How much money do i need to open a small music shop...? related questions

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How much money do i need to open a small music shop...?1doodlebug:)2012-08-09 01:35:02
the sale of new and used albums , CDs and merchandise. I know you can get business loans and stuff but how much money will I need staff. I would save money on the decor and put the shelves and things because my dad would be ble to help. Also , where I can find a supplier for the new shares ? and what kind of licenses you need? please be as useful as possible because I am serious about this idea, but have no idea where to start ! applause. XOXO .
What do I need to get a small business loan to open a resale shop?0HELP Writeacher2012-10-08 18:31:16
What do I need to get a small business loan to open a thrift store ?
I want to open a small business (ice cream shop) ...what degree requirement is needed?0agirl2012-10-05 18:03:34
If you want ot get a loan from a bank for a small business , do I need a partner , singles, a certificate in entrepreneurship / business ? ? ? What?
I want to open my own tea!?3dda2012-11-02 23:54:03
Hello, I can help ... Is there still a market for this type of business? I'm moving to a busy city beach in Ireland, so good location. Very passionate about doing this, but only lack of information and guidance. Any help is appreciated! How to put together a business plan? Who do I approach / talk? How much money will I need in advance? If you do not have enough, where is the best place to buy a loan? How I can find the best suppliers? If you opened your own business, how? I know I should see more competition and prices, but what have you done this? How do I know I'm getting a good price for buying in bulk from suppliers and how much I can sell each item? Are there rules and regulations costing? I do not want to overload or undersell. I want to start small - maybe a small desk with a table and chairs for a few. Do you think this is feasible? I do not want to open a cafe, as such, and serve hot food. I'm looking in tea, coffee, pastries, sandwiches, etc. What are your thoughts on this? I know there is a large market for coffee and you have to be good. Where I can find decent products? Is it better to buy or rent a tent? If renting, how much should I expect to pay for small venues? How long is the lease usually for? 3 years? In addition to liability insurance, water rates, electricity, etc. What else should I expect to pay and more or less what cost? From what I read, it is advisable to buy / rent a coffee and make improvements to it, to avoid having to buy all the equipment. However, if the store did not come with all this, can advise what is needed and at what cost? For example, I advise you buy a machine that combines tea and coffee or one for each one separately? If any of you have successfully opened a small tea / coffee, how you go about your start-up and how much did it cost? Ideally be looking for work in the shop with another person, so I know he would pay a salary. Where is the best place to advertise for staff? What documentation must I have to take the staff? I am willing to open at 8 am to catch the workers and, ideally, about 2:30 pm. What are your thoughts on this? Would you advise a close on Sunday only? I also considered providing snacks to businesses during lunch. These would not be if inhouse. I would be looking to buy these from a supplier. Can you give me an idea of ​​how much they would buy a sandwich for and sell it for? I know I would have to source a good accountant. Is there anyone else I should be seeking professional advice? Last but not least is the benefit. As I never open my own business before, what kind of benefits should be the goal to do? I am good with numbers, but if you can explain in detail, which would be helpful. I appreciate any help you can offer. I have so many questions, but it would be good to hear your comments on the above first. Best wishes, Paddy'sgirl!
"How is the Music Business Hurting Music": I need sources for a paper on this?2mTaq142012-11-02 20:35:01
I'm in a college composition class , and this is the subject of my research . I have many ideas, but most of the websites I find are the opinion and refer to any credible source . Can anyone help me get some legitimate sources for this? My " point " of ideas are : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus From a record company lends money to an artist rather than take profits , employees and artists are not in control of their music . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Record companies pay to " promote" music radio stations , essentially ensuring that smaller artists without money or backup do not have much chance getting played. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The contracts are written against the artists , with things like the controlled composition clause . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm pretty sure these are all legitimate points , but I can find little in the way of first-hand sources or statistics . Any help ?
I want to open small restuarent . what i do with very small amount of cash money ..?0bryn2012-11-04 23:11:58
also help me with bank... which bank offer low interst and what i need to show then to get that loan .....Plz help me
My dream is to open a candle shop.....?2tianbai2012-10-14 19:15:02
We live in a small rural community , and I've had this dream since I was preggers with my first child. I have put a lot of thought and planning in my products , but I have no idea what else I should do. I work in the "office " field, so I have a good idea that dept . MedlinePlus Has anyone else opened a candle shop ? Was it worth it? I see a lot of online stores. Id rather have a physical store cute ... MedlinePlus Anyway, a success story ? Finally I had to quit my job to run the store ... MedlinePlus How much should I get a loan ? Any other business adivce would be welcome .. Thank you !
Music Institute in Hollywood or LA Music Academy?0Shasha\' HELP ASAP!2012-11-02 12:14:41
Is Music Institute a good school to attend? I love drumming and I have been looking into music schools for a bit. I had been accepted and given a scholarship to California College of Music, but since the school is not accredited I can not get a student loan to help me pay the rest of the tuition. I want to know if MI or LA Music Academy are good schools to attend and not a waste of money. Thank you for your help.
How much would it cost to open your own boutique and coffee shop?0Suzi Q2012-09-21 15:02:04
I'm thinking about starting my own business and I love to have my own clothing store with a small cafe inside. I was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost, I would have to get a business loan , but I'm not sure how much of my own money I would have to put into it. If anyone can offer any advice on how to start the process would be much appreciated , thanks
How do you get the money to open a small business?0Busy 62012-10-15 16:06:11
My friend and I want to open a small anime shop because a lot of people like the anime in which we live , but I always have to order things online . We are young in high school and would rather not get a loan because they do not think it would be taken seriously . We've found a place where we can rent all the shelves and dividers that can separate a small cafe and a reading of reality store. We hope to have everything we need and the store opening next summer . What are the steps we must take to open our business ? How much money will it take?
How does a bank expect me to show proof of income when my shop has only been open for 2 months?4NUM 2012-11-06 02:30:02
I opened a shop silk floral and April 30. I spent almost all he had saved to get create, store and maintain the rent and utilities pd. Of course, even though I made some money as a new business that money went right back to the store. I have no employees, I do everything myself. All my flowers arrangements are made by me, I can do some of the jewelry they sell and some other things. Apply for a line of credit of $ 5,000 in my bank where you've been in business for over 20 years. I have never been late on any loan, and also have a retirement acc, t in the bank of about $ 65,000. To obtain this credit line IHAD to halt them in that amount of my retirement. Also I have an investment property to rent and needs some renovations and new plumbing. I applied for a loan of $ 15,000 for this purpose and the rest to help me advance in my line of business. I was rejected for not having enough income even though my husband's income was also used in this loan as discretionary income. This rental is not complicated, but any house that is standing and habitable worth $ 15,000. My loan officer then redid the loan and I would put my acc't retirement as collateral and then she told me that I should have no problem. So it is not the case. Until Friday said that they needed me returrns last fiscal years and my loan officer even says they're being ridiculous, the money is there to secure the loan. They use it to lend to other people, but I did not pay me t. I hate having to collect and pay a lot of taxes, but I am so ready to leave this bank. Oh, and before anyone asked my creit is 700 or more. He had worked for six years before starting this business because my mother had Alzheimer's and I took care of her until she passed and then I worked part-time for six months last year and then decided to make this busines. I just want other people's opinion on how this bank has treated me.
I would like to open up a small hot wing/BBQ business,how much money would it take to get started?2alobi2012-10-09 17:37:02
I'd like to open a small hot wing / BBQ business. How much money would be enough to get it going ? I'd like to open in the Dallas , TX area.Should seek investors or should I try a SBA loan ? Thank you !

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