How can i get good job in dubai, when i dont have any links in there? related questions

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How can i get good job in dubai, when i dont have any links in there?0patience2012-08-28 22:10:03
I am graduating NXT week and want to go to Dubai , I am a fashion design student . and want to earn good money it is not possible in India . I need to make quick money to support my studies heigher and pay my loan I took for my graduation , is so hard in India to get a good job in the beginning , I need suggestion . I'm graduating from a highly reputed institute that is National Institute of Fashion Technology and I did pretty WLL throughout the week .
Would it be a good idea to open a small English language teaching school in Turkey? Please pass on some links.?1Manasa2012-09-10 04:43:03
Do banks give loans to Turkish citizens for small businesses ? MedlinePlus Tks ;)
I've tried to run my own business and failed. Is it time to give up? PLEASE no biz opp answers/links!?0Plato2012-09-29 19:22:03
Since I was aa little kid, I was starting my own business. I had a little red wagon I used to roll around trying to "sell" the things I had found my family memebers. I wrote reports on the sale by mail at school (so eloquent, my teacher gave me a bad grade because he did not believe that a black girl of 13 years could have written this report). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I always wanted to be a enterepeneur so bad my teeth hurt. I have worked many jobs, both domestic and professional, and I finished college and have a bachelor's degree. But I never stopped hoping to make money on my own terms, or the creation of new ideas for business. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a military spouse, because we've been two times in the last year, and the consequent lack of stable income, I can no longer keep up with my essential bills. (Every time we moved I experienced a time lag in getting a job and now have been out of work for 4 months). Internet had a bath and body business and have had to put on hold for now (b / c I was using extra money to fund my business work). I hated to quit, and it was embarrassing to admit that to my friends and family, but I was spending all my time and money on it and just was not making any money. Now I'm still paying the loan small business I have for that business MedlinePlus embarrassing and lately I've just been able to afford to pay. MedlinePlus I've been applying for 4 months and nothing. I've had retail jobs before and have left me with severe pain in the foot part (I have a big chest). Not that I'm lazy I was hoping to get something that does not require standing for long periods of time due to pain. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel like I'm at my wits end. I tried two companies since I've been here and noting how it comes. I feel like the stress of making something happen and need to happen quickly so at least I can pay my bills is driving me crazy. I have learned many lessons about running Abiz however, the hard way, as not to borrow money for a start-up and always start small. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm about to go out again and scourage for a minimum wage job. I have lost all hope. I do not want to give up what entrepreneur, if I did, I really feel that my soul can die. Could it be that I can not do the new employer? When do you know when to give up the dream? Should I accept the fact that she is married to a soldier means I have to accept work at McDonalds or Macys for the rest of my life?
What are some legit links or websites to get either education/student or personal loans with no or bad credit?3elizabeth Sosnovskiy2012-09-17 09:04:06
I am a college student with no credit , but I'm also going through a car accident settlement , but the accounts are still on my credit card unpaid until the solution was completely "solved " by what operating system is wrong for the moment, but will clear soon and then I'm back to not credit.I not have anyone to co-sign , and so that's why I need a private loan. (not Stafford or Perkins)
If Torcan Financial is a scam, why is it on Yahoo! Sponsored Links under bad credit personal loans?1Jessica Padilla2022-06-24 00:28:53
If financial Torcan is a scam , why Yahoo! Sponsored links arising from bad credit personal loans ?
I need a small loan for a car and dont have good credit.. im in desperate need?0Brie2012-08-25 09:32:04
Okay so I do not need much as 4 grand enough to get a vehicle ... I am a single mother .. I have a job and can afford monthly payments as 150 (I know it is not much) , my mother died and I never knew my dad so I have no family to cosign and kinda sucks cuz im in desperate need so not lose my job because my car took a shit ... and I do not want to go buy a $ 300 car because of security problems I have with driving with my son .. if anyone has any ideas let me know PLLLEAASE
My lender wants me to borrow more than i need and just pay back what i dont use. Is that a good thing?1Vanessa2012-10-02 20:23:02
He wanted to borrow 20,000 for a project of home improvement , but my lender wants to get 120k and just use the 20k and 100k pay instantly . My question is , how will this affect reimbursement ? I'm probably going to pay this off in 3-5 years , but the loan term is 10 years . He said there is no prepayment penalty . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sounds kindof suspect . Need an idea
I dont own a home, and I was given a 20, 000 line credit by boa, is this a good thing?0mizmarie2012-09-13 00:33:05
I think it's good that I have this cash available, because I was able to pay off other debts , and maintain balance in loc . I is this good unsecured loan for people who do not own a home ?
Where can I get a loan to start a small business? I dont have good credit ?1Arielys2012-10-24 08:17:03
I know that the business will be successful and I have some experience in the area .
I dont have really great or even good credit does anyone know of any student loans that i can apply for?0Gerrad2012-11-05 18:27:30
all the student loans i have looked into all have some kinda credit stipulation be it good credit or a established credit history and with my credit being the way it is i think it would be a waste of time can anyone dircet me to a site or laon office that can work with me and my credit problems
Where can i get a loan ? my bank wont go for it and i dont got good credit. i am in need of some cash.?2marcus2012-10-04 18:42:02
I know there are places online where you can get loans , but many of them say that you have to pay this and that. I wonder where I can get a loan for an amount significant moderatly and not have to pay a lot of expenses to get rejected as I have been . No I have good credit and I am in trouble as a lot of people these days . I have two jobs and do my accounts , but I do not really do a lot of extra money that I can help take care of other things . Can anyone help ?
I live in Florida, and i am trying to find a good car loan for myself. I dont have much established credit?1God 2012-09-18 17:58:03
but not bad either .. I want something that is a definite guarantee as to force wants to fill a lot of applications and get denied and the risk of hurting my credit card. Please help ***** 5 stars for best answer.

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