Will taking out a personal loan from my credit union hurt my credit rating? related questions

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Will taking out a personal loan from my credit union hurt my credit rating?4 형용사 2012-09-05 07:50:05
I have good credit , but I'm in a slump , I need money fast , but I hear certain types of loans can affect your credit . Is this true ?
Will it hurt my credit rating if I pay off my car & student loans with a lower interest rate credit card?0Augu2012-10-15 22:52:43
My concern is that all my loans into one payment is by credit card . There will be an auto loan or student loans . It will look like I went shopping and not be very responsible
Will taking a signature loan from a bank to consolidate credit card debt hurt my credit?1Peggie2012-09-21 22:40:02
Is taking a signature loan from a bank to consolidate credit card debt hurt my credit?
Credit rating-can one black mark really hurt you?3lore2012-08-11 22:15:39
I have perfect credit, except for a defect of 1,200.00 on a joint account in which I co -signed for a few years ago. at the time he was my boyfriend and he left his car and the insurance covers all but $ 1200 . I never received a letter about this debt - I discovered when I pulled my own credit report . Recently I've been harassed by a credit bureau that threat that I will never be able to finance anything if I do not pay that money. in all honesty they probably have the money, but the idea of ​​paying a penny more of debt to my deadbeat ex (i paid 2000, he was accused in the joint credit cards ) makes me sick. I think I almost prefer the bad credit, provided I can still get student loans. Does anyone know about student loans and credit ? Also, when the 7 years start? from the time of first missed payment ? from the time when something is "charged off ' ? or something while referring to the collections?
Will it hurt my credit rating? I applied for a relief from paying my student loan?0Misti2012-11-02 02:23:30
I forgot the legal phrase, but it's where you send Sallie Mae a formal application for them to let you not pay your loan for a year. I qualify for it because i have no income. Will that mess up my credit rating?
What is a good reason to give a Credit union if you want to get a personal loan with bad credit?1sleepy2012-10-19 20:10:02
I have really bad credit and need a loan with my credit union , what is the best reason I should tell you I need a loan ? I have my paycheck into an account at the credit union and can make my payments every Friday I get paid , but I need to give a good reason for needing the loan .. help
Credit Union/Bank that will give a personal loan to someone w/bad credit?1Hela2012-09-03 06:32:03
My credit score is 481 now . I have around 12k in unsecured loan you want to consolidate in one and pay as soon as possible . It seems that it will never happen because I have 6 places to pay per month . One of the places you will be paying off my car will . ? I can put that as collateral? ... I do not want to continue to apply to different places because I know that affects banks that are on my credit. I'm stressed out and broke all the time ! Any information will be helpful . Thank you !
Does paying off a personal loan early hurt your credit?2thumper092012-09-23 17:12:05
About six months ago I took a personal loan , because my car had some costly repairs cited for it. In the last second of a friend of mine told me about a good private mechanic fixed my problems with the car for about $ 1000 cheaper . So to get to the numbers who took a loan of $ 3,000 payable in three years . I will use the extra money to pay the loan and save to pay the rest out . I'd do it before year's end. So basically I want to pay a loan of three years in one , is that a bad thing to do for my credit score ?
Have 1yr left car loan;adding $800 more credit union debt to that.Also have credit card w/credit union.?0RIZWAN HASSA2012-08-26 19:59:17
New loan / security agreement protects systems also.Sounds car credit card visa card loans as before is gone , they can always threaten 2 in my car / and I'll get the lien back in my car once the car loan is paid ? Also if I file bankruptcy sys 'm in default . From Chptr7 Bankruptcy is something I've considered ; ? If you file bankruptcy , I " forgiven " all credit cards , including Visa credit unions . In addition, my presentation bankruptcy gives them the right to take my car anyway , but I have the intention to settle evn two car loan ? Lost job many years , disabled and soc sec disability now .
Where can i get an unsecured personal loan if my credit rating is bad?1jameasen2012-08-15 00:11:02
I am having trouble paying some of my debts at the time and require an urgent unsecured personal loan . I have been rejected by my bank because my credit history. I would need in the region of
Do you need a personal credit rating for a small business loan?1life-line2012-08-08 22:01:03
I'm in college and started a business two years ago. I'm looking to try to get a small amount of money expansion through debt financing and if that goes well, I'm sure I will , I have the intention to take the company and turn it into an S corp . I am preparing to apply for a bank loan, but I have no personal credit account since using debt and have never applied for a credit card . Does that make me hurt you?
Personal loan with co-signer for someone with the worst credit rating imaginable?0Jamin2012-10-05 09:56:40
I have outstanding debts. I have such bad credit as can be. I know I will never get a credit card again for a long time and do not want one . I want to borrow $ 15,000. Even if I could borrow much less than 20 % and pay $ 18,000 in $ 500 a month for three years I would be happy and I can do it, I 've been doing more than that in a car payment for 6 years and it does. my car will last at least another three years and I just need a car , and I'm sure working , even in today's economy . With my parents co -signers , I have the opportunity to borrow as much money by 20 % or less fortunate ?

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