If I write an offer as a buyer who will get a loan, & my offer is accepted, could I decide to pay cash instead? related questions

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If I write an offer as a buyer who will get a loan, & my offer is accepted, could I decide to pay cash instead?1HelpPlease Olivia2012-08-29 01:16:04
If I write an offer as a buyer to get a loan , and my offer is accepted , you might decide to pay cash instead?
FHA Loan on offer for house, offer accepted, can you switch to conventional?0Mrs. Jones2012-11-04 04:23:07
If you were to make an offer on a house saying you would use a FHA loan and that offer is accepted, can you switch to a conventional loan once you start the actual loan origination process? Just curious because I am undecided at the moment and an offer on a house may be happening soon. Thanks.
My house apraised at 369K, my accepted offer was 345K.. can I borrow 355K and get cash at closing?0Helena****2012-11-05 22:12:25
My credit union allows Maximum loan-to-value of 101.50%-- does this mean as long as my amount borrowe doesnt go over 101.5% of 369K ill be OK
Will Bank accept a Lower cash offer over a higher loan offer?1Marquel52012-10-04 12:24:01
If a house is in short sale, the bank will accept a lower cash offer at a higher loan offer ? for example , if the home is listed for $ 160,000 , if a cash offer of $ 160,000 and $ 164,000 cargo supply , you will most likely be accepted back ? MedlinePlus short sale , you decide to accept or reject the offer , the bank or the owner? MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for any help
Lower cash offer over a higher loan offer?0jasmin2012-09-14 11:50:04
Ok , my husband and I are in a foreclosure property that the bank has listed 244 950 asking for it. We were thinking about asking for cash $ 215,000 for it, but there is an offer for about $ 240,000, but we're pretty sure it's a loan . Would this be more attractive to the bank? I am told that the bank only wants your money and do with it . The other thing is , for example, the $ 240,000 loan is processed , the bank is people are paying to give $ 240,000 for the right to own the bank foreclosure immediately or there is a long process of bank w / run to get all the money ?
Will an offer of $17,000 cash beat an offer of $24,000 loan?0Jannie2012-08-20 23:08:03
I have the offer of cash in a house in the $ 24,000 list price. I have offered curiosity would win? I'm not sure I want the house anyway, or give me more (like $ 19,000.). I do not know what the other person has offered to the house. Perhaps not loan of $ 24,000, but maybe it's just $ 7,000 in cash or loan. Not. Probably there is a confidentiality agreement of those things. Maybe they offer more than $ 24,000 of the loan? Or maybe he has money too?? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Look, I have the opportunity of an average home (which needs cosmetics = paint! And not cosmetics = roof and septic-eventually) ... but why buy a $ 60,000 house needed a roof in 20-30 years anyway? I can put a roof on the house under average cost now! I can fix it! I like that! I'm an artist! I have no time (to call people and research people to do the job for me!). I have another $ 3,000 in another account to fix the house. I am 100% sure the cover will last for one year (where I can save $ 1000 a month to fix it in 10-12 months!)! If I own the open house, I have the option (is this good or not, I have the option not to buy a home insurance which can cost $ 100 or more in a month). I also like to have lower taxes than a $ 60,000 house, hopefully. Also in the city. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, a $ 60,000 house in the rural area (which I like much, much, much more), the tax is only $ 600 per year. But who knows the state of the roof? I will end with a loan of $ 60,000 and a loan ceiling fixing in a few years? or at least 20-30 years anyway. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you have any interesting tips for me? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Who does not want the house nice $ 60,000? LOL. Obama administration. tax credit (which will receive $ 6,000 at the home of $ 60.0000, looks pretty good! are not they?!) Also I have a? $ 10 to 19.000 I could put as a down payment on the house $ 60,000 (Or you could buy a car for the 9000 and desperately need a car in a rural area, yes, there is a bus, but it is a very limited service. You must be outside all day in "w0rk" for 8 hours, no return trip until then.) Also, I know a store that delivers food especially if you spend $ 400 on food. I even get free rides to medical appointments for free. Therefore, it is possible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for all your help!
Is it legal for a bank to accept a cash offer on a house instead of a higher bank loan/mortgage offer?.?2joclyn2012-10-24 15:16:02
A cash offer was put on a foreclosed home that had some questionable things they could do to pass inspection ify . A cash offer and became a bank / mortgage offer almost a couple thousand dollars was highest while . The bank accepted the cash offer is likely lower because they have to wait for the house to pass inspection . Is that legal?
How fast would you guess a bank will decide if offer of $160K on a $207 outstanding loan be decided?1Labz2012-09-21 01:46:03
This is a short sale and the seller accepted so far I am the only bidder , but the house is still on the market . As the bank is likely to decide ? Would you guess that counter offer, accept or reject just plain ? Some houses of this size are sold in the $ 160K , but none as nice on a street . The house is well maintained, **** and span . Shows beautifully. Any advice ? If I do not get it I 'm fine . If I do, it's a good deal in my opinion .
Which of the following REO property offer will tend to be accepted by the bank (seller)?1tisha2012-10-13 01:01:02
Say, this property listed at $ 260K REO . There are dozens of tender submitted within 3 days. Which of the following will be the bank deals ( seller) accepts ? ( All buyers are pre-approved by the lender . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Offer A: MedlinePlus $ 325K , 740 FICO , 15% less than $ 48,750 , FHA loan . MedlinePlus Inspection Elimination contengency in 17 days, 30 days ESCORW . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Offer B : MedlinePlus 320K , 792 FICO , 20 % less than $ 64,000 loan Convention. MedlinePlus Inspection contengency removal in 10 days , 30 days in custody . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Offer C : MedlinePlus 310K , 800 FICO , 50% less than $ 155,000 , loan Convention. MedlinePlus No loan / contengency inspection period. 45 days in custody . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Offer D : MedlinePlus 300K ALL CASH offer . Inspection contengency removal in 17 days, 45 days in custody .
Pre qualified for a USDA loan for Met Life Home loans, offer on the house we chose was accepted..?1Juanairis2012-10-05 18:22:04
My boyfriend and I found a house that is in love , we contacted the real estate agent selling the property and she directed us to a loan officer learned that life has worked with several times in the past. The loan officer has my boyfriend financial information and credit report , and the information of the property of the estate . We were pre-qualified and made an offer on the house was accepted and our closing date is scheduled for October 30 . Now after reading different stories online that are going crazy thinking that lenders will withdraw last minute , has anyone been in a similar situation ? And where do we go from here ?
First time home buyer, can you offer sound advice?1lerne2012-09-12 13:46:04
MedlinePlus OK MedlinePlus Without revealing too much personal information that can be said at this time my wife and I are living paycheck to paycheck. We have the credit card debt through 15k but 20k . I have a college loan in repayment , payment of a new car, and the rent is very high . We have never missed a payment on anything and my credit rating (and yours ) is stellar . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We live well and earn a very respectable salary . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now if we were to consider buying a house right now would have very little left but the way the market is our mortgage would be less than the rent to save money there. To add to the market will increase ( over time ) that gives us ridiculous equity in any house we buy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The second option is a three-year plan . We move out when the lease up and degrade another apartment for about 1 /2 to 2/3 of what we are paying now , and three years free credit debt and over 10k for a down payment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Monitarily either situation is possible , but what is better ? I'd like to hear from people with experience in the field or experience with the purchase of your home . If you do not have this experience I would rather you keep your comments to yourself . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
I got the job offer! (just pending background check) - will HR scrutinize my whole life & renig offer?1Hishaam2012-09-16 08:00:05
I have absolutely nothing on my record (no felonies , misdemeanors , DUI , etc ) - and I have a current driver's license / valid MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus But I have bad credit b / c I am by default in my student loans ..... (I thought they were being self - produced ) . MedlinePlus And let my car ins . period b / c you just drive vehicles of the company (which is insured ) . MedlinePlus What if they look through unpaid parking registry entries ( if there is such a thing ) , or find the record of me jumping on a jury last year (not because I get in trouble , but there is a " log" of these things ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm torn, should have checked all this before offering me the job . How demanding they be? Is it enough that I am not a criminal and not a license revoked ?

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