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How long does a good loan report to your credit report?0Tyson Hanlon2012-08-29 16:58:03
From what I can say is 10 years , but I 've found three different unsecured personal loans , $ 1000, $ 1700 and $ 1000, they are not all the reports for XP / TU / EF . One is to inform EF and the other two are informing XP / EF . I contacted my old bank that was through these , but can not find the role of them anywhere in the system . They were open to all, paid all the same exact month , February 2007 . My score is ticking and I'm sure you have these three reports to the three major credit bureaus would help a lot . Please advise , thanks .
How long do good things stay on your credit report?1Teah2012-09-08 12:49:02
It's easy to find information about the duration of the bad things stay on your credit report , but I can not find anything about how long the good things ( like paying a car loan ) will remain on your report.
How long does it take for a car loan to appear on your credit report?4Regis A2012-11-06 06:58:02
My husband and I need new cars. We have an average credit rating . Does buying cars first ( we will have a pymnt below) make it more difficult for the second car loan ( w / $ 4000 Down & trade worth $ 8,000) ? Do I need to wait a few months or could buy both in the same month ?
How long does a car loan stay on my credit report?1Chaz2012-08-14 05:54:35
I'm about to pay off my car. I am paying far ahead of schedule. The original loan was 5 years, but it was worth in 18 months. I know that this behavior will positively affect my credit card , and my question is: How long prospective lenders be able to see what I did with my car loan ?
How do I cure a bad credit report?? There are 2 potentially negative items in your report.?3teleisha2012-10-22 14:44:52
I have this thing on my credit report that says .. " There are two potentially negative items in your report." Now , I know what they are and they are both February 50 dollar bills doctor something I forgot to pay a little (I'm only 20 these things slip my mind lol ... ) If I pay where they go , or will stay there for 7 + years: - / . I would get a car loan . They've only been there since April 2009.
How long does it take it when you do a cash advance or loan to appear in your credit report?0Ida2012-10-07 06:40:21
I am closing on my first home. People do not , the realtor told me not to do any cash advances or purchases with your credit card . You should also not make any loans because banks pull your credit report just before closing and they do not like to see purchases or loans . I was told today that I have to pay something to the table tomorrow at closing. Just in case you wanted to get 1000 of one of my credit cards in case it was more than what I have. Do you think if I make an advance or loan signing two hours before closing to display on my credit report ? I heard that the credit report does not make a monthly update daily or hourly . Please let me know what you know = )
How long does it take for a car repo to get off your credit report?1Taye2012-09-28 03:46:03
And the time to start all over again if assign the account to a collection agency again? MedlinePlus We arrived at the wrong place and had a car repo company in 2002 and was originally funded through collection agencies has changed twice. MedlinePlus We owe $ 14,000 on the loan and sold the car for $ 5000 so you still have to pay for the loan even though the car was resold ?
How long can this stay on my credit report?0dj2012-10-16 18:27:31
8 years ago that attending college was being paid by my employer . There was agreement that the school did not pay in advance , because once you 've completed a class of my employer sent the check. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Long story short , he had lost two classes a semester and the school said they never received my fax low class . ( No, not saved the confirmation ... ugh ) . If you dropped a class within the first week , you do not have to pay . I refused to pay because they never set foot in a classroom and sent them a fax . I do not feel I should pay for services not received . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last month is 7 years from the date of the debt and that is still on my credit report as an " unsecured loan " school . Is this considered a " student loan " and never leave my report ? I have discussed this with the agencies. Any idea ?
How long does a paid student loan stay on your credit report?0eyvonne2012-09-29 14:27:04
I paid a small student loan back in 1999 or 2000 and that is still on my credit report . I tried to make an online dispute with Experian and nto eliminate debt . No such things never happen ?
I have a car loan debt that I will never be able to pay from 2001.How long is it reported on my credit report?3Keon2012-10-27 19:09:02
I crashed the car and my insurance expired and could not pay for the damages so the car was a loss and could not pay off the note.
How long does it take to get an inquiry off a person's credit report?0Kaz2012-09-22 12:35:02
I want to see if a personal loan is cheaper than borrowing my car , but I do not want to lower my credit score .
How long do bad things stay on your credit report?2Pd2012-10-25 13:22:03
My husband was unemployed for a while before he met me and mismanaged some credit card payments and student loans. This is now more than four years ago, and has since been on time with all payments. How long are the negative comments on your credit report ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , there is a demand for money the lender agreed to forgive , but remains in your credit report . Can we do something about it ? I think the loan is sold to new companies ...

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