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Need working capital for existing business,but credit shot, need advice.?2sharrod2012-10-06 01:34:03
I have an auction company that have been working for more than four years in a small town . Some of the times were good and some slow as in any business . A couple of years ago , I had surgery after he bought a second business in the city , and the recovery was slower than expected . The auction has been paying the bills, but it is increasingly difficult to run as we have been . We have to make changes to increase our revenues . Unfortunately , our credit was damaged a bit of back wages , while trying to keep alive both businessess . The new company is self-sufficient , and get a small profit , but the auction as it is, not paying the rest of the bills. Capital need to go a different direction , but with our credit scores can not get a loan. I may just be fishing , but anyone with worthwhile advice would be appreciated .
We want finance to repay existing liabilitites and fresh working capital to run the business. ?2fatima2012-11-04 23:41:02
home business there are short of working capital , and we restructure our boyfriend . We need fresh working capital and long term loan for a longer repayment period . we give sufficient security for the loan amount .
Need small capital for existing business?0Veronice2012-10-02 23:05:48
I have two companies of the daylight saving time and the need of a small loan capital in Canada for both running. From 'm late because I have a full time job too.
I would like to extend an existing business loan to get additional capital?0deven2012-09-10 03:24:03
I have an existing business loan . Original loan was $ 120,000. I've worked up to about $ 30,000. But I've run into some issues that need an additional $ 20,000 in capital. How would be willing to be a bank to extend additional money . I've never missed a payment with them . My personal credit has some problems , but I have a great income ( $ 120,000) of their current job ( it has nothing to do with my business ) MedlinePlus Do you think the bank would be willing to give an additional $ 20,000 to help my small business today .
Hard money business loan for inventory and working capital?0CON2012-09-04 14:28:03
I am looking for a loan of money to buy inventory and rent a kiosk in the mall for the holidays for my business . I have tried to say that banks and my credit score is not high enough or you would like to see a greater flow of cash. I have inventory margin up to 80 % profit margin , so you can turn inventory faster . Just looking for a company that lends money quickly . Please only legitimate answers .
Where can I easily obtain a US$10k short-term working capital loan for my business?0angelina2012-10-16 21:37:34
Where I can easily get a U.S. $ 10k short term loan for working capital for my business ?
I need to come up with a loan to save my homes and business credit is shot because of chase bank?1mandip2012-11-03 10:43:02
This letter is urgent and is a must and should be implemented immediately. Because Chase Home Finance and loan modification scam my credit is ruined and now I am unable to get a loan. I had put $ 50,000 down as a down payment for a house for my mother thinking I could get a loan. For over a year I had to pay for the bank trying to remove these fake items Chase my report, but they continue to lie and refuse to correct the situation. Now the owner has hired a lawyer in my mind that I'm not spending trying to get a loan when I tried continuously for a year. Now I have only 30 days to secure a loan and under the conditions that they will lose a lot of money if I can not get a loan. Chase Bank is the cause, and now I'm having a series of negative effects. I need a small business loan. I can not get one. We are federally registered, but need a small business loan and advertising due to the negligence of Chase Bank'm in danger of losing my job, my house, a house for my mother and I have to pay taxes for an apartment that I have of the country. MedlinePlus I do not think this is America where you have to give everything they have worked so hard and start selling it just to try to live because you can not get a loan. I have assets that can be used as collateral but even hard lenders will not touch me because of what is falsely Chase has put in my credit report. He was only 10 days to inform the lawyer about this home purchase loan. I plead with him in a letter to give more time, but unfortunately I will not be able to get more time. MedlinePlus I have written many letters to different agencies without help or positive, and they all say in touch with each other and no one knows how to handle this situation. The Comptroller of the departments currently Consumer Affairs, my senators, governor, president, and anyone who would listen, but no one cares if this can be arranged. HUD sent me Money Management International and the counselor told me that Chase had caused all my problems. Who is who in this country? MedlinePlus Now you're the only one I know who has the power to help me against a National Bank of lying. I put all my faith in you when I helped elect you and still I have faith. I've been trying to make it as public as possible. MedlinePlus I have only days to get a loan and I'm still hoping and praying that something can be done before I lose everything, my business, my home, my mother and my apartment in Brussels. I hope you get this letter in time. You are my last ray of hope to save everything from the economic devastation and loss of a business. MedlinePlus UPDATE: MedlinePlus As of today I am in the process of execution, with the prospect of having to hire another lawyer to try to stop this disaster Chase. This is my second attempt to get help from the highest office, but my answer took three months and not belonging to any of my concerns. When the scam was I had a credit score of 780 and had never been late or missed a payment never home. When the Chase representative convinced me that a regular refinancing was not what I needed, but I had to make a change because I believed I qualified! My credit score is so low that self-employed there is no possibility, even for a consolidation loan would solve my current problems, but banks are not providing loans for self employed. I have exhausted all my options regarding this fiasco. I
Working Capital Question. help please?0 always ふ Hui" aI multitudinous -2012-08-06 21:06:04
since 70,000 cash short-term investment 60,000 receivable 80,000 inventory of 100,000 Prepaid insurance 10,000 accounts payable 75,000 taxes to pay 25,000 40000 salary short-term loan to pay 210,000 find working capital and current ratio rounded to the nearest whole dollar toilet Working capital = current assets - current liabilities -30000 I have for my response but it is wrong . What did I do wrong?
Working capital examination question?0valua patterson2012-09-05 09:52:06
The following accounts and their balances appear in an unadjusted trial balance Marsh Company at December 31, 2008 : MedlinePlus Cash, 400,000; accounts receivable 2,000,000 Inventory 500,000 , accounts payable , 300,000 ; Notes payable 200,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional information was gathered for the following setting : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . The cash account includes the collection in January 2009 from the account of the client $ 200,000 was given a cash discount of $ 10,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus b. January 2009 also includes the sale of $ 50,000 cash . Gross profit on sales was 40 % . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus c. Of the amount collected , the company fully repaid a bank loan of $ 100,000 with accrued interest of $ 20,000 in January 2009. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the right amount of working capital on December 31, 2008 : ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . 2,400,000 b. 2,410,000 , c. 2,390,000 , d. 2380000
10 points for best answer.need help to calculate the working capital?1Mrs. Lakshmi2012-08-28 20:41:03
balance sheet Sales = 67,700 EXPENSES wage
10 points for best answer.need help to calculate the working capital?0Angy20202012-10-14 05:47:35
MedlinePlus balance sheet MedlinePlus Sales = 67700 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus EXPENSES wage
10 points for best answer.need help to caculate the working capital?0Dacota2012-09-06 06:53:07
MedlinePlus balance sheet MedlinePlus MedlinePlus EXPENSES wage

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