How can I help my husband cope with stress?

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Asked at 2012-08-08 10:55:03
He is slowly destroying his marriage with stress.

Backtsory: I moved across the ocean to live with him. I left a very good job back with a very good salary. I live in podunk USA and I'm doing a little more than minimum wage. This is not enough to support us. My husband is almost done with school, but he has to work full time to pay most bills. This is really hard because their studies are difficult and require much time. He found a good job where you can make good money, but it requires hard work. If he does not sell, which is making $ 0. So you can work 12 hours a day and take home $ 0.
Right now he is really stuggling with a class. I can say is stressed.
As a result, has been acting strangely toward me. He ignores my calls or texts asking what time it is going to be home and when I have to start preparing dinner, for example. I also discovered that he lies about stupid things like where he is studying.
Last night, I wondered if I should wait for dinner and was never answered. After 2 hours with no response, I called one of his friends and asked him to call my husband to make sure everything was fine. 5 minutes later, finally, the texts that told me I did not want to worry (eh?) And you will spend the night at a friend's house. He has to get their Toughts straight and he will talk to me tomorrow (today) after class. Class held at 2 pm. It's almost 6 pm and I have not heard from him.

I can understand he wants some time alone, but how does (ignoring me sleep in someone's house ...) is destructive to our relationship. There is nothing I can do but wait to come home and tell me what to say. I saw that the army was looking for jobs online. He hates the military. He was in the reserves for 8 years, I developed and has delayed 2 years in school. He also used to get their education paid by the army, but since it is on sale, you must find the money and have been denied loans because they took too many credits.
I'm at a loss, I really do not know what to do.
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Get on the next plane back to (I assumeUK of prose ) you are in the wrong place! Come home to your own people which will be among people who understand their psyche MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If it ` sa place over a friends house at home .. You `ve got competition on the dance floor .. girl wakes up , smell the coffee ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do IT NOW
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