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Can the bank give you money to start a business?1Oluwaseyi2012-09-17 11:32:05
Im 18 years Straight Outta High School I want to open a daycare small business MedlinePlus MedlinePlus can the bank loan me how much I have to pay again and I slowly
Banks don't give out loans for small business start ups. If you have no money you can't be entrepreneur can u?3Stevi2012-10-16 06:55:02
Banks do not give loans to small start-ups . If you have no money you can not be an entrepreneur can u?
Can a bank loan you money to start your own business?4Humphre2012-09-09 07:34:02
can a bank loan of money to start your own business . As a small say that maybe if you want to open a boutique ?
Want to start ECO property business - but not enough money in the bank?0rosswyn2012-08-10 19:21:02
Hello , We are trying to start a business and property of ECO (we think this is definitely the future of the property in the UK) . The problem is that you only have 150K to begin with, and not really enough. Meanwhile, we thought we could raise money by buying cheap and small events , or auction properties , making up and selling a quick profit. We have to be around 500 000 to start our business seriously ECO and you really want to do this, but it is not easy to find the money. I do not think we are able to obtain a bank loan for business as they continue the implementation (and it might be too risky) , has also been found not enough to get VC capital . Finally , we do not want another partner (capital ) partner. There are two of us and we believe we can meet (work wise ) .. I heard that subsidies , etc. are possible and there could be other ways to get funding .. All tracks or suggestions to help us start would be awesome! thanks
I need help to write a "Business Plan" to start a restaurant. Can anyone give me some input on how to start ?5Damon2012-10-09 17:00:03
I really need some help with writing a "reward winning" business plan to start a businee . Also is there someone can lead me in the direction of getting a small business loan .
How do I go about getting a small bus loan for a start up bakery business, with no start up money on my own?1lila2012-10-24 13:59:03
I'm a single mom , looking to start a bakery business . My personal credit is not the best, and not implementing cash availability. But great community needs a bakery . The benefit would be great in this business . Are there grants or loans that can help?
I am doing robot which cost 2laksh and i need money, how can i get money do any bank give loan for students?0clint2012-10-19 04:45:24
I'm trying to make a delivery robot pharmatical and security . and if I have to develop the robot 2lakh i need cash . How I can get aid money. any organizations not give funds or cash for robotics projects or not give any bank loan student projects real time ? I am in need plz plz suggest me how I can do this ?
How can i start my own cash loan if i don't have money to start the business?0Sue Ann2012-10-11 03:10:35
[email protected]
Will Usbank give you loans if you start a small business?1Yna2012-10-24 04:49:02
I'm trying to open a store 2000sf and want to know if I give us bank loans?
Can anyone give me information on the process for a small business loan. I dont know where to start!?1Lamar2012-10-19 15:57:02
I am wanting to buy a small business , but do not know if I will get approved for a laon small business. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful . thanks
Would i be able to give up my (failing) business, while still owing money on my business loan?0python2012-10-12 14:12:53
i was still doing my loan payments, just get a new job .
I live near new york city and want to start a small business related to fashion. Please give me some ideas?0Melsissa2012-08-27 03:06:03
Fahion is something that I love . I'm in the design , but I am ready to enroll in a fashion school certificate in a college in the city . I want ideas on what I can do with a small loan and start a home business . I need ideas like , what do you think might be unique and could sell . I am from India and there are plenty of Indian designers out here , and plenty of shops selling Indian clothes . I want to offer a service in fashion . Let me give you an example . I saw a lady in apprentice who has this idea to make bags for women corporate business . His idea was so cool . I need ideas on. I know it's something I should be getting but trying my luck to see if anyone can jump on a unique idea . MedlinePlus thanks

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