Is Bay Hill Financial really a Company?

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Nabila Rahman
Asked at 2012-08-08 13:09:03
They sent me an approval for a secured loan, but I had nothing to secure it with . The man I spoke to told me I could pay 6 months advance payments to secure the loan I have only to Western Union funds to an account representative . for the lender in Canada. I actually went to the bank has the money and was standing at the counter of Western Union and deceided not to go through with it . I had a bad feeling about it . Does anyone know , are they really a mortgage broker or is fraud ?
Answer1Shakaa'Answered at 2012-09-06 08:11:03
YES, YES , YES IT IS A SCAM I approved was also three days ago and I did some research on GOOGLE AND ITS was a woman who said she and her fiance sent money and received no money and could not ' t get your money in all. SO PLEASE RESEARCH IN GOOGLE .
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