How many times can a car loan place, HSBC - call in one day to ask about past due payments ? ? related questions

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How many times can a car loan place, HSBC - call in one day to ask about past due payments ? ?1dry2012-08-31 04:44:03
I've been out of work since September and the savings are almost exhausted and the car is the last thing that concerns me at this point to keep - HSBC has called me every 15 minutes - no joke - then spend the time to tell you that as soon as my income tax arrives I will send something - then call back in 15 minutes , as they are told . Again and again throughout the day from 8 am to 8 pm - I'm to the point where I can not wait to come just get the damn car and do not tell me I can get the balance when they sell at auction because can get what they do not have and I can deliver to collections so myself . My credit is shot now anyway so one more thing , it will not be a big problem for me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But seriously , who complained to me that they call all the time - and I'm not exaggerating when I say that every 15 minutes for 12 hours . Do you think I'll get to the three months of car payments in the last 15 minutes for the love of God ?
I have a loan modification with HSBC in VT i pay my payments on time, but they keep sending people out to look?0kelvin2012-11-05 06:13:28
hsbc charges me for 3 to 4 times year for them sending people to my home to drive by and look at th property. i have never seen anyone, but am getting charged, and they charged me to switch my acct to another one of their offices. is this legal? you never get any answers from them.
Does anyone know of a place to apply for a loan besides Prosper or Cash Call?0xboxwee2012-09-26 12:50:04
I was looking at loans of about $ 4,000 and have cash for a shuttle service (to help pay bills ahead , and pay credit cards ) . If your answer is to try a local bank , please do not respond. I am asking for information that can be found on the Internet .
Where is the best place to call to refinance house/ consolidate debt?0Need Help!!!2012-11-04 15:24:30
My husband and I have had a rough time financially in the past year. I am a stay at home mom and my husband makes good money except that he was laid off for most of the last winter and we are having a really hard time catching up and now our credit is not so great because we've been late with so many payments. I tried to get a job too to help but ended up paying more for daycare than I was making. Wondering if anyone knows of a good company to call to help us out with refinance/consolidation. We live in wisconsin. Thanks!
Where would be the best place to get a loan online in which i can repay in payments?1Plato2012-09-03 07:57:03
I have a credit score of 626 and I have a credit card that's the limit of 500 and that's another card in the limit of 200 and a 11 000 loan.and all time.I have been paid and have been denied by Capital One for thier loan amount is 3000 and I've been denied by Arvest bank for a dollar loan.what 800 could do ? I have to pay my ad sales tax deliquent 'm already on it .
Unsecured loans? in need for one badly with monthly payments. thinking of a rope and a place to jump that bad!1Genevieve2012-11-04 05:23:02
over time that has been wrong with Kansas ( ice storms ) and power cuts havent been able to put much in control . now with car payments through my account is drawn ! i need a loan to get back on track and stop this depression I can afford the monthly payments I can not afford a scam really need help fast im scared can not sleep or eat are rejected with Citi , American general , and HFC bebificial not have enough equity in the home so I can not go that way , but I need money fast to clear my projects . I wish I could be a tax deduction for someone who wants to get rid of some money ! but I really need some help !
HSBC Auto Loan?0dillion2012-09-30 05:37:02
I know HSBC refinance a car loan . However, HSBC will give you a loan for a new car , so that one can go to the dealer and have developed their own funding with HSBC . I mean what are those programs that can be used to fund distributors . I mean, I can go to HSBC and fill out the paperwork for a car loan , and then go find the one I want , and they cut the check. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there other banks that are known to provide a variety of credit accounts ( Translation --- Wachovia and Chase course will give you a loan I signed a 50 with a 850 credit score , little or no debt and a 250k income ! However , this is not what I'm talking about ! ) that can do this . Again, my friend for whom I am asking this question have decent credit , but not stellar and HSBC gives credit to people in all circumstances , so I am looking for a bank with similar policies , etc.
If I owed money to HSBC from RAL loan?0chevanese2012-08-19 06:57:03
My father died in 2004 and left his stocks and bonds for me, I pay them immediately and got $ 20,000 and had no taxes.My lawyer told me I did not have to because I lived in the situation that he was allowed oweing 20,000 without filing or tax them. So I filed taxes in 2006 and won the RAL through the HSBC bank and marking the IRS and held that the tax is supposed to go to HSBC for my loan. I filed taxes for stocks and bonds that I have received , HSBC has your money and then gave me a paper that said I owed them $ 49.00 for interest to the IRS holding my taxes for two weeks . So I paid the $ 49.00 dollars so that tomorrow when I go to file taxes , could still be approved for a RAL , as it has been paid ?
Loan repayment HSBC payment day?0Jaye2012-08-26 10:21:03
This month , the payment date falls on a Saturday , take the money on Friday, Saturday or Monday?
HSBC loan - conducting a review?1Lima2012-08-08 12:36:43
Hi all, Received this letter from the bank after 12 months of loan repayment : . " We are in the process of carrying out a review of their location above to facilitate the review, we would appreciate it if you can fax or email the following to us : updated employment contract / letter " So anyone know what this is? and why they want to review it ? Do I have to this? As I have no date of my employment contract .
HSBC business loan advise please.?1michman2012-09-03 22:12:02
I'm thinking of buying a business press agent for
Did anyone finance online with Capitalone, HSBC or E-loan?1manisha2012-09-15 21:12:05
Do you ask for a proof of income and employment? ? ?

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