Need extra cash. possible to get loan on california income tax refund?have not received it yet but am awaiting? related questions

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Need extra cash. possible to get loan on california income tax refund?have not received it yet but am awaiting?1ZDdTtysKUWIZhG2012-11-05 09:43:02
Need extra cash . possible to obtain the loan repayment california income tax ? have not received it yet but I'm waiting ?
I received a refund for my student loan can a family member cash the check for me in their bank account?0Dinah2012-11-03 03:10:02
I received a refund for my student loan can a family member cash a check for me in your bank account ?
If you owe payday and cash advance loans will they garnish your income tax refund????0HELP HELP2012-10-07 23:48:23
I owe a couple of agencies and help them cash take me to court for trial that adorns my tax refund ? ? ?
I am going to college online. I received extra financial aid. What can I do with it?0beck2012-10-08 19:13:00
I received $ 2,645.00 to lot. I did receive a Pell grant that the school puts my tuition . I have a refund of my student loan . Anyway , I have to buy a computer and want to know if I can use that money to do so . I'll have to pay back student loans when you are done with school anyway. I would return back to Wells Fargo themoney (where my student loans are through) , but can not afford to buy a computer right and need one . If I pay the extra amount back to the bank I know I will have to pay much less when I'm done with school, but I could really use a good computer to do my work and high speed internet instead of dial -up , and to do all online classes . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
I'd like to know if anyone has ever actually received a refund of the monies sent to Brimley upfront.?1Xichenio2012-09-08 13:40:02
My husband and I fell for this scam last week. He received a call to let him know I was approved for a loan of $ 5000, but because of your credit history that would have to send 5 payments ($ 800) in advance to secure the loan . We can understand this because our credit is not the best , but we've been working hard to re- establish it for the last year and has been steadily improving . They talk a good game . Of course , after reviewing the record , we had to send $ 800 more , yada , yada , yada . Now let's say we get our $ 800 refunded back to us . Has anyone received a refund ? We are already working with a lawyer about this , I have curious if we will see the money or not .
Do you think it's funny that the state of California is taking an extra 10 percent out of paychecks?3SHEENU2012-11-02 07:38:02
I have to pay for all illegal aliens somehow LOL MedlinePlus MedlinePlus you just get to you paycheck, and TAKE IT ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HA HA HA HA HA HA! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Source : Wall Street Journal MedlinePlus MedlinePlus California Stealin ' MedlinePlus Sacramento loan requires taxpayers .. ArticleComments (63 ) More Opinion? . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus emailprinter FriendlyShare : facebook
I received my federal tax refund but not my state. Will I receive the economic stimulus check?0sasjah2012-11-03 15:30:00
As I opened the envelope hoping to go and cash in my lovely state tax check I noticed no check but just a lovely white piece of paper and it print it read that my state tax check had been applied to my student loans. My loans shouldn't be in defult being that I am just about to graduate. I thought my federal tax check was going to be applied to my loans as well but I received that check today. I don't understand but I am not going to fight it because 1) I need to pay my student loans anyway and 2) I love my fat tax check. So, what I want to know is: Will my economic stimulus payment check come to me or be applied to my student loans
Has anyone that had to begin repayment of the $7500 first time home buyer credit received their refund?1shardae2012-10-24 13:19:04
I had to wait until February 14 (or 15 ) to e -file Form 5405 for the return of the return for the first time buyer home. WMR said I should receive my refund 3.1.11 and of course nothing changed so that Error WMR 02/03/11 1301 ( I read it just means that it has been more than 21 days for e -file and have not really ) I read here people are saying it would have a delay of a week or so until some people be informed of up to 10 weeks and not to call back until after April 15 . So my question is someone who is paying back this loan ( interest free loan ) actually got a refund this year ? or is everyone getting some sort of error or such later date on WMR ?
Last year I received a tax refund loan and wondered if that meant I would qualify this year?0kinya0308762012-11-02 20:50:02
It was through Santa Barbara Bank and Trust . Can also be submitted online from home and get a RAL ?
Car loan forgivin as extra income on taxes?0annonomus2012-10-08 14:39:27
ok , so my car was totaled last year. It was through financeing CNAC ( JD Byrider ) with my boyfriend . It was registered and insured in your name , but the loan was 50/50 . When we added $ 4200 left in it after the insurance paid for the value of the car . JD really makes us fools who need a car with bad credit . They told us that they would forgive the balance , but needed to be declared as extra income in taxes this year . Now my question is, who claimes this money , I or my boyfriend or both ? I called CNAC and all they say is they can not give tax advice . What the hell ?
What should I do with my extra income?4thandeka2012-09-10 00:25:06
I have a great job and a great opportunity to invest. I work in a school and bring home about $ 1450 a month. My house is paid for by the school . I have an apartment on campus and a meal plan throughout the year . Cable , internet , telephone , electricity .... all paid . My car is paid . Cc My accounts will be paid this month . My only expenses are my cell phone bill and a payment of $ 170/month for student loans (consolidated ) . I have 30 years working in the house of my master , and I would buy a house and start a family within the next 5-10 years. I am also concerned about how to start saving late for retirement . So what should I do with the money ? I have a savings account . I have about $ 500 in I- bonds . The school also puts in 4% of my salary into a retirement account and correspond to 7 % . Should I? More bonds ? Focus on savings account? Roth or Traditional IRA (confused about what would be best for me ) ? Pay my student loans for the first time ? Investing in gold ? - Dad suggestion :)
Is a commission advance taxable income in the year received?1Nikki2012-08-14 10:58:36
I received a real breakthrough in the Commission of Goods 2009, which was canceled last week , 02/01/2010 . Progress is considered income or a loan in 2009? Since the sale was not completed in 2009 and as in any real estate transaction , it is likely that it can not , my opinion is that it was an unsecured loan . The 1099- MISC received is shown as income, but how can it be that before I've earned ?

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