Montel Williams doing ads for high interest "payday loans!" Does this cause him? related questions

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Montel Williams doing ads for high interest "payday loans!" Does this cause him?0Dinish2012-08-30 01:47:16
lose credibility in the eyes ? I've seen him do these ads make quick money in your account within 24 hours.
Questions about the Montel Williams Loan or Instant Loans?1eriko2012-08-14 09:43:34
I know this is not the best option, but I have a family emergency and need cash as soon as possible and I have no one or nothing to go. Also, do not have the best credit . I feel this is my only option. Please , has anyone done this and if so please let me know how it works! ? ? Thank you !
What do you think about the Montel Williams commercial about short term loans, if you look at the check...?0SHANKAR2012-10-03 18:01:17
Basically it shows a person who earns $ 500 for ten hours. MedlinePlus If that person needs a short-term loan that have big problems if they can not do in that kind of salary
Shame on montel williams or shame on anxiousness?0Nick Bell2012-09-21 20:56:03
Yeah, same on Montel to support such a scam . Everyone should know what you're getting into , so if he did not know, he should never have backed mutual money . I think he knew. Yes , I thought about applying for a loan with them too , but decided against it because there was no contact information ( phone, address, etc.0 research. A bit of wisdom for all, the next time you do your research before applying online for anything .
High risk/high interest rate loans?How to obtain?0ari2012-08-21 13:04:25
Hello , MedlinePlus I am looking for some funding to a serious project . MedlinePlus I have a credit account mediocre and I have 19 . MedlinePlus I am looking for lenders willing to loan with subprime loans despite interest rates . MedlinePlus I'm looking around 100k in funding , venture capital is not a solution . MedlinePlus It can be anything , credit cards , personal consumption loans , car loans , etc MedlinePlus Any ideas on how to get this kind of capital? MedlinePlus Are banks able to check how many credit cards that I have ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What would make someone justify going to a predatory lender such as a high interest payday loan?0Nico2012-11-03 01:43:37
I have high interest student loans...Need advice!?0Allison Anderson2012-10-03 14:54:59
Ok , so I have about 4 private student loans through Sallie Mae totaling about $ 20,000, and a few federal loans totaling about $ 10,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now I was a dumb college student , and signed a 14.25% interest rate on 3 private loans , and 1 at 11.25 % . During the last year I acrued $ 1,300 is interest private loans , but federal loans are subsidized and therefore has no interest in them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have some questions : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) I 'm still in school , so the interest accrued is tax deductible while I'm in school ? MedlinePlus 2) When it comes time to consolidate , should consolidate private loans and federal loans together? MedlinePlus 3) Is there any possible way to reduce interest rates on these private loans ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically I'm looking for advice on what would be the smartest thing to do. These loans are not paid yet, but I 'd like things square before I owe a lot in interest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I 'm fucked me know.
Old Student Loan; Old Consolidation; High Interest; High Payment; No OUT?0Mathew2012-08-18 09:36:29
Which consolidated my student loans through Sallie Mae several years ago ( before the reduction of the interest rate very well). I can not reconsolidate . Is there anything else I can do to lower my payments ?
Company's name with commercial woman talking about loans being high but lower than payday loan?0dynasty2012-10-09 22:06:12
There is a commercial that I have seen a couple of times for a cash advance loan or payday loan . It's just a woman talking and says "I know our fees are high , but are lower than loan companies payday " or something like that . Im trying to find the name of the company , thanks .
Any one know a bank that will give me a loan to consolidate a few thousand in high intrest payday loans?4flor2012-10-09 03:02:02
Everyone knows that a bank will give me a loan to consolidate a few thousand in high payday loans intrest ? I have fair credit , score 620, but my bank used to give me one and I prefer online providers any way.
Who gives bad credit car loans? High interest doesn't matter.?1Zanobia2012-10-17 02:53:03
Who gives bad credit car loans ? High interest does not matter. ?
Are there private student loans available to consolidate 30,000 dollars in high interest debt?0jacob thorn2012-08-31 09:22:04
I have passive CC and car payment for a total of almost 30,000 . I'd like to consolidate your debt into one low interest loan . I am a student from community college with a 4.0 GPA and plans to obtain at least a bachelor 's degree. My credit score is probably too low , but I can get a co -signer . Are there such loans need not pay up after graduation ? Who has the best interest rate ?

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