Move out to Seattle by myself or to Colorado with my friend? related questions

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Move out to Seattle by myself or to Colorado with my friend?1bugz and manzz2012-09-29 21:14:03
I live in Ohio . In a few days I will fly to Seattle to any temperature. employment or work as a preschool teacher . A friend of mine who I've been dating for a few months is moving to Colorado and I would go there, but I have no job lined up . Whichever way it goes, will be temporary and to be grad . school next year . Given that it will be a temporary living situation , no matter what I choose? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Seattle : MedlinePlus No car , no place yet, but a good job . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Colorado : MedlinePlus I have my car, my friend already has a place , but I have a good job lined up yet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel trapped ! I love my friend , but I need a decent job to pay off student loans before returning to school next year! On the other hand , I can survive with a low paying job in Colorado for a bit if I have to, and I'll be in good company . If I'm in Seattle I feel very lonely , and I do not think you'll really enjoy the next year as much as I would enjoy Colorado.
How can I move to Colorado?0my teacher may be watching this site so no name2012-09-08 17:10:02
I have 22 years and I have a very high paid . Make probably about 350 a week and that's just enough to pay all my bills and take care of my finances . 2000 I have a loan out on my truck I'm making payments on and I have no credit . Did not own a credit card or bank loans taken or anything. The good thing is that I have bad credit , and I do not owe much money to people . Only my truck loan. Everything else is just utilities and living expenses . MedlinePlus I hate living here . There's nothing here for me , the weather stinks , stinks the environment , I go to a beautiful and feel better about my life and me! In fact , I have a business opportunity waiting for me in Colarado where a good friend of mine will be moving soon . I will be able to work with him and his company , a small toy company he just started and opened. So we have to find a full time job and a place to stay . MedlinePlus But I do not know where to start ... I have no money and save money honestly take years to my income . What are my options ?
Student looking to move to colorado from ohio?0yaz2012-10-11 18:23:34
I live in Columbus , Ohio . I work and go to school here . I am looking to move to Colorado in October. I'm worried about a few things though: MedlinePlus 1 - school. MedlinePlus how much will it be? MedlinePlus how to transfer ? MedlinePlus where to go ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2 workplace: MedlinePlus I have always worked in customer service , receptionist , animal caretaker , child care , work at the bakery , retail work . What is the average salary ? MedlinePlus what is the job market like ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3 - Movement : MedlinePlus get there, of course drive my car and the whole package , but what other options do I have ? I have a bed , cupboards , sofas , chairs , dining table , washing machine and dryer . I know I will have to downsize and get rid of a lot of things , but what I can do? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any help would be greatly appreciated. MedlinePlus I'll be moving on my own, without financial support from anyone but my dusty pocket so any advice on how to finance a move , loans , etc would be awesome . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help guys !
How do I tell my best friend that I don't want to move out with her?0tumi2012-09-18 00:50:03
My boyfriend , best friend and I are in our 20s and have been talking about the idea of ​​being roommates for about a year. I love my bestie to death , but there have been too many warning signs of this being a bad idea: MedlinePlus - He got into a car accident ( months ago) losing your car does not seem to be looking for a new MedlinePlus . - . I car to work several times a week because of this ( over an hour away) MedlinePlus - Said the rooming is a great idea because " if you're ever behind on rent , his teammates can always make backups! " MedlinePlus - I know I owe money ill never see MedlinePlus . - He refuses to learn to cook for her MedlinePlus - Spend money going out every night another MedlinePlus - Lost your loan payments therefore have bad credit MedlinePlus - Recently said after using the ATM that their " balance
How do loans work? My friend wants to move out?1Lee2012-10-06 12:28:04
Do you have to take out a loan for something specific ? As I heard about tuition loans , auto loans , mortgage loans, but what if you want to get out and get on your feet? Can you take out a loan to do this ? How do interest rates ? Anything that helps !
How does my mother-in-law get her live in boy friend to move out of her house?1Sweet1_2luv 2012-10-10 09:28:02
My mother - in-law has owned his home for 20 years. She has had a live-in boyfriend for 14 years. He does not pay part of the mortgage , buy most groceries , she does all the yard work , cleaning, laundry and home improvements out of their paycheck. For years I borrowed this loser 10s of thousands of dollars in legal fees and custody hearings for her son who is now 22 . He has not paid any of this again. She also co - signed for your car loan and now the car is worth $ 3000 and refinanced the loan several times and owes more than 6000 in this vehicle . He has lost several jobs , is now "free" ( as we wonder if we really have a job at all) . He has all mail sent to his parents' house ( these people are crazy too) all the time and Drinking urine in your cabinets in the past. He received money from his son and he justified it saying " buy food and eat some of them " She asks him to leave and he wont . What can she do?
Where to live: Seattle or Los Angeles?6ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-10-15 00:04:04
I live in Washington state but I will finish my career in film . I'm not from here , I'm from Peru . MedlinePlus Pros Seattle MedlinePlus - The closer it would be easier to move , there (I could take my car and all my stuff , plus it would be closer to the people I know care about me , and I now I have a drivers license WA so the time before I am considered resident WA will be shorter , so I might be able to start school earlier) MedlinePlus - Seattle MedlinePlus sounds safer and less populated - 75 % of the population are students or professional Seattle ( random thing my mom told me ) - You may have a roommate and (not so sure if it is ok to be roomates its apex , it has 4 years younger and perhaps contradictory , it is also a kind of ties to a past that I want to leave ) but not I have to be roomates with her, so Seattle cons MedlinePlus - Not many schools to choose from ( for my major ) MedlinePlus - These are all private and rather expensive and not borrow MedlinePlus - It rains all the time MedlinePlus Los Angeles pros MedlinePlus - Because of my career , it would be the ideal place to settle down , right? MedlinePlus - I like to have a lot of options for schools MedlinePlus - I have an aunt who lives in Santa Monica , but she does not want me to live with her MedlinePlus - I love the beach and the weather sunny , but not hot florida , wet is bad for me , California is warm dry rigth ?
Could I realistically afford to live in Seattle?1marquis2012-10-10 08:34:03
I work for the Navy as a civilian employee . right now
Can someone help me to find mortgage professionals who provide FHA loans in Seattle?0Tempie2012-10-27 03:18:58
Can anyone help me find mortgage professionals who offer FHA loans in Seattle ?
I need a loan shark or private lender in the seattle area today!?1portia2012-09-09 04:37:15
I realize the dangers that can come with these requests so please only respond if you can help with a loan. This is an emergency and I do not care how high the interest rate is . I need $ 5,000.00 and can make the payments every 2 weeks. I was recently scammed out of money by a lender who promised a loan. Then another lender promised me a loan without upfront fees and assured me that funds are being transferred to my account. I called my landlord, etc. car company to make immediate payment arrangements . I received an email the next day, indicating that the transfer had not been done and needed money for bank fees. I did not send any money to the lender, but now I have nothing to give my car owner and co having given my word. I have bad credit because of medical bills. You will not have trouble paying the loan i just need to get above water again.
What are my (legal) options [in Seattle, WA] for getting an unwanted "roommate" ex-boyfriend out of MY house?3sorry问候2012-11-03 13:37:21
2/15/07 I bought a house and moved in with my boyfriend . In late 2007 it was decided that it was not working . Since I was a law student , I agree to allow him to remain a roommate through graduation ( in May ) and a few months later. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm really ready to move out . I told him that I want him out before August 15 , and have posted flyers looking for another roommate (unfortunately I need one financially ) . We have no written lease . He has a lot of furniture and other things in my house . He also has an incredible inertia . Spend 12 hours + / day playing online games and getting smaller ( that is living in a loan ) , any effort to find a job / apartment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What to do if I can not make moves to leave ? Without a lease that I can not get him out . Does anyone know , legally, do I can change the locks with all their stuff here ? I hope that nothing drastic will be necessary , but I know this man , and I fear it will become a big furry mess . What are my options ?
Which Colorado credit unions ARE the best?!?0Remy W,2012-10-07 02:33:37
I moved to Colorado and need a credit union impressive , fast ! A branch can really trust . Please help me . Thank you. ( One I really going to help with an auto loan . )

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