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Has anyone ever used pdl services and if so are their services legit or is this just a rip-off?1serenity2021-11-18 19:00:21
Contact them so I could get my payday loans consolidated into a lower monthly payment and they want you to send them $ 200 just for starters. The way he said it sounded good , but I'm still stuck in this initial $ 200 fee they want to pay them in contact with lenders from me I mean I can do it myself . I am asking anyone who has done this is or know someone who has please let me know if this is a good service to use or not. I have read several things some good some bad please help . I have three payday loans online and the interest is killing me .
Is there Loan services out there who really can help!?1res2012-09-01 01:47:04
My credit history is so bad began three years ago . before it was great ! I have been trying to consolidate many times with all this bank that says you can help! In return , I even offered to take my payment automatically taken from my acount exceptional , but I still discualified . What the hell is wrong with these people ! They offered to help , but disappointed you in return , even has a legitimate way to pay your monthly fee . Is there really anyone out there who really want help.
How do I know if I was approved for a loan from APF Services?0HEMANT2012-11-05 17:30:02
I applied online for a loan of $ 7,600 APF Services Friday, 18/09/2009 . How / when will I know if I have passed ? How I can check the status of my application ?
What are the best bad-credit car loan services?0Island boy2012-09-30 14:17:03
I've been trying to apply online for a loan for a car , but most places just redirect me to a " no credit check " site. I have no good credit , so I'm looking for a loan company that can help without having to pay me 300% of a loan .
Best cash til payday loan services?2Jaimy2012-09-02 11:11:02
Can anyone tell me the best service cash until payday loans that is online . I do not like companies payday advance cash in my neighborhood and rather apply online for my cash advance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know most of these companies charge very high interest rates and that is why I want to know from a cash advance company merchandise not rip you off . I live in Maryland ...
How can I refinance my car loan and get away from Consumer Portfolio Services???0bird_of_paradise2012-10-19 05:59:04
So here is my situation ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu that financed Consumer Portfolio Services (hereafter referred to as CPS) from May 2007. This is mostly stealing to get in an accident that totaled the car that had the previous October. I knew my credit was not the best to have a lot of student loans and working a job that was not giving me consistent time, leaving Sallie Mae to drag my credit card through the mud (but that neither here nor there) . MedlinePlus Anyway, back to the CPS. I lost my job back in April of this year and quickly got another job and am working on getting promoted. However, when trying to work with CPS, have been nothing short of terrible. I got an extension where they were supposed to change my due date and defer payment, but only made the last forces me to pay $ 1,200 to catch up again (so I lied). After getting another job, I started paying again, but can not make the deadline they set for me every month. I tried to get to work on something, so I talked with someone two weeks ago, and since then his line is always busy or disconected, or call center is closed (I almost feel like I'm the one who owes money and his ducking and dodging me). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I'm looking for is someone who will be able to refinance the car loan and I approach these people. If I have to pay more for my car at a lower price, I have to pay $ 390 now, so I'd rather have a payment book (CPS something that does not offer) and people I can get when I need it, that these people never seem to get there or call back. MedlinePlus Also legitimate answers only, do not need any bs about being irresponsible or I have bad credit.
Are there any good online quick loan services ?1Yana2012-09-24 03:47:02
Are there any good online services payday loan ?
Why couldn't I secure a loan for my services Business?0Jone2012-08-19 20:23:03
My business I tried to start in 1996 was titled " Stalkers R 'Us ," the company's mission was to stalk people . It was private investigations , was a stalking business . Call , email and following the stalkee . Such as the former would be on a date , one of the ' mice ' R Us " agents follow the Ex - service in his / her date . Randomly send e- mails through out the day , calls , etc. It would be perfect for busy stalker ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem came when I could not get any loan from any bank , and no one wanted to work for me . Basically I have to answer " This seems illegal" and "No way I will do that ! " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is everyone's problem ?
A loan componey name Royal Financial services Inc?0Perry2012-11-04 09:12:40
the have approve me a lone for $9,000 but wnat me to send $700 via moeny gram first.
Do you have any information on those online cash loan services?0jason silverman2012-08-10 07:17:02
Have you ever applied for one of these cash loans online? You know .. those who say they will deposit the money in your checking account the next day? I am looking for someone who really has. I 'd like some feedback both positive and negative .
Anyone every had a sesured loan with portfield financial services????1Borjan2012-10-24 09:38:00
I'm looking for a secured loan , but I have bad credit when it was used ! so I'm willing to pay everything off , so there is only one and pay my bill . MedlinePlus Anyone know of any companies that deal with good loan with bad credit ? the only iu can find right now is the financial services Portfield and looks good , but could do with the advice , and I know my house repossessed if bi dnt wil keep up with the payments , I'm going ! Thank you.
How can one get a short -term loan to run a voip callback services?0Junelle2012-10-11 19:06:55
How can you get a short term loan to execute a callback service VoIP ?

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