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Will she be arrested for fraud?3Gordon2012-09-30 16:20:09
a little confusing , but try to be clear MedlinePlus my cousin and her husband took a payday loan for
Can I be arrested for fraud if I had a 3 year old $3000 debt?6John Henry2012-10-24 16:57:01
This was a car loan ... and I have no car ( totaled ) so they can not repo . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a detective call me ... and the threat of arrest for fraud if I do not get paid . Do the police really have a unit of theft and fraud and arrest you for these things ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have fear. What should I do ?
Should I report my father for unemployment fraud and tax fraud?0SAPPHIRE2012-10-12 13:27:46
I wondered if, in the circumstances it would be morally right or wrong just report my father? I know that at first glance the question seems a little fucked up, but please, read the situation before making a comment! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I lived with my grandmother when I was a kid because my mother died when I was 5 years old and my father did not want me at the time, so I lived with my grandmother ID until I was 13. My father went and demanded that I returned to California to live with him after my grandmother asked my dad help with the maintenance, so they returned to California to live with him at age 13. MedlinePlus I lived with my father until I was 16 when he left school and moved to Arizona in search of work (also to escape from a situation that I felt at that time was very abusive mentally)! While in Arizona finished my GED and worked as a welder when my grandmother died, leaving my younger brother (12 years), with no place to go and no one in our family choose to take care of him, so I asked him to come to live with me (at the time I was 17). When I turned 18 I went to real estate school to become a real estate agent (BSNs was to be in the moment lol) and did so until the market crashed and was out of work! At that time I was involved in an investment that went wrong and lost most everything in a property. So at 21 I was at a loss for what to do with a child of 16 years, basically, no job and little money to feed myself and still pay for our house, I called my father and asked if we could move to place for a bit until I stand! He said yes, as long as I put it as an endorsement of my car (2003 BMW) so you can have some assurance if something is stolen or broken while im there. So being in the situation where I was and moved according to their place! 2 weeks later we moved to my younger brother did not like how my father treated me and how he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time, so he decided to go back to my father telling his girlfriend about his affair ... my dad explained his way out of it and both my brother and I where kicked because his girlfriend was not comfortable being with us more (his girlfriend was a girl I personally went to high school with! then was 19) then took my keys out of my car and hid my car! when I called the police who came out and said that because he is a part owner in the car, they can do nothing because it has no equal participation and the only way to recover the car would be in civil court (fee for the filing of the demand was more than $ 200 that I had! So no money and no place to go he had no choice but to send my brother to my aunts house (she was willing to help him at this point) and I moved again to find a cheap place to work! After two years of jumping from place to place trying to find my balance and a stable job that was back asking my dad if I could move again because he was no longer with his girlfriend and had an extra room ... He agreed for $ 700 per month in rent! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I'm 23 years working as a photographer Barly doing enough to survive and keep looking for a safer job, I found out last week that my dad (he's a lawyer) has not been paying the mortgage, is behind almost 80k and they are talking forclosing at home! This would not be a problem if not for the fact that I have been what you pay each month and has been spending the holidays with a new 20-year-old Russian girl almost every two weeks, taking it to miami, vegas, desert hot springs , new york, not ect (about 7-8 vacation last 6 months), who also works as a lawyer on the side, report any portion of their earnings to normal. and collecting unemployment at the rate of 440 a week last year and not pay taxes on their practice of law! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last month fell short in my part of the rent for $ 150 because I had to go out and get a loan for a motorcycle (my car has not been returned to me, one of her friends in Arizona is currently conducting) and I still had to do most of the payments because he rejects it mostly and I do not need any more dings on my credit card! I offered to sign him the car as a whole to get my name and just call it a loss, but your credit is not compatible with its status as principal of the loan, and will not pay the car that says "im not going to buy a car, taht will teach? "and being short the $ 150 my father started getting pissed and tells me to get out of his house and he is going to leave the house to go anyway and that the forclosure happen, he says I'm a loser, a kitten, and tell me im a piece of **** because I am employed at the moment and I can bear Barly! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Still, said taht My opinion is I'm tired of protecting him when their customers call asking for him, when he should be working on their cases, but instead is in miami, or convince my little sister
Can I be arrested for going default on my car loan?4quail2012-09-17 08:45:04
I'm thinking of heading west . I'm obviously not going to pay my car payment when I go , I need the money . Therefore, I will be out of state when Sherrifs appear with Repleval Auto ( or whatever ) , they will issue an arrest warrant against me when they can get the car back ? Furthermore, it is a national arrest warrant ? I do not know where I'll be in the 60 days before it is sent to the police .
When will the House have Chu arrested for contempt of Congress?0Ela2012-08-28 18:21:15
AP photo MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Energy Secretary Steven Chu President Obama , would not tell members of the House today many companies that received loan guarantees could go bankrupt , and it promises to provide the list of companies at risk in Congress. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " No , again , remember the exact number ," Chu said in the course of repeated questioning from Subcommittee on Energy and Power legislators who wondered how many companies could continue Solyndra into bankruptcy . " The American taxpayer has every right to expect a reasonable chance of repayment of each loan that we give out , " Chu did allow. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Maybe we should carry that old rat keel communist . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.c
What happens if I do not pay back an unsecured loan? Can I get arrested?2Aquion2012-11-02 19:52:05
Basically , due to life circumstances I have made ​​some bad decisions in my life . Unfortunately there is not much you can do about it at this time. I moved from country to be with my boyfriend while waiting for his visa to come through. At the time I missed him so much that he did not care what I screwed up my credit. I realize these actions are irresponsible , but I need some honest answers . As you see , I will not be able to return to the United States with my boyfriend until around October or November , and I have the money to pay my loan . The loan payments are postponed once , but found to my mother and said that if I do not pay , then I will bring to justice . I obviously will not be there , but what does that mean? What will happen and I can go to jail for this? Will I be able to file bankruptsy when he returns to the United States ? Naturally , I would pick back up when you return payments to the United States , but because of my situation here I am unable to return to the United States to solve this problem now . I know I made a mistake , but I chose love over financial responsibility . Some may agree , some do not ... to be honest , I do not know if it was wise . Please give me some honest answers .
Can I get arrested if I took out a payday loan and 2 weeks later my checking account closed?0Peaches2012-09-07 23:02:03
About a month or two before he had obtained a payday loan . Sadly , 2 to 3 weeks after I had written a check to stop I had no choice but to close my account . There was no fraudulent charges made on my own, so I had no choice but to do so . I guess you could say I've almost forgotten payday loan and had called me saying that my account was closed and explained the situation . I said that was fine as long as I can make my payments in cash or give them my new checking account . Later that day a different lady called me and said there was no serious consequences for writing a check on a closed account , though , I had written the check while my account was open. I thought they were going to deduct the amount from my checking account the day after the two weeks was over , but I think not . Is there any possibility that I would be arrested and charged with a felony , though , had contradicted ?
The name of a true story of a canadian banker who gambles away millions and gets arrested in the end?0Ana Perozo2012-10-01 12:16:03
Can anyone tell me the name of this movie is a true story of a Canadian banker embezzeles million in cash and traveles to Vegas almost every night , I think it is the loan officer or high there.He is arrested at the end of the movie.His favorite food is chicken wings with sauce and pepsi.I can not even think of the name of individuals who stars it.Besides also stars in " Almost Famous " as the disc jockey that helps the child out . Chubby guy glamouris no or very good looking. In the film I'm asking for a beating he drives old brown car .
How is it that years ago, loan sharks used to get arrested for cash advances and now banks blatantly do it?2popcorn lover2012-10-21 14:04:02
I realize that lenders use or even break legs to get their money , but the banks participating in cash advances are not better , they charge $ 20 to all the same as those used for loan sharks hundred or still do, but nevertheless , the banks are allowed to do this without any repercussions ! I have a friend who went for a payday loan to get by and is worse now , reaaly sad how small steps on the systems .
If I am unable to pay a cash advance loan that was deposited into my bank account can I be arrested/go to jail?1Peggy2012-10-17 03:43:03
If I can not pay a cash advance loan that was deposited into my bank account I can be arrested / go to jail ?
Is this actually fraud?0Janina2012-10-04 08:56:53
(Sorry for all the questions of fraud . This is the last , I promise ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So when I was 15 I took a few short-term loans with a false age ( this was easy because it was all online ) . Apparently , for some people this is a fraud , but always met the payments even though he knew that legally , because I was under 18 , could not be pursued for payment because any contract signed by any person under 18 is null and void. But I returned it , however . Fraud, in my opinion , in the midst of all kinds , is when you win something for their own benefit and basically screw the other hand through them , causing a loss . Therefore, fraud remains (although I used a fake age ) , but paid the loans , therefore , does not cause the loss of the other party ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What (if a crime ) is the name of the crime , and what are the consequences ? I looked at my credit report and false ages are written some potential mortgage lender or anyone else in the future going to notice what I have done what I would like to know what to expect . And, yes , I do regret . It was stupid. Lesson learned . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I'm in the UK MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Co-sign fraud what to do?0ScienceConfusion2012-10-08 10:31:29
My friend is going to buy a car , but your credit was really bad , needed someone to co - sign with him to get the car . I gave my data to see what kind of interest rate you would like me as an endorsement . Then I found out that the interest was very high , I told my friend that I did not cosign with him . All this time I did not sign any papers . After all this, I have a bill in my house for the car payment , the loan company still put as collateral , even after he did not sign any papers . I asked them to send me a copy of the loan and refuse to send me a copy . What I can do to make my record purchases .

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