Should I pursue legal aid?

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sometime in 2011. I get a call from a collection USC in C.A. saying he has a payday loan without pay from the cash center in 2010, which I did. I was told that he had been served. lol the phone? itself the right ... anyway, is served or debit payments .. I did. and have been. a couple of times throughout the process, I lost a couple, he called to solve the problem, it was fine. but this last time I called, (Friday) I let them know my debit card was closed due to safety concerns. I wanted to give my ACCT. # # In place and routing. she was frightened, said he was going to bring to justice and undo all my payments. and then hung up. I called crying, "I do not want to go to court!" The guy hung up on me. I called again and got the woman rude and told me sorry for the miscommunication. * What the lack of communication? she went ahead and took my details. After the whole ordeal, I thought things looked fishy, ​​I remembered that I supposedly owed them $ 1200 in accordance with them in 2011. Now she tells me that originally only be five hundred something ... ? that's weird. So I called to ask for written receipts and information, said "We can not send any information until you have finished making your payments." * WTH why not. I then asked why I told that I had served over the phone the first time you call. she had no concrete answer ... and then you asked me differently because I have not had a good response, said "we are not going to sit here and think about this question, what is your next question?" She hung up. after I said NVM. Then I called again to complain, the manager seemed nice at first, but then he wants, "so I have no notes in his account of who you talked to .." Then I said: "There should be notes on the account of why not is there any note at all on my own?" Then got frustrated and said I was going to take to court and he's canceling my payments ....?? then told me noo! not once did I say that he refused to pay??! Later I called again with another question, long story of the same woman as before told me it was annoying and she has business to get the dome, and was going to hang me ...... heres my question ... .. I feel I'm being ripped off, and if not, if I said I serve and they did, and went to court was going to win or be accused of fraud by a payday loan online without paying., Please. ..... Help!

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