Is an associates degree in business management the best course to opening a small business? related questions

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Is an associates degree in business management the best course to opening a small business?1vinton benjamin2012-08-13 14:55:36
I'm thinking of getting an associates degree in business management and marketing .... this is the best way to go about looking good in a business education loan application that is wise?
I have B-tech degree and intend to start a small scale business ,so any loan facilities for technical degree .?0Isaac2012-08-20 21:19:26
I have B - tech degree and intend to start a business on a small scale , so that the loan services of technical grade. ?
Small business management?0Dedra2012-09-12 13:01:05
I 'm going to give my friend $ 45 to buy wholesale jerseys. MedlinePlus again make $ 70 , $ 25 profit. MedlinePlus How much should my part ? a percentage ? MedlinePlus and we want to keep doing this . MedlinePlus I'm confused about how this thing whole thing should be. MedlinePlus what happens when enough is being done and do not need the loan ? MedlinePlus etc. etc.
Opening up a small business?0chipmunk2012-08-16 06:49:05
Hello , I was thinking of opening a small business in my area. It guarateed to make money. I have 40k in savings, but my credit card is not as good. I too am a vet so there is some assistance from the Government called Patriot Express. Does anyone use all of these small business loan through the Small Business Administration ? If so , what is the qualification and the process of giving thanks. and if you have a different idea , please le me know. thanks
Thinking of opening a small business in So cal?1simi2012-10-11 00:18:04
My husband is thinking of starting a small business that is required to apply for a small business loan is no denying that if all you have is outstanding credit ... any and all tips are appreciated please .... looking all the pros and cons ... be a small tire business .. in the City of Orange .. are better than other banks when applying for a small business loan ... HELP U.S. U.S. first time and do not want to be UP eatten alive out there ... But if we get the business loan 'm sure ( not blind ) ... things are going well it's just getting the loan are not sure ?
Opening small business as a pilot?0heatherly2012-09-12 00:13:05
Hello , Since the days of youth who always dreamed of becoming a pilot . Now I just graduated and I can not decide what to do more . The thing is that I really do not think I can qualify for ATPL and work for companies Airlines . So what comes to mind next is to go to Australia (now im living in Lithuania ) and get surveyor diploma because there seems to be a need for them in Australia . What happens is that I do not want to do that for the rest of my life . My plan is to work in the inspector until I can earn enough money to finally do what I start . What comes to my mind is to open a small business with my own airplane . I think any type of work including flying a plane would be fine for me . My questions are: 1) What is the best country to obtain the CPL ( money is the top priority issue ) ? 2) What type of business would be cheaper to fly in open ( parachutes , agricultural operations , other ) ? 3) What country are opening small businesses could fly cheaply as possible ? 4) Can you get a loan to open a business ? 5) How much will the plane? 6) Is it possible to do business with planes marked as "experimental " (say parashuters drop) ? 7) Let's say you live in a temperate climate zone and work on a farm or as parashutes dropper , what to do in the winter ? Is there any benefit for non- season time ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your answers ,
Where can I get information about opening a small business in Dallas, TX?2felicia taylor2012-11-05 11:20:06
I have extensive knowledge of immigration law and one of my friends has a certificate in accounting and tax preparation . We want to be part of our knowledge and experience to open a small business in Dallas , TX . We are both college students in our respective degrees . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can you please advice on where I can get information to open a small business : The information on permits , business loans , etc. MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
How can you forecast your finances before opening up small business?1Emari2012-09-22 00:32:03
Trial and error ? I know it is to borrow money, but I want to open a fashion boutique . If that had 100,000 pounds how would I know that's how much I need and how I can know if the business will succeed in the forecast , not only to forecast fashion but in doing financial forecasting . How I can trust banks lending too. This must be done before making a good business plan ? that's another problem I have with the business plan . I can not seem to do it . I looked but just give me the steps on what to do . I need examples of how to write one , not only step by step guides . Thanks in advance .
Opening a small online business. I need advice.?0Claudia2012-10-11 05:52:29
I want to start an online business . ( No, not one of those work at home scams . ) I have an idea to start a business and I can only begin online , because I can not afford nor will I be approved for a loan to get you started in a store , but I would advice to start a business for someone who just took a business course in his life .
Looking into opening my own small restaurant business. Any advice?2baily2012-10-02 03:41:02
Any information on scholarships, loans, insurance , equipment, anything related is appreciated! I live in Utah and I am in the early stages and do not want to enter it only to be surprised later. Thanks for the valuable contribution :)
How to get started on opening my own small home business?0mikey2012-10-03 00:38:48
I want to do something like event planning or perhaps some music , possibly even something that has to do with pets or children but how do I get started and all I have to do to open one? Any and all advice is helpful thanks ! and I can get a business loan for things like event planning ? ? ?
I'm a freelance contractor and I'd like some info on opening a small business.?0Lewi2012-09-20 16:00:02
I work freelance in television , some unions and some contracts , and I like to think you would get more benefits (ie , tax breaks , loans , etc ) if I incorporate my work into a business. Please share any useful advice or links to open a small business contract with the steps , tax information , requirements for specialized offices , the purchase of depreciation as computers , gas , etc. I live in Texas , so the tax laws go .

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