Where can I go online to refinance my current auto loan? related questions

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Where can I go online to refinance my current auto loan?2Itzel2012-09-02 20:41:03
I had to file bankruptcy 08/2005 after my divorce , so my credit is bad . But I need to refinance my loan ? I am a single mother who is trying to find ways to reduce the payments ? Would someone please help ? ? ? ?
Auto / Truck refinance? No current loan.?0hfijskdhk2012-10-11 07:48:24
I need $ 20 - 25k and instead of getting a mortgage loan ( HELOC or 2nd ) I was thinking of an auto loan . Currently I have a Ford 2005 250 I paid in cash in 2005 . It is in excellent condition , low mileage and has a lift kit . How I can get a loan , it is not really a refinance or a loan today? My credit is just half . I really do not want to go through all the paperwork for a HELOC and / or use my home to this. Also I have a 2006 boat paid . I tried to sell it all summer , but the market vessels is very bad and did not sell even after 3 price reductions, has a value of about $ 60k , of course , but its value is only what someone will pay therefore . < Br > MedlinePlus Reflections on the auto loan or ? MedlinePlus Thanks ,
I need to refinance my auto-due to my current lender my credit scores under520.they screwed me bytheir mistake0Heena2012-09-28 12:58:04
my current lender is Wells Fargo Bank [ bad bank ] I have a car loan through them.i had made a payment earlier this year over . They told me it was not necessary make another payment until a couple of months down the road , so I guess I just did an audit and say we owe them for now and they are trying to say im five MTHS up, but I just received the statement says I owe for November and December payments to come ... I said it -i ignore to find help from someone to help me out of this bank and refinanced ...
Is it possible to refinance a car loan with one's current auto loan bank or institution?0Lilbean2012-10-08 01:42:22
Right now I have a car loan with Bank of America . I'm paying 9.7% APR . I'm thinking about refinancing just to get my lower interest rate . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In the fall of 05, I started w / a balance of ~ $ 27K . In 1.5yrs , I paid for the loan at just under $ 15K . Currently the car has a trade-in value of ~ $ 19,500 and a resale value retail ~ $ 23K ( I watched this on the website of Kelly Blue Book) . So I know I'm not upside down on my loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do I have a good opportunity to refinance ? My credit is solid , but all I have is my fear could hamper credit card balances that I have now ( although I have been paying on time) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus More importantly - Is there a possibility Bank of America might be able to refinance my car loan for a lower price ? If they do, it is possible that the ACCT loan. # Follow the same? ( Since it is in the same bank ) Banks sometimes refinance car loans that already manage ? And if I tried to refinance with Bank of America , would create a difficult question ?
VA 100% Refinance- Can I refinance if I don't have a current VA loan?2LaNasha2012-08-30 06:46:03
I heard there is a recent update of standards that allow for 100 % VA financing . My situation is this : MedlinePlus I am a veteran who the VA has used before. MedlinePlus VA No Mortgage = $ 324k . Value of home : $ 325k - $ 330k (estimate ) MedlinePlus I have a " 80/20 " loan. First is 5 years Variable ARM , 6.75 % . Second is corrected by 9.5 % mortgage . MedlinePlus I bought the house in July 2007 , making it the minimum equity . I do not want cash, just want to protect myself from the variable that will change in 3 1/2 years and put it all under a mortgage . MedlinePlus Credit is good (676 FICO ), but I have high revolving debt . The salary is $ 125k with a 20 % bonus . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? I can refinance under the updated VA ?
My current auto loan is through Cap One Auto. I still owe $3,000 but am ready for a new car! Last time I was?0Adair2012-09-12 15:20:02
given a pre- approved check ... keep doing these deals ?
Will my current auto lender finance a new auto loan for me?0reena2012-10-02 01:59:03
Right now I have a car loan with Bank of America . It was a loan term of 60 months, I have only two payments remaining . My credit has been halved to under 600 over the years since receiving the loan but I have never made ​​a late payment on my car loan and I'm intending to do the two remaining payments time to pay. I need to buy a new car and wondering if I should apply for financing through Bank of America again. In talking to some friends in the auto loan and car sales industry , I have said that Bank of America would most likely want to keep me as a customer based on my good payment history car with them and that the only difference would be that my interest rate will be higher because my total credit score dropped . They also told me that in the auto loan industry , are seen in the history of auto loans in your credit report separately from the rest of your credit history . And since I've been good in my car payments , which will count in my favor to ask another auto loan. Any one can shed light on this situation will help. Not sure of dealing with Bank of America again, or just look for a company that finances auto loans bad credit . I am currently employed full time , so that income will not be a problem . Thank you !
Auto Refinance this piece of ****. What are some auto refinance companies?2Cristal perez2012-08-19 01:10:02
Honda Civic 2006 4dr Sedan LX 548.00 Monthly Payment: 19,338.38 What are some companies who can refinance the car with bad credit ? He tried to Capital One and loans road. WTF!
I need the name of a reputable mtg co. to refinance current Countrywide neg-armt vary loan??0matin2012-11-05 23:52:57
I help my 81yr old mother with her Triplex she owns and am very new to borrowing $ for mortgage since I have never owned a home myself and am 50. 2yrs ago I refinanced her bank loan she had since the begining with Countrywide and desperately need to change this loan NOW. We now owe CWide an additional $5000 from the original $ borrowed AND monthly pmts have gone up AND we still can only make the bare minumum pmts each month especially now!!!! Countrywide has backed us into a corner and wont call me back at all to help us!!!!!!! We also have a few credit card debts and would love 2 pay off to eliminate them due to high interest rates (29.9% on Chase!!!!) I just don't know who to turn to, trust, or rely on for this mess...Chase is getting ready to put a lien on Triplex for non payment (90 days past now) MOM DESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO DIE BANKRUPT!!!!! It is HER turn to live the rest of her life worry-free!! After all she's done everything right ALL her life-I Love Mom!HELP!!
Should I refinance my current mortgage?2HARNOOR SINGH2012-11-03 18:32:02
Now: MedlinePlus Loan Amount : $ 157,500 ( $ 159,570 amount orignal in December '07 ) MedlinePlus Interest rate : 6.375% (conventional 30yr fixed) MedlinePlus Princ / Inter : $ 995 MedlinePlus PMI : $ 127 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus New proposal : MedlinePlus Interest Rate: 5.25% (25 years fixed FHA ) MedlinePlus Beg / Inter : $ 1,002 MedlinePlus Mortgage Insurance : $ 75 MedlinePlus Closing Costs : $ 5,400 MedlinePlus Prepaid products : $ 4,400 MedlinePlus New Loan Amount : $ 167,300 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Notes : - Home Valuation: $ 170,000 MedlinePlus - My wife has $ 0 debt outside of our mortgage because we have been paying the minimum on our mortgage to pay all the bills (credit cards , auto loans) . We are thinking about paying more towards our mortgage ( ~ $ 200-300 ) extra , but wanted to see if it makes sense to refinance before us. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please advise. MedlinePlus Thank you.
I am a current student in Ashford Online. Is there a less expensive accredited online college?0Lyd2012-10-14 11:50:14
It is time to renew the FAFSA and am looking for a less expensive college ( so you'll end up with less debt when I graduate , so I'll have to live plus expenses) . The thing is that every time I look to finish with a lot of information you do not need and none of what I do . I have to find a cheaper or " no loan " type of accredited online degree . I have 48 credit hours so far.
Have bad credit and need to refinance current car and bike loans?0Nenny2012-09-15 03:52:05
For cuts put me in a bind and need to refinance vehicles to be able to keep commuting . A few late payments have occurred due to the court order needs help.

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