If I applied for a loan for a car and the dealer said her would call me back, would he call me back either way related questions

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If I applied for a loan for a car and the dealer said her would call me back, would he call me back either way1uncount noun2012-11-02 10:52:02
I called yesterday and still havent heard anything from lenders . What I have called if it has not been approved .
My BF recently financed a car..got a call back from dealership saying loan was denied..what's up with that?1elbowjo2012-10-19 11:15:03
My boyfriend was in desperate need of a car .... no history of finance something as big as a car, we were told she would need a co -signer . So your sister co signed by him (her credit was 630 - something , his was 622) . He ended up getting approved for the car I wanted (which was used in good ) with an interest rate of 11%. He was advised to make a deposit of at least 1500 (which he did ) . He has had the car a week ago and her sister received a call saying the loan was denied and had to walk into the dealership ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus can do that ? Did not approve the loan before he drives the car off the lot ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why would they do that ?
I've been applying to jobs for the last year, but I haven't even gotten a single call back? What's going on?2naine2012-09-24 02:28:03
I'm a freshman in college and I've been applying jobs (retail service, public library, etc) do not leave for the last year and a half through multiple sources, both online and in the workplace , but I literally have not received a single call or email back from employers. Occasionally, an automated email me know that I have considered for the job, but unfortunately, they could not hire me, but never go into details. My resume is strong and to the point, I dressed professionally for the interview / site applications, I am more than qualified for the jobs I applied for, and I've let my employers know I'm available pretty much every day, including weekends. Literally, I followed every "rule" and the recommendations given to prospective candidates to increase the chances of acceptance. By this I mean the whole movement, steady hand, eye contact, clear communication, etc. It is especially disappointing since most of my friends have been getting jobs left and right, even without any previous work experience. My teaching is completely covered, but the cost of living are starting to really add up, and I'm anxious to get too many loans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I'm sure this is not a matter of race or anything like that because I'm living community and usually applies to is very tolerant and kind. In addition, there is a good mix of races in the places I'm applying to. I'm beginning to think that the problem may be that I have too much experience for the places I'm applying too and employers do not want to hire me because they worry that if they do, I will ask for a higher salary than an employee green. If that's the case, should not only include any prior work experience in my resume?
Applied for loan and was denied then dealer calls back and says I'm approved but changed how much i make help?0Aluna2012-09-19 10:29:03
Three weeks ago I went to the dealer himself and me and my mom applied for a car loan on a car costs $ 24,000 and when we put on the car loan application we note that earn about $ 600 a month and my mom about $ 1,900 the month before taxes and all and we were all denied for the car. Well , when the dealer called me last Monday and said " come pick up the car," I was like , how did not qualify as three weeks ago . Well come to find out that the seller had changed me and how my mother did say I did $ 2,700 a month and my mom made ​​$ 3,800 a month, so we went ahead and signed the contract for the car, but I have to talk later that we got home that night and it was like I did not think to put the correct numbers in my credit application or may not have happened to us or not 3 weeks before we will be able to cancel the contract because the information was entered by the dealer wrong in this contract or what should we do ? The night of the contract was made while talking to the person at the retailer finace came and said we had changed the numbers to help the loan move and then signed the contract still would be better to leave it as is or can somehow back this contract signed despite asking because I know that if we could have been approved for the loan ( with false income numbers ) , then we would never have reached the situation to complete the contract in the first place is that our bad or This is something that can still be annulled ?
Can a dealer loan a car out for a day and still call it a new car??3Sutina2012-10-24 15:10:02
I found out a loan to (35 miles ) to a payday loan in compartmert glove. This was not revealed to me at the time of purchase. The odometer read 400 miles when I bought the car .
I applied for a $5,000 unsecured loan last week and got a call today?0tuatara2012-09-20 06:50:04
from a local bank that was approved today saying they are getting the papers together and when I can get .. Well , now I do not need the loan .. Miracles happen people .. What do I say to the bank now that everything you're hoping to get me to sign some papers .. I say obviously do not need it anymore, but what else .. ? MedlinePlus thx people
I applied for a loan online @ the credit union and afterward it said i'd recieve a call shortly. Did i get it?0Mckey2012-09-29 23:23:03
As I said before , I requested loan to the credit union , and after waiting for an answer for a while sent me a message saying MedlinePlus " Thank you for your loan request for a signature loan . Vystar A representative will contact you shortly to discuss your application. Note that if this is a non-working day ( weekend or holiday) , a representative Vystar contact you during our next business day. MedlinePlus Thank you for contacting Vystar to meet their financing needs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sincerely , Dennis James A. MedlinePlus Loan Servicing Vice " MedlinePlus I've got ? ! I am confused and have not received a call back , however , even though it is 7:30 pm here MedlinePlus
Can i get my paper work (credit report, drivers license copy)back from the auto dealer if i back out of a deal?2Davina2012-11-01 23:00:02
I went to a car dealership when I saw a car on the Internet for $ 8,000 . I checked into the car and agreed to a final price of $ 9,000 after tax title and plates . stayed my credit report and copy of my driver's license . After that, I applied for a loan through them and approved I have . when it came time to sign the contract I realized that the sale price was $ 12000. long story short I went . but I do not feel comfortable with them with all my personal information . ? I can or can legally hold back .
If someone were to buy a car from a dealer, can they sell it back to me as long as i take over the loan?3Busisiwe2012-10-03 01:40:05
I have bad credit and I would need someone to buy the car for me . Can buy and sell back to me without the dealer / bank stopping or breaking any laws ? I was going to make all monthly payments on it and pay any fees , but I want the car in my name, that is my responsibility .
Can a car dealer charge me a fee when I turn my car back in before the loan term is up,because of t.v.'s I got?1Lindsay2012-10-11 11:53:05
put in the car ? ? My car is a 2008 and I have a little TV is put into it.I can not pay the car note no more , so I 'm turning into before the loan term is up to the car.I want to know what every car dealer can charge me for the things I've made ​​for the car.Like of tv / HELP
What was the average interest rate applied to a home loan secured in the southeast back in 1993?0Shavona2012-10-16 20:12:07
Trying to find something better ...
Will I get my down payment back on a dealer that was charged on credit card?2The Official Pancake Queen2012-11-03 22:48:02
I charge $ 5000 for payment on my primary credit card for the purchase of new cars. I signed a contract for pre - sale, which is not binding , since it was necessary for the financing process . After I met with the finance manager , was not satisfied with the pace we are offering me . It was well above the rate of the current car loan . Therefore, the arrangement was off. Before leaving , the finance manager told me that we will refund the full amount. I had no paperwork from them for reimbursement. I took his words . After two weeks , I still did not see the refund. I called the dealer and they left the message , did not return my call. I am going through the impeachment process through my credit card company . I am a little concerned because I did not have any documentation. Does anyone know more about my consumer rights ? And I'll get my money ?

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