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Should I drop out of college to pursue my band?4Khalid2012-11-04 01:44:02
Im currently in my fourth year of college , and have sixty five thousand dollars in student debt , and I'm still two years racing my degree in digital animation . Im sick from school and I think I'm wasting my time . It is expensive , and my parents wont give me more money , and I can not get any loan . Cuz I do not want to work retail or food or anything faster than shit **** . Im in a band with two friends and I think I have what it takes to succeed . I think I can spend more time without school band . I leave to be wise?
The best college to pursue an online Bachelors Degree in a field that would be condusive to...?0czacza2012-09-26 03:47:06
... teaching over time ? MedlinePlus I am finishing my studies in two years and the need to find a school to transfer to where I can take courses online . I finance my education through Pell Grants and student loans , so it should be a university where I could keep doing this . I'm interested in Education , Psychology , Behavioral Sciences and the need for some kind of degree that would allow me to become a teacher . I currently reside in northern Texas. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Should I drop out of college?2say,,, 2012-09-28 15:23:04
I know this sounds like a horrible idea , but I've been in college for 4 years and it is making my life miserable. I'm about to graduate and I would rather do anything in the world to go to class . I've been married four years , I own my house and cars 2 and financially I'm in a great position . I work very stable , full-time job with benefits and progress in the future. I feel like I've been going to college to please others , but it makes me hate life . Would it be horrible for me to leave , at least for now ? My only complaint would be that all student loans I have to pay again I've got to pay for school so far , but I can make enough money to do so .
Need Money for college or might have to drop out...?0shaeny2012-11-05 09:52:30
Where can I get more money for college? I go to a California State University and I'm pretty average, so im not so great at getting scholarships. I dont want to take a loan, and i dont have a job. and its my first year of college and i think i might have to drop out next year (to a jc) because of the pricing. I received calgrant that covers student fees of about 4 thousand a year and i have to provide for the other misc fees about 1200 per year plus supplies and books that vary by class. my parents are paying the 1200, but im going to have to pay them back sooner or later. and i havent been able to buy half my books this 1st semester since theyre about 100 bucks each. im saving in many ways ie buying used/cheap books and taking bus (would cost 400 dollars to drive bcuz of parking permits) and i live at home. i want to know if there are programs or other ways i can get money for college? and about gettin a job? theres very few jobs available where i live and competition for them is tough.
College drop out question.?0Mag2012-10-06 01:49:59
I have been attending college online for about 9 months and I'm thinking of leaving school. What types of loans / how compared to after graduation I have to pay . What is the best way to go about paying them ?
Should I drop out of college? What are some other options? Anything at all, anything.?0dada2012-11-05 07:24:59
I'm a junior at a local university right now, I have an OK gpa I'm not flunking out, I just really hate my life here, I would genuinely rather die than go to school any longer here. I'm bored as all hell here, I'm going to be in a ton of debt since fanny mae, or whatever the thief calls itself, makes you sign for student loans in blood for all intensive purposes. My parents help and are supportive, but since their divorce they are both poor themselves and cannot do a lot, I hate asking them for $, I really do. I can't afford to wash my clothes at the moment, I owe money for rent, probably going to get kicked out soon, heard my roommates complaining today. Just got 400 dollars in tickets for drinking a god damn beer because I'm "destroying the community" by doing that apparently (**** the police here, they can't catch people the people robbing, dealing drugs, or shooting people in town, but they can sure write drinking tickets to calm, otherwise innocent pedestrians with a slight buzz). I don't even enjoy anything I'm studying, it's all just BS book work, "taught" by arrogant foreigners who are too worthless to do anything but teach and probably only have their jobs because they're foreign (cost less to the university), I mean 1/3 of them can only speak 1/4 of the english language at all. I need to get out of this place, but I have nowhere to go, and no means of doing it. I have thought about joining the military, I'm sure I could get in the air force, you know something reasonably safe and maybe even fun/enjoyable, as I'm fairly sharp if I say so myself, except now I worry that my new found criminal record will deny me a lot of opportunity there, friends say they're strict with that stuff which makes sense I suppose. I will never join the Army or Marines, god bless them, but I have no interest in going through what my brother did, he will never be the same after invading Iraq. I'm literally ready to just die, I have nothing, I can't afford to eat anything but ramen, I've been gaining weight, losing my health, I can barely sleep, I have a new wierd lump on my stomach, hopefully its cancer so I have an excuse to die soon. I hate every aspect of my life and I really either need to leave or just die right now... Any suggestions? I'm more than willing to move infinity miles away from this redneck gathering called Minnesota. I know college is the way to go for a financially sound future and all, but there's got to be another way, I want to go do something, make a couple bucks, live a little, because right now I'm not, I can barely afford to eat right now, I don't even like going anywhere anymore because I look like such dirty, poor ****... thanks...
Do I have to pay my loans right away if I drop out of college?0sb2012-10-26 17:52:19
Okay, so I am currently attending a private school and am thinking of dropping out of school , because it is too expensive and not worth all that money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Problem ? So far I've got 35K in student loans to attend college , and if I stay and graduate , I'll be in debt for 70K + , so I'll leave , and go to a community college next semester . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I wonder as I will be retiring from the school, I will have to start paying the loan immediately ? I will be eligible to borrow more to attend a community college ? Someone told me that I would not have to begin repaying the loans because I study at another university , and all you have to do is send a proof that I am attending a university , but not sure . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Advice?
Should I drop out of college so I can work more?1leyla matiaz2012-10-16 08:47:02
I feel so incredibly frustrated right now. 21yo and I'm still in college. SAD know. My grandmother, who raised me since birth, has a terminal illness. She lives with me and I'll take care of it, for the most part. I do all the laundry, cleaning, shopping, pick up prescriptions, bathe her, make her meals, etc etc. I do not mind in the least. MedlinePlus I also work as a nanny five days a week. I work 6-9am and 6pm-4. I usually go to school on the schedule from that. MedlinePlus The problem is I'm not making enough money. We are living on their Social Security money and my paychecks that is only about $ 200 a week. We split the rent is $ 900. Then I have my car insurance is $ 250 a month, my phone bill (I have a cheap phone and there are special things about her like internet, etc), which is $ 75 per month, electricity bill, gas , food, etc, is so hard to make a living. I'm always so stressed about bills. There always seems to be short on the rent, so they end overdrafting and then I'm always back for the next month and we are constantly thisclose to being evicted. Not to mention, after the rent there is never money to my other accounts so there is always a late fee. MedlinePlus Honestly, I can not live this way anymore. I can not stand the strain. My grandmother wants me to stay in college, and I do because I really want to be a teacher. But I'm sick of this bill. I can not take out more loans, I am indebted to my eyes. I'm so depressed. We live in a terrible neighborhood, someone was stabbed right on the front porch last week and I have apartments scary at night. I know that sounds silly, with everything else that has to worry about, but also never have Christmas and I'm sad that I can not buy anything, not even a tree. MedlinePlus So I think I have to quit school and get a full time job. I've tried to get a second job in addition to the nanny, but with school and taking care of my grandmother could not make it work. MedlinePlus I have no family to turn to. My father has nothing to do with me and my birth mother is a developmental disability and schizophrenia. Other kids my grandmother (my uncles) refuse to have anything to do with us because they did not agree with it I funds. I have tried many times to repair these relations, but is useless so please do not suggest you go to the family for help because I have no one. MedlinePlus Sorry this is so long, but I really need advice from parents. I've been really stressed out lately, I can not sleep and I've been throwing up all morning because I am very concerned about these months rent is due early due to the holiday. MedlinePlus Please what should I do? Leave school? Or not? Help?
If I drop a college course do I only have to pay for the financial aid or loans too?1shashana2012-09-21 13:08:03
I have an online class that I can do. I have 12 credits , but will drop to 9 when I retire . Is that just make me return part of the Pell Grant , or some of the loans , too? I have 400 in Pell grants and me would still three quarters , only I have to pay 25 % back ? I realize that I really would rather retire and maybe ruin my GPA by failing the class. Please answer ! :)
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Should I drop out of college for a semester to work to pay off debt?0hue2012-10-11 06:28:57
I have two semesters left school ( 24credits ) and I have $ 4,200 in credit card debt , $ 2,000 in medical debt , an emergency loan of $ 500 from the school I have to pay and I have to pay my cell phone and food I need every month . I go to school in Norfolk , Va. , I have a car and I can only get Workstudy on campus . Me I can earn over $ 1200 per semester. I work 10 hours a week and I can not find another job so I can go and that is considered "safe " because I go to school in the middle of what could be considered the "hood " . Basically , I have enough money to pay my minimum payment of this loan and pay off my medical debt . I did not even buy any of my books this semester . I am only in a full routine . Should I take off a semester and two jobs and focus on paying my credit cards and loans this school ? Financially I'm alone in a horrible position and I feel that my credit is only going to get worse and worse while I'm in school . ;-(
I want to drop out of college because I have no idea what I want to do and I'm wasting money?1sharr2012-09-17 21:18:03
I tried the career center at my school . They help a little, but I'm still very undecided. I'm a sophomore and still have no idea what to do . I've heard horror stories about people who spent five years in college , but never graduated , as has been changing more and have a lot of student loans to pay . I've seen people with college degrees working in fast food because they can not get a job related to their specialty . My favorite subject is math , I began to specialize in mathematics , but I have not been doing well in my courses . I feel that maybe I should start looking for something else .. I think you should go out and take a year off to decide what to do . I know my parents go crazy if I told them to think about this, but I want to know what others think . If I leave , what do you suggest I do? I do not want to work in a fast food restaurant , I want to do something productive .

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