I filed a complaint on the FTC's website and was surprised to read the result below? related questions

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I filed a complaint on the FTC's website and was surprised to read the result below?0Mike Green2012-08-30 02:12:15
I filed a complaint with the FTC website and was surprised to read the result below MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " Complaint . Thank you for contacting the FTC . Their complaint is entered into Consumer Sentinel , a secure online database available online agencies charge thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement worldwide . " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is my complaint and I am offended that your autoresponder , above, was not going to do anything . What I can do about the following situation ? There will be a lot of people affected by this MedlinePlus ...... MedlinePlus The main reason for my complaint is due to what I believe is a deceptive act or practice ( of a bank) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I used the balance transfer offer with 0 % interest, at the rate of $ 55, and it seemed reasonable . But it does not seem reasonable , while I was waiting for his first statement was that I received an envelope with no return address printed anywhere on the envelope , only one direction. The pull on us because almost resembled what seems more spam . However, next to my name and address was written " His statement is attached , " so luckily , I opened the envelope surprised to see that it was a declaration of BankAmericard Visa Signature . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I read on a website of the FTC that an act or practice of deception by omission " , or practice deceives or is likely to mislead the consumer , the consumer
Is there a website where I can read Charlaine Harris' 'Dead until Dark' online for free? Thanks in advance!0woody2012-08-25 01:03:20
I can not wait to read this book , unfortunately all copies at the local library have been on loan for a while, so anyone know of a site that allows me to read " Dead Until Dark " books or any of the Vampire series South online ? MedlinePlus I would love it if someone can help :)
Was any one REALLY surprised?5sufain2012-09-16 03:24:04
Does anyone really believe that all people who were approved for a mortgage loan insurance will not pay your bills? I personally am amazed to know that only 20 % of those loans have defaulted .
Has anyone been surprised by extra interest on a car loan?2DeAndre2012-10-06 07:43:02
Recently I decided to pay a car loan and imagine my surprise when I owed another $ 4,000 in interest because I paid after the expiration date , even though I paid before the date of enactment . I've never had to pay a late fee . I researched my loan papers and in very small print it says that there is a penalty for not paying for the "due date " , but did not specify battered women . I guess my complaint (other than $ 4,000 ! Maturity ) is that there is no statement in the coupon book an assessment later of the "due date " and " penalty date " and ........ ... .. I have never received a statement from the car company informing me of rising interest charges . I have excellent credit and could have paid this on the exact date it was due , but let it grow into an account for more money . I think this practice is unethical . I just called my sister - in-law and found out he was doing the same! Any ideas out there how I can get some money back ........... short of demand ?
Are you surprised that the CPS did not proceed with the cash for honours?0tye2012-10-05 07:14:33
Is it because it's a hard law to judge and lawyers. And where I can get a loan , you need to get paid dose'nt back . And it is pure coincidence that donors great match , for honor . It is easier for a poor man to go through the eye of a needle than to enter the House of Lords ?
I Want to make a Complaint How do i do this can someone please help thanks!?8honorsclass2012-09-03 02:48:04
i am from the UK and was made to get paid today, but never, so phoned for a crisis loan and the person laughed and hung up the phone I'm very upset I got home and want to make a complaint online , but Dont know the Courier job centers in Preston could someone find it for me thanks :)
Mortgage Company Complaint?1Allly2012-11-05 06:38:02
I live in Michigan, in today's date of 3/17/12 I was contacted by the mortgage lender (JP Chase) and had the most disgusting woman accuse me of being a liar, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Long story short, I was in a motorcycle accident, lost work, surgeries, became disabled, fell behind on my mortgage and exhausted all my resources. After two months after the short sale package will be sent to me and did not return calls when asked where is the package, which was then finally said I could download the package from thier site. MedlinePlus Submitted all documentation, allowed to list the property as a short sale with a local realtor, and now, when ever I realtor or had a question for Chase, no return our calls. The house was listed for 6 months, had a solid offer that Chase rejected after home appraisal. House Listing expired. MedlinePlus Then I went to try to get a loan modification and hinted that subscribers would probably not be able to help me and I should consider a deed in lieu or short sale continue. MedlinePlus So I relisted the house, contact Chase to ask what I had to do a deed in lieu, all they said was to present the request in writing, along with an agreement of sale with the new real estate office and someone will get in touch with me re-evaluate the MedlinePlus home. That will never happen ..... MedlinePlus Then ltter receive in the mail, by submitting to a person like me dedicated customer service. To my surprise, that person contacted me the next day, they told me then the next person would be a "negotiator" who would contact me. This person calls me and tells me you are sending me some forms overnight to get started writing instead, she gave me her direct line and extension if you have problems ...... this was yesterday, nothing happened, so I called her, left a voice message unanswered ....... then talk to another person called me today and told me that I have nothing on file for me, and the person I was talking not assigned my case .... ... WTH? MedlinePlus Where did all my information, well, they had to get to do the short sale, they released my information to the realtor, agreed to do a short sale, email me and contact me from the department in deeid place .... . what the hell is going on? MedlinePlus I'm trying to do this clean and easy without a lawyer, but who or where in Michigan I can call to complain ..... I feel like I want to run over me and not use other things as fact rather than solving this problem so we can go our separate ways.
How to write a complaint letter to the local MP, please help?0Michele2012-08-15 18:55:03
I need some help writing a letter to local MP , to explain the situation I'm facing . Basically i run a small bakery business , my business put on a one way street , but now the district council have blocked the road ( without reason) with the protective barrier . And do not get any of the car accessories on the road and the pedestrian from the other side has to jump over the railing , if they have to come from the store. The problem is now my business is down and not making any profit, and I have to pay my loan. This is serious business and I need a professionally written letter with some words of their own. I would be very happy if you could help ME Thanks in advance
How to file a complaint against a mortgage broker in NY?0Fia2012-10-09 19:01:44
I was deceived by my loan officer promised me 6.25% interest and repayment of $ 1,500.00 to the loan amount due to my not paying points and not charge Survery and termite inspection . When closing documents arrived , he was surprised to see that I got 6.50% interest rate and the amount that would be refunded was named as rate I had to pay . When you call him, he told me to do it and sign the papers and you will definitely get back what they promised . The loan period three days became very fast for their false promises and after that, I stopped taking my calls . Now everyone says that since signing the papers , nothing can be done . I feel cheated . Is there anything I can do about it ?
Can I file some kind of complaint against a college for screwing me over?0Luke2012-08-30 03:27:16
Okay, so I attended this online university Online Art Institute called for a semester and a half ... something. I was impressed by the university at first as they had all their classes online , which I needed since I was in the hospital for surgery for my heart endure . However, the university has seven schools throughout the U.S. , So I thought it was a good move for me trying to finish school and finally , despite being an integrated hospital person at that time . Anyway , long story short, after only two semesters , more or less , the school decided it would change its accreditation , and that if I wanted to transfer schools , none of the school credits would be transferable , and even if I did stay to finish the race , would not apply to any organization . Needless to say I did immediately transfer to another college , but now , of course , still have to worry about how to pay for the Art Institute , which cost me about $ 20,000 .... how nice , huh ? So I'm wondering if anyone might know a way for me to put in a complaint about this school and not have to pay the full student loan back .
If I want to file a complaint against a mortgage broker, how do I proceed?0diva2012-10-11 03:42:25
I applied for a loan with a mortgage broker , but I did not take it as I got a better price elsewhere. They charged me $ 810 ($ 790 + $ 20 for processing credit report . ) To get the loan approved (conditional ) . Evaluation was not done , so he was not charged for it. I was forced to give a check for $ 810 and the check has been cashed already . It hurts to pay so much money for a loan I did not take . How I can get my money back ? Is this a RESPA violation ? Who I can file a complaint now! Please advice . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS : I live in California and the loan is 80/15/5 ( piggyback ) . I had a good faith estimate ($ 495 for the loan of 80 % + $ 295 for the 20% loan )
Just i tiny rant here, no question, to read or not to read? lol, it doesn't matter, just need to vent...?0marie claude2012-10-09 03:25:40
WELLLLLL, I was completely mad. only a little information, my husband works out of town and I have two young children, whom I love with all my heart. and note that I'm not complaining here. right, well, I dunno. Just say a few things. This is so hard, I'm young, 24, the oldest is five years, so needless to say I never have to do much of social life so young. but that's not really the point. It's just that I'll never get out of this house, I have friends, I have no time to make friends. There is always so much to do. always running, and talking on the phone (not social) a day passes that I have an appointment of some sort, I have a two year old, so no matter what I do or where I go there's always a baby on her hip, I had a babysitter once in the last 6 months. i do not get when my husband is gone because he does not like me to do things without him and when he is here, he has not been here and miss them, and I, so we did not get to do anything for my account and we can go do something together. my landlord is really pushing us to buy our house or find another, but our credit is not yet established, I have always been against credit cards and / or money because apparently it was not the best move. So now I have to constantly weighs on my mind, to keep up with all the bills that always seem to come, an error and the electricity is turned off! meals, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, taking my oldest to and from school and attend all funcions (solo) appointments at the bank where I am trying to get the loan quotes to my lawyer credit repair an active two-year-old super, always in tow telephone appointments, grocery shopping, medical appointments and school online by trying to get the title that he never finished when I got pregnant for the first time. my oldest bio dad died last month, so emotional and legal problems that come with that. especially since there was a will. It just never stops. I do not remember the last time I had the opportunity to sit and relax. my kids do not listen and act out all the time, especially when making that big of a disaster such as at home, so any free time I have is spent cleaning some random unnecessary mess. I think it's my fault, because I'm always doing all the time, trying to get some of my attention, throw a needy husband who lives 100 miles away and it needs constant support and love him blah blah blah, and has the never-ending need to spend some time one of their free time are much more abundant than mine, on the phone with me. and he gets angry when I have nothing else to do and is convinced that it is sitting on the couch eating bonbons all day and you get one, over worked, under appreciated isolated sad, forgotten woman hidden under the title wife and mother. if someone did it to the end here, thanks. nobody heard in a while.

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