What tax form do I use? I live in TX, and my income is mostly from websites and online art freelancing.? related questions

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What tax form do I use? I live in TX, and my income is mostly from websites and online art freelancing.?2Benny2012-11-02 11:19:03
So, I was taking care of a terminally ill father and trying to get my career illustration of the earth , and have not had enough income to have to file taxes in a few years . I've finally done enough , if barely ( still have to add, but we're talking only about 3000 , probably less ) . I live in Texas ( no state tax, unless something has changed ) . However, I have no idea what kind of tax for use . My income has been basically online art commissions of people and websites such as CafePress.com where you get a small percentage of each product sold with one of his designs on it. The deduction only think to do is for my student loan. Also, currently I have my own place , but now I'm home with a relative while seeking employment . Any tips on doing my taxes with this information would be greatly appreciated , especially as I have to use it . Thank you !
I have lost my Income tax Return Form & form 16 for last 2 years.I have not filled this forms online.pl.help?2Antiono Gipson2012-10-15 14:33:02
Do I need it urgently for my processing loans . He had filled this form by the conventional method . Does anyone know how to get duplicate forms and forms ITR 16.
Can I get Form 16, even if I don't come under taxable Income ?1Moniqua2012-10-14 04:45:03
Actually, I am applying for a car loan from the bank and people need a mandatory -16 to approve the loan and told me I can get a return form zero -16 office. But in my office told me that I can not get the form 16, and not under the tax base.
Can you form a company pay yourself and then get a home loan out based on that income?1retyut2432012-09-27 01:01:06
I have my income from a range of work I do - I run an online business , I have a few websites etc - In short I have multiple streams of income . MedlinePlus The problem is I can not get a mortgage because they do not pay me , I have a timesheet , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I was wondering if one of my companies had paid me , is it possible to get a mortgage with that? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in New Zealand - and I have 22 years .
Where to put the home loan ( section 24) i.e.Rs.150000 in ITR form to file the income tax?2matherik2012-09-06 09:35:28
I am unable to find the log in section 24 - E income tax return. I want to present the return line . I downloaded the file from the site xsl income tax , but can not find the section for my mortgage deduction ( Rs.150000 )
Websites for online loans?1.2012-09-28 06:53:04
Does anyone know where I can get a loan online without a credit check or bank account ?
I need websites to get easy loan online. Please help?0Mary Lame2012-09-07 18:36:02
I need a loan online
What are good websites to invest in online?0temp2012-08-30 08:13:04
I do not want the stock or market. I'm talking about other websites to invest in it as borrowing money , then farther behind because there is a high intrerest charge . Microfinance does not work . I 'm not looking for that. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much for your help !
Online personal loan websites?0Malachi2012-09-11 00:49:02
Online website personal loans ?
What are some legit online payday loan websites?1chanz112012-11-05 06:16:02
I'm trying to get a payday loan online and have to know that some websites legitimate payday loans.
What are some websites that I can use to post my resume online and look for work?0BIO?!2012-10-11 18:54:37
My loan company is telling to get my payments held off until I find work I have to be registered under a website that posts my resume online and help me find work . What are some websites that allows me to do this ?
Could I live on my own with this income?0Doctor 2012-08-15 02:21:02
There is a very nice studio apt for about $ 400/month . I only make $ 2500/month after taxes. Can I live on my own and still have some extra money to save ? I have a credit card debt and student loans to start paying but do not spend a ridiculous amount of money entertainment. No car payment either. So it sucks to live alone or should I have some friends in order to save some money ?

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