelpWithEssay2012-08-06 09:41:48
1 . Equity holder of action are the true owners of the company, USDA 2 . Asset Management and current liablities is very important in business 3 . What is the good will and what is the amortization of goodwill ? Answer: average method and gain super profits method 4 . What is the cost misclaneous ? 5 . What are long term liablities long time and short term? 6 . what is loan guarantee?

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