I'm trying to figure out why is my 2009 estimated tax return is significantly less 2008's? related questions

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I'm trying to figure out why is my 2009 estimated tax return is significantly less 2008's?5Kieran McCamment2012-09-23 19:23:04
Okay, so I'm presenting my taxes online for myself . I thought I would have about the same statement I made last year. When I plugged in all the information , which was $ 1,000 less than I expected . I'm just trying to see what could be . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I actually did a little less than last year compared to 2008 ( both about $ 30,000) , doing the same job . I paid about $ 400 less in interest on student loans. In 2008 I was 25 , and 26 last year. Do any of these things make a difference ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In my statement , 2008 was $ 0 for "exemption" and now there is $ 3,650. " I think I'm confused about what is an exemption . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help ?
How much is my tax return for 2009?2Kamya2012-11-03 06:02:02
Im filing as Married - Joint made ‚Äč‚Äčaround 31,000 in wages for 2008 , lives in Oklahoma, grew from 8,000 in tuition, bought a new house for $ 134,900 , so getting that tax credit since 7500 meets the requirements. 2008 i 3300 passed in the interest of my mortgage. Property taxes was about $ 1500 for 2008. I used the calculator in the HR block said im getting back $ 10,900 as I thought it was a little high. Oh , yes you paid $ 4,100 for federal taxes.
Income tax return for 2009?0beebe2012-09-18 14:31:05
I file my income tax 2009, but I'm still waiting for the interest paid on my son i sheet loans and interest paid on a car in 2009 . will present no problem if these two digits ?
Tax return 2009-2010?1GypsyQueen2012-10-10 01:43:04
I've been trying to present a self-assessment tax return online , but his return saying I have to make payments on a student loan in the calculations page , however , I have never had a student loan ! Does anyone know where I'm going wrong or what could be causing me to say that I have to pay this when I never had one.Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm tearing my hair !
Can I claim my Brother on my 2009 Tax Return?2michelle king2012-11-04 16:48:02
Hello , My brother is 23 now U.S. citizen and a full time college student . He also lived with our parents for all of 2009 . Do not remove the loans and donations just to pay your tuition and some college expenses . Currently I am 24 and have a full time job in which he made more than my parents. My brother did not provide more than half of their support, but did not provide more than half of their support. However, I read somewhere online that does not matter all that matters is that my brother did not provide more than half of their support? I have already filed my tax return ( without adding to my brother as a dependent ) and the IRS accepted my return. Would you be able to add my brother as a dependent if admend ? I have not changed before and am unsure how rigorous and strict they are. Please help , any advice or suggestions are appreciated. If there are any questions , please let me know! Thank you !
I couldn't figure this one out I need to answer it to take my quiz online but i can't figure this one out?0RS2012-10-19 16:38:32
A couple want to borrow money using the equity in your home as collateral . A loan company will lend up to 70 % of its net assets . They purcased home 11 years ago for $ 71,961 . The home was financed by paying 10% down and sign a 15-year mortgage at 9.3 % on the unpaid balance . Equal monthly payments were made to repay the loan in 15 - period of one year. The net market value of the home is $ 100,000. After making your payment 132a, applies to the loan company for the maximum loan . How much ( to the nearest dollar ) are received ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Loan Amount $ _________ (Round to the nearest dollar )
How much do you owe all together? And how do you do to lower your debt significantly?4Merli2012-09-28 14:35:03
I'm going crazy . Four years ago I thought I was buried in debt because I had a credit card balance of $ 2,500 . Today is $ 9k and a student loan of $ 2,750 sunsidized . I had no car payment before I put my car used a credit card . Now my husband bought me a new car and just pay the insurance . You should also 10k itself. With a part-time job that only pays for the school can not make large payments , maybe when I graduate in six months I can have a real job and pay more. What is the best way to reduce my debt ? And out of curiosity , how much do you owe?
If you are doing everything you can, how long does it take for your credit score to go up significantly?0arcanejak2012-11-05 23:46:02
We lost our business and nearly sank the boat a few years ago . Now, in the last three years we have great history, a new credit card , but you always pay very little ( $ 300 limit lol ... ) , and I made sure that all I could afford, said to be paid on our credit reports . We have also paid religiously car payment and student loan payments through these difficult times . The numbers do not seem to be increasing. Is there light at the end of the tunnel ?
Is a low credit score going to significantly hurt my chances of getting into the army?0reem2012-08-26 01:29:02
I have a lot of college debt and a car loan . I am current on all my payments , but my credit score is 554 , which I understand is pretty bad . Is this going to screw me over when applied to join the army ?
Will voting republicans in the next election significantly chage your life for good?0Ch2012-08-06 11:14:02
Almost all ordinary Americans are suffering economically right now. Unemployment soared, but hire or fire ? Businessmen or the Democratic Party ? Who controls the economy? business people or the Democratic Party? Who won the largest share of public expenditure ? businessmen or democratic government? Who is sending jobs overseas for profit ? government or business ? According to a Chinese official , more than 50,000 U.S. companies owned in China alone . How to help the ordinary American to find work in America? Who has the money to campaign against the government when they do not have all its forms? Common sense tells me that if money is spent on health care / social security or the Iraq war , the big piece of the pie ends in the same hands of the business through interest on the money pays , or the benefit of the goods to sell to you or through large government contracts. So why are large companies both against ordinary people? Do you really think that those behind the big companies do not have enough wealth / money to live personally? How much does a man need to live this finite life ? Would not it be prudent to reduce the greed for saying no to increased persistent economic slavery ? How can we address our own greed ? How is it that the poorest people in little Denmark are happier those big, rich U.S.?
Will a 1000 Personal Loan raise my credit significantly in 6 months- a year?0Ahamed2012-08-23 03:02:03
My boyfriend and I are planning to buy a house sometime in the next year , while the market is very low . We are reducing our monthly expenses dramatically and in some time next year we will have around 10k for a down payment , I know it's not much . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your credit is around 678 now with mine in 596 , not so good . The only negative is if that is our CC debt that we will pay off in about a month , when the tax come. No other negatives are late payments only by the fact that our credit lines are less than 3 years, next year should be fine. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am also looking at getting a CD of $ 1,000 and use it against a loan of $ 1,000 guaranteed to increase your score . I'm not sure how long the term however ahould be affecting the score significantly if you want a house next year . Atleast I want to raise your credit because it has the best for over 700 . Is this possible in a year ? and I get the CD and loan?
If you return a car to a dealer-- can you go out n buy another? Would your credit score show the 'return'?0Peaches2012-08-22 01:38:04
LOL So we bought new car June 30 . On July 15, the dealership calls and says that we need to come sign a new contract. After asking a lot of questions : Is it messed up our payment deadline , therefore , dismissed the application Nissan . So they need to get paid by Nissan , and we want something for your trouble. But if for some reason not to sign the document and take the car back - we can go to another Nissan dealer and buy the same car for a better deal ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want our reseller to get a better deal. But I want to know if I have any influence on that I'll just buy the car elsewhere. Do you laugh and say there is no way you get funding again so soon ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When you apply for a car loan - not just seven days to find a car or your credit is just hit , making it more difficult to apply for a loan. Does any of this make sense? I know this is an unusual situation , but before I go , a sign of a new contract that I would be informed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can ask them ? Our contract start over? That in turn would allow us to renegotiate the price ? Or .. ? I can ask you at least window tinting ? lol I love using his mistake in our favor ... I'm not very happy with the deal we got.

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