Is moving on my own instead of moving with my family a bad decision or no?

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im 24, just graduated college a couple of months ago, and started a part-time job in my field means. Also I have a second supervisor job in a hotel. where I live, a bd / studio apartment can be as low as 450/mo. I can make almost $ 15 in my work supervisor, and it was full time before starting my new job (I'm still there 18-24 hours / week). and I have about $ 2,500 saved (there will be more after I get paid this week). both jobs are very far from where I live, and it is a stressful, not to mention expensive, to deal with these 7 days a week. So I told my mother I wanted to approach the two jobs and just get a bus pass (the buses where I live nowhere near where I have to go), and really try to be alone while I'm still in cheap area, as I have thought to look for a job out of state next year. I guess everyone realized how stupid I was living so far no reason (we all have to drive long distances I drive, and have no family in the area), now all my family wants to move. My mom says I should live at home and save my money for when I move out of state. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Problem # 1 is not entirely to my parents, I love my mother to death! when it's just her and me, we get along and talk joke every day, around, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is living with my brother. (Only 2 yearsyounger) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus he likes to collect arguments, he has stolen / sold / broken a long list of my stuff: In general, I do not feel comfortable living under the same roof with him. In my last semester at the university, I learned that I had been selling my clothes when I would stay the weekend at my girlfriends house. when my mother defended him, I moved out for several months and stopped talking both of them for a long time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Problem # 2 my mom thinks would be saving money ... but the thing is that I saved more money on my own when I lived at home! I went back a refund check a summer 5k and 3k even lasted me almost 6 months, between food, transport, and social stuff (I'm not a big partier, but occasionally I like to go out to eat with friends). I had about 3k on credit cards before I moved back home (2 of which was payment for summer school out of pocket, the rest were the books). as being at home, that number has doubled. Most of it is gone with the wear and tear on my car and gas drivng 40/50 miles per day to work after my money ran out. at home, I bought my own food sometimes because they buy what my brother likes ... Identification and sometimes eating out when everyone likes the food I bought ... and so on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus although I know that my student loans will be around for a looooong time (~ 60k in student loans, I went to a CC, then an out expensive state school, then transferred to the much cheaper state school) and honestly I think about whether or not I can afford that, my credit card payments, and rent ... but I'll have to face one day, right? I've never been a dependent, and when I was on my own, I was happier and more social than it ever had been, i grew it. Mistakes and all, I was proud of myself. be an independent person, and it goes back to what I experienced in high school made me feel like you do not .. I can not invite a girl like id want, go out with my friends as I will, etc., and not that I could not, but out of respect for my family i do not feel it would be fine. MedlinePlus I'm in such a bad way to where I reallly should live at home for another year?

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