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If I file bankruptcy and have defaulted student loans on my credit, will the defaulted loan stay on there?2SparklyOne2012-11-04 09:06:02
I know nonperforming loans can affect your credit for longer than bankruptcy. If I can not get my loans discharged in bankruptcy default continues to appear on my credit card or I can consolidate or something? I do not want to have a bankruptcy and defaulted loans soup on my credit card for the next 15 years.
I want to consolidate my defaulted school loans and defaulted credit card.?1ko2012-08-27 04:40:02
I have student loans in June for about $ 6500 and a loan of $ 1,500 credit card that I would consolidate all together if possible. Can anyone recommend a good consolidation loan that could help me ? I'm trying to catch up and get my finances in order.
Help on defaulted student loans?2bobpursley please help me2012-08-18 06:31:03
well I have an excellent student loan $ 3,889 currently in default . I currently work for minimum wage in the film and I was forced to take the job only after being unemployed for a little over 6 months. I look after my younger sister (17) too, and have done since I was 17. Recovery Systems Companies sent me a letter about seizures of wages that would occur soon if I did not start repayment. I have no car, luckily my mother left us when she spent the money and we own our home, but we are struggling financially . I wanted to know how to get some relief ? Who can help me? What should I do ? I'm just frustrated and looking for some guidance. If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated!
Defaulted Student Loans?0steve Alexander2012-10-06 02:41:17
This is my story : MedlinePlus Last week my purse was stolen with all my information on it . So run a credit check to make sure nobody was using my identity . While looking at the report , I find a student loan company in the state : "Claim filed with the government." I called the company and they said I should about $ 25,000 in full to avoid legal action . I've been making payments through Sallie Mae , I found that all my loans were consolidated . Since they had an old address on file for me , I never received any notification by mail, telephone or email ( my email is the same ) . MedlinePlus She says they are finalizing legal action on Wednesday of this week , and if I can get about $ 20,000 going to stop their actions . MedlinePlus I work three jobs and living paycheck to paycheck . What I can do? I can not ask anyone to lend me $ 20,000 , and all my accounts are frozen due to the jolt stole my credit card. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for some advice please , PLEASE , I'm so scared .
Defaulted Student Loans?0Jenni2012-11-03 22:35:21
I am receiving unemployment benefits, and owe over $80,000 in federal student loans and private student loans which are now defaulted. I hear there is a "Rehabilitation Program" for federal student loans, which allows people to make minimum payments on the loans. Once payments are consistent for one year, the "Default" status is removed from their credit report. My concern is that I can only afford to pay about $25 a month to start repaying these loans. Will Sallie Mae be cooperative and understanding on my financial status? And what about private student loans ... do these loans fall into the same category as "rehabilitation program"?
Student Loans defaulted?1Colin2012-08-30 17:02:04
My student loans have defaulted. He urged me to max out loans while in school because payments would be smaller and affordable in this profession I would be doing a lot of money . MedlinePlus I'm working on the field at all. I never finished it . My default is over $ 90k . MedlinePlus I am a single mother without receiving alimony. There is no way I can pay that kind of money , even if I paid the rest of my life . MedlinePlus Collectors call four times a day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do? I know I can not bk in a federally subsidized loan . I understand that I will never be able to buy a house because of this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What advice would you give ?
Defaulted student loans?0Angelise2012-09-11 05:21:04
I learned this morning that I have student loans in default. I took all my resources and made my first monthly payment today. The credit instead said that if I do the 9 months worth of payments on time , I'll be in rehab and come to my credit. I have two other student loans that are not in default at the moment, but there's no way you can make the payments. Should I consolidate my loans ? I do not know much about the consolidation , so any advice would be helpful.
Looking for guidance on my defaulted student loans.?1Jarmisha2012-09-19 16:32:03
When I graduated from high school I enrolled in college next fall. You can not trust any of my parents for any financial assistance with my studies, I got about $ 13k in student loans. Long story short, I was not as it should of been responsible and not take college seriously enough as it should. In what was supposed to be the beginning of my junior year, my financial aid counselor told me it was $ 5k short for tuition that year. I had no choice but to enter the "real world" and get a job. I found a high-paying job at the time and decided that instead of pursuing my education. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Like many others, I got fired from my job since. At the time, he owed about $ 13k in student loans when I was working. I signed up for a voluntary payment program with Sallie Mae to start paying my loans. I paid for about 4-5 months time. At the time I was in the process of getting back on my feet and I lived with my brother. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Once able to save enough money to return to stand up and have my own place to live, I did just that. During the month I moved I missed a payment due to the fact that the cost of the bond in an apartment, utilities, etc. The next month I was late for my payment and after that began the process of wage garnishment as I found it increasingly difficult to reason with them and explain the situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My wages were garnished on a weekly basis at a rate of 15%, the maximum that could adorn. Although I did not like and I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with my other monthly bills, I found it easier to deal with them in this way to try to negotiate a reasonable payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This continued for 10 months until I lost my job due to close the doors of the company. Instantly I started getting harassing phone calls at all times of the day I pay for my loans. I started receiving unemployment insurance and then threatened to garnish that too. That was the straw that broke the camel. Its bad enough I have to deal with the stress of losing my job. Besides that, it's hard enough to budget all your monthly bills with what I was getting unemployment. To make harassing me by my student loans on top of that was overwhelming. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been out of work for a long time now and am still receiving unemployment. In April I decided I wanted to continue studying, hoping that will give me a better chance in the job market bleak. After entering a school and go through the financial aid process I come to find out that I am not eligible for any help that I am in default. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Obviously, I would not stay informed enough about the rules and regulations of student loans. I also take full responsibility and understand that the loan repayment is my sole responsibility. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess my question is ... Is there any help I can get with my current situation that allows for me to get financial aid to return to school to finish my education? I'm not looking for more loans. I understand that if I set up a payment plan and pay 9 consecutive monthly payments on time that I will be out of default status and qualify for financial aid and scholarships. Is there any other way? I see all these companies get bailed out in the past year and it seems that none of them have anything positive to show. There must be something for ppl in my situation.
Defaulted private student loans?0crhis2012-10-26 12:25:31
My question is, what I can do to solve my problem of getting my private student loan default. We went to a collection agency . Realisticly I can afford, but would do years to do . I do not make much money and the money I can make just to pay my bills . So if anyone can give some advice on what to do .
Tax refunds and defaulted student loans...?2n gibs2012-08-28 03:30:03
This is the situation, I left my job in February 2009 and moved to another state because of the economy. I have food stamps and A + D until the summer of 2011 while I was waiting to go to the SSA disability hearing ... again ... That judge me crucified for the first time. I just could not take a second time, so I went and found a job and got off the welfare program. No children, and I was living with a family for children under 2 years not working .. I guess the collection agency for student loans "found me" and in 2010, when I had no income except for the A & D and food stamps, she looked at my "file" with the IRS to see if I was working, and where. I had not worked anywhere February 2009-June 2011. My question is ... Will my tax refund (about $ 1,000) will be offset to pay this loan stupid? though I was gainfully employed for 2 years, but I worked for 6 months? (Just went to that school for 3 weeks). I was asked to leave the case there were many incidents of my disability Bi-polar and learning, I feel very frustrated if you do not "get" the lessons we were taught ... I had a fifth grade level in math, and the school put me in an algebra class college level. That was a disaster waiting to happen. I guess the call counselor saw me coming a mile away! He even talked about my "problems" and she assured me it would be nice ... SUCKER'S ME! I have this loan paid off and in recent years (since 1990) and also had been standing in line waiting for all medical bills to end its embargo .. I guess they got tired of waiting for a debt to pay off, and retired to his place in line .... And NO, I can manage my money because my bipolar problems, so we also spent a year with no heat in my trailer sucks. I guess the health department was waiting to be ordered from my house had a big hole in it, and without heat. From No Heat to the streets! That would have solved everything! I pitched a tent in the backyard, just to make a point! Hello, I did the best I could! Since moving, my family has been managing my finances. The situation is much better now. I told the people gathered a few years ago that I had been working at the time, so it was kind of payment plan based on income. Each month, send me a bill that says: Amount due $ 0.00 So I need to know is not to learn that I work again until the next tax year is this? It may take me a tax refund immediately? I need to know if I'm making statements at this time, they say they pay $ 0.00 how soon the Department of Education know that I have a refund coming to me? Or, do not learn about it until tax time in 2013?
Consolidate my defaulted student loans?0Maddie:))2012-09-05 13:13:06
Consolidate my defaulted student loans ?
Is it possible and how do I get my defaulted student loans out of this so that I can get them consolidated?0amet2012-10-17 00:43:08
Is it possible and how I can get my student loan defaulters thus you can get the consolidated ?

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