Have 1996 Ply voyager, lots of work, engine good, lots of repairs, but needs repair, should I repair or sale? related questions

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Have 1996 Ply voyager, lots of work, engine good, lots of repairs, but needs repair, should I repair or sale?1gfghbh2012-09-17 00:11:03
Van is paid , no rust, no leaks , still looks like new. But could need an auto repair of $ 500.00 or more . You can not afford new , but I have 5,500 to put in another . But I can not get a loan because I have bad credit . What should I do ?
Ok.... i have lots and lots of statistics questions somebody please help!!?0Zev2012-10-27 05:14:54
20. An auditor wants to estimate the proportion of a bank
Anyone Have good luck with Buy Here / Pay Here Car Lots?0distressed2012-09-18 00:11:03
Any comment ... My credit is bad ... and I 'm out of options . Does anyone have any opinion about buy here pay here car loans
Bad Credit, Lots of Collateral, Good Income, WE Need $100,000 to make our lives a LOT easier?08k2012-10-11 09:00:22
My husband recently fought in finances and found some 4-5 months behind many things . Now we have 3 reposession notices for quad , motor and trailer . The thing is that this left our credit ratings to the 490-550 range which is horrible when 6 months ago I was in the 650-700 range . What happens is that I have a house and a business manager and I am a high-end casino resort . MedlinePlus I've been looking deperately a loan of $ 100,000, the specific amount of money would pay all on my husband and my credit . The cars , cards , etc motorhome and bring us to a monthly payment with TONS of warranty! This would save our lives right now ! We have 3 daughters and strive to catch up tremendously , but we can not find someone to help us ! [email protected]
Should i work with a debt consolidation/repair company if my credit score is 518?1Antoine2012-10-20 01:03:02
My credit score is 518 so I do not qualify for loans with no bank loans even as prosper.com P2P . I've been reading books on debt management and am thinking of going to one of these companies . What is stopping me is that I know that will appear on my credit report and in doing so , I will almost bankruptcy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a goal for my debt to zero ( $ 6,000 ) in 2008 . then do what I want to start saving money and start looking for a house to buy , you know it's a long and difficult process . I have lots of blackheads on my credit report , but I think going to a debt program will make a darker mark on my record . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it worthwhile for me to consolidate my debt ? MedlinePlus Will my credit score never grow to the range of 700 i ask? MedlinePlus how difficult it is to get a house after going to a debt program ?
Does anyone know any good credit repair services?0salam jan2012-11-04 18:00:10
i have really bad credit and i wanna fix my credit.i cannot get a cell phone with my bad credit or a loan.so does anyone know any good and low cost credit repair services.plz answer my question.
Do you prefer no credit and no debts or good credit and lots of debt?2Zawar2012-11-02 10:13:02
A bit of my credit history .... I have 52 years and have never had a credit card such as VISA , etc , or even a store card charging , such as Sears , JC Pennys , etc , make the fact that I've always been a worker jobs not pay much above minimum wage , and was raised by parents who believed in the old ways , if desired, save and buy it with cash . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My last payment of the loan , in fact, the last loan I ever had was in 1991 , a vehicle loan . I always buy older used cars with cash today as they have done in recent years . Anyway , to make a long story short I recently had a company run a credit check on me through one of the three major credit reporting agencies , and I have a credit score of : 360 - Reason for low score appears as : Insufficient Credit History . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no debts , except the monthly rent and utility bills , and loans to 52 years , but I wonder what the majority feels about this, is to have a good credit score and debt better, or prefer a low score and be debt free ?
In Need Of A Good Legit Credit Repair Company?0slien2012-09-22 16:54:03
I'm searching for a credit repair company that can erase something my inqueries 30 and 30 days 9 surcharge on my student loan that was never notified that they were active and DEFFERED not. im not sure why it took nine separate loans different , but all now consolidated . and I have a charge off due to a car being stolen and the insurance would not pay for it its soooo now on my credit report and I am still responsible for 24K im not . Hopefully the SUE for it and realize that the car did in fact have insurance ... ANYWAYS MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any good credit repair can clear charge, and charges inqueries medical bills ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know there are a lot of sites that are not trusted. I need people who are really dealing directly with the company and describe specific when you started to write down what and how long it took to get where your at and cost. thank you
Business loan for car repair shop at good rates?0thabo2012-09-23 15:01:03
I have a good deal of equipment auto repair shop around 150,000 since this business is under 2 years old who do not understand business loan apace today unsecured loan is 24 percent , and that is killing my business is there any way i can get business loans as low rates below 10 percent any help greatly appreciated .
How can a 13 yr old make lots of money?1Liz Marie Santana2012-09-22 17:36:02
well, I'm thirteen years old and I'm tired of asking my parents for money and every time I asked to say "NO! " And I'm tired of taking it as an answer . I want to make my own money . I have five dollars a week for allowance , but that is not enough and that eating in the cafeteria and lunch costs $ 1 as s = ' for nothing at the end of the week . My parents are on a tight budget and just want to save their money and make my own, but it is so difficult. I can not really make my lunch for them cause no snacks , sandwiches at home . Only at certain times , but barely. I'm not thinking about food processing and start selling in school , I mean .. I'm in high school , no one will buy food. I try to sell my old clothes , but what will you buy? My friends ? nope , not going to make my old clothes are so way back then . I have not a cell , but perhaps soon have one. I have not a Ipod and I want an Ipod . I want a lot of things , but I know you can not always get what you want, but this time I want to win it . I'm too young to get a job . I can not cut the loan because I live in an apartment . I do my homework , but do not get paid for it. I've just go to the mall and my friends have been waiting for me to go wrong, but my answer is " NO" and the reason I said that is because they have no money or any other reason . So clearly .. I just want to get ideas on how a year 13 . old as I can get money and a lot of money and at least one quickly .
I dont have lots of money and i need to know who to ask...?4Chill2012-09-11 06:14:04
i live in Ontario to begin . I leave my boyfriend of 4 years because I'm done with the drama . We lived together for almost three years and I have a lot of bills we have together . I co - signed for his new truck ( 5YR plan) , we have cell phone contracts that do not expire until late 2009 , rent a car lien ( expires at the end of 2009) , each of us has cards regular credit and accounts payable . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a dispute with his best friend and I can not really stand each other . My boyfriend used to stand by me bc this is your best friend, so I decided to leave. I make less than 1800 a month and my car payment is 200 , the insurance is 300, gas to get to work about 40 weeks , feeding 50 a week , the rent is 350 ( half of what my boyfriend pay) , but my student loan i was down to 55 per month , the gym membership that is 80 per month , and my credit card is maxed ... you add all the numbers and if I have to pay the full rent somewhere else I will not have enough .. . Does anyone know if anyone can help me or have ideas of what to do ?
Buying a car and loans need lots help please!?0Nick2012-10-03 12:14:42
Im 20 and bought my first car soon. I want to buy a used car and I found is about 15grand know I can pay all payments , but I have a cosigner because my father lives in another state and my boyfriend does not cosign because he says it will make your score lower credit is there any way that cosign so you can get the car loan and then take their name from it without any damage to your credit ? ... MedlinePlus Or the dealer give me a loan with a way out? .. Can someone tell me everything you know about buying a car for the first time ? Please thank

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