Should I stick with my guy when his controlling ex wife is his best friend and they have a kid?

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Angela Again!
Asked at 2012-08-08 12:34:02
So my boyfriend has been dating for a while. However, he never told his ex-wife about me. After so many red flags disturbing pushed everyone to take this outside. His ex-wife is crazy. They have one son and lives two states away. She says it's his best friend and can tell you to leave me and he ( she's a nut) Then she says she has been trying to get back with her. He has been trying to keep everything good on my end . He does not deny that she feels for me. He is trying to please me. However, they continue communication best friend and he still supports it in many ways. Pay your student loans , medical insurance , car payment , child care , even has his own checkbook to your account. I have no children and have a great future ahead. I worry a lot about it, but I do not want your luggage in my life. I have no room for the baby not only to her . She is the devil, and have mercy on her.
Answer1EJAnswered at 2012-08-08 16:43:04
I wonder if he said he was supporting his ex- wife at the beginning of their relationship .. if you decide to marry him and knows that his ex-wife will be in their lives that they must have a child together .. least for the truth and can base their decisions on the
Answer2KaitelynAnswered at 2012-08-09 03:01:03
Nope .. out. You should never try to make a relationship work when your partner allows your ex to be that much of their life together.

Dump him and move on if you do not like the way the dynamics of your life is heading. Only get worse.
Answer3CalixteAnswered at 2012-08-09 07:02:03
The answer should be obvious to you, as we are. You've wasted enough time with this drug and have no choice but to pass since he's actually still attached to it yet, but a ring. Both sound for co -dependent relationship will never end.
Answer4ShakespearAnswered at 2012-08-13 05:48:02
Sorry, this is a dead end. She will always be there between the two! ! !

I would be running the other way girl !
Answer5ChapmaAnswered at 2012-08-13 06:52:02
Ok .. if the 2 of U are planning any kind of future together .. then you must b some serious talks between u and ur fiance ! He really needs to stop these payments to the X. There is no reason for him to b pay more of their bills that is! She needs to get a life and go out and get a job! And do not let them use the excuse of " well I make sure my son has it all ." Cause, w / a paid this to his 4 ... went out and paid them any more (like , I dunno, get a job ). You have to see what you are doing and will not help ur relationship further !

And as she is concerned, it has to have limits set ! She needs to know what actions will and custom b accepted and what the consequences will b if happens !
Answer6vnsAnswered at 2012-09-03 22:01:03
you should be your best friend!
Answer7OttAnswered at 2012-09-14 15:51:04
Although I think it's great that he does all this for the mother of his child , has to set limits if it will work . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There is nothing wrong with them being friends , I am very fond of my ex ..... but I did not let it interfere with my personal life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She says she could make it out because it feels threatened by the arrival ... that could interfere with their good wicket . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ignore the fact that they get along and doing things for comment her.but if she gets into your relationship. You have nothing to comment otherwise. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think she had a checkbook is a little extreme , but if you do not share finances with him and not being made is not your business today .
Answer8anonumousAnswered at 2012-09-19 22:43:03
You have to let it go , because obviously that has not shelved his ex - wife . And that's not fair to you at all. Eventually you will have to decide on what you want in life , but as long as you catch up with what will drag you in previous editions .
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